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“Do you do patrols at standard intervals” Xia Zhe asked.

The cookhouse squad leader thought carefully for a moment and said, “Yes, because we have to prepare three meals a day for the soldiers, so we will patrol once around the water storage tanks at night.

Usually, we will also check the water level first before taking it for cooking.

However, when we checked tonight, we realized that there was a lot less water in the water storage tanks.”

Under normal circumstances, the storage area for important supplies in the army were strictly guarded by designated teams who specifically patrol the area so as to prevent any losses.

However, as the frequency of people going to the water storage tanks was relatively high, the frequency of patrol around the area was lesser than that of the military equipment area.

“Did your team discover this yourselves or did someone inform you” Xia Zhe asked.

“One of our own people discovered it,” the cookhouse squad leader said.

“Then why didnt you report it to Deputy Commander Zheng immediately” Xia Zhe asked.

The cookhouse squad leader was hesitant to speak and did not know what to say.

There were some things that he felt he could not say to Xia Zhe directly.

“If you have something to say, just say it.

Were all on the same side.

I wont blame you after you say it,” Xia Zhe looked at the cookhouse squad leader and promised him.

“If Deputy Commander Zheng finds out about this, Im afraid our cookhouse team will be punished.

The thing is our main concern is not about getting punished.

Its that if the amount of water is not replenished, the soldiers will not have anything to eat tomorrow,” the cookhouse squad leader frowned and said.

Zhuang Hua thought to himself, “He seems to be a good squad leader.

He knows to put everyones safety in the first place and that he needs to prioritize the provision of sustenance for the soldiers.

However, the way he handled it is indeed inappropriate.

No matter what, he should have told Deputy Commander Zheng first.”

“Your team needs to shoulder the main responsibility for this matter.

When the time comes, well discuss your punishment.

I understand the details of the matter now and theres nothing else I need to ask you.

However, if something like this happens again, you have to talk to Deputy Commander Zheng first.

If the matter is not handled well, then you should come and look for me.

Do you understand” Xia Zhe looked at the cookhouse squad leader sternly.

The cookhouse squad leader nodded intently to indicate his understanding and said seriously, “Yes! We will not make this kind of mistake again!”

“Alright, you can go back and help with the water.

Well talk about the punishment later.

Lets wait until this entire matter is resolved.” Xia Zhe waved his hand to signal to the cookhouse squad leader that he could leave.

Zhuang Hua suddenly called out to the cookhouse squad leader and said, “Hey! Brother, you owe me a favor.

If theres meat in the future, remember to think of me!”

The cookhouse squad leader had thought he was going to be held back for something serious.

He smiled good-naturedly and said, “Hahaha, dont worry, its just a small matter.

Ill remember it!”

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“Sure! No problem!” Zhuang Hua said with a smile.

After the cookhouse squad leader left, Zhuang Hua was still lost in his own thoughts of being able to get more meat to eat in the future and did not see Xia Zhes disdainful gaze at all.


“Good-for-nothing…” Xia Zhe muttered softly and shook his head.

“What did you say” Zhuang Hua thought that Xia Zhe had said something important.

“Nothing, youre done listening to the gossip.

Shouldnt you go back” Xia Zhe looked at Zhuang Hua resignedly and said.

Zhuang Hua pretended not to hear him and looked around the room, not daring to look at Xia Zhe.

He was worried that he would be chased out of the tent if they locked eyes.

Zhuang Hua knew that Zheng Yuan would definitely come by in a while.

There was no way he would miss out on such juicy gossip.

At least two-thirds of the women in their troops liked Xia Zhe, the other one-third being either already married or engaged to be married.

Zheng Yuans father had long wanted Xia Zhe and Zheng Yuan to get married, but no one had expected Xia Zhe to secretly submit the report on his marriage plans and to even already have a child.

When Zheng Yuans father found out about the matter, it was too late for him to do anything.

He had no choice but to approve it.

“About that… I still want to stay for a while,” Zhuang Hua said to Xia Zhe with a grin.

Xia Zhe rolled his eyes and ignored Zhuang Hua, choosing to focus on the rest of his work at hand.

He expected Qiao Mei to be back soon and he still had to go and take a look at the situation there.

As for Zheng Yuan, he decided to talk to her tomorrow.

It was not convenient to meet her so late at night.

“Have you stayed long enough” Xia Zhe looked at the sleepy Zhuang Hua and asked.

“Me Ill be leaving in a while.

Whats the hurry!” Zhuang Hua said as he looked at Xia Zhe.


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