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Qiao Mei did a few simple movements and did not feel discomfort anywhere.

“My waist is fine too.

I dont feel any discomfort.

I dont even have any wounds,” Qiao Mei said to Xia Zhe.

No injuries That was strange.

The medic, Xiao Sun, would not say that Qiao Mei was injured for no reason.

Then why did Xiao Sun feel that Qiao Mei was injured

Xia Zhe then remembered that Xiao Sun had said it was Zheng Yuan who told him that Qiao Mei was injured.

Also, when he returned to the camp earlier in the night, Zheng Yuan had even informed him that Qiao Mei was not in the tent this afternoon.

“Im glad that youre fine.” Xia Zhe sat on the bed, thinking about the whole nights events.

“Whats wrong with you Whats going on” Qiao Mei asked Xia Zhe, who seemed preoccupied.

Xia Zhe stared unwaveringly at Qiao Mei and asked, “Are you sure youre not injured Shall we let the medics check again!”

Qiao Mei did not understand what was happening with Xia Zhe, but she suddenly thought of a fun idea and decided to tease him.

“Ow!” Qiao Mei suddenly held her belly and cried out.

It made Xia Zhe nervous enough for him to stand up quickly and said, “Whats wrong!”

“Mm… Im hungry, hehe!” Qiao Mei looked up at Xia Zhe with her big bright eyes and said laughingly.

Xia Zhe had already been tricked by her countless times but he still fell for it every time, and each time she would outsmart him.

Xia Zhe pulled a long face and turned around while saying to Qiao Mei, “Ill go get you some food.”

Seeing this, Qiao Mei grabbed Xia Zhes sleeve and asked, “Havent you already brought the food Where else do you want to go”

Xia Zhe had wanted to pretend to be angry to teach Qiao Mei a lesson for the prank, but he did not expect her to see through his intention so that he could not continue with the pretense.

Xia Zhe wanted to go and take the mess tin, but Qiao Mei held on to him tightly.

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“Oh! I wont cause any issues anymore! Where are you going!” Qiao Mei looked at Xia Zhe nervously and said to him.

Xia Zhe turned around and slapped Qiao Meis hand away.

With a cold expression, he went to get the mess tins and placed them in front of Qiao Mei one by one in silence.

Qiao Mei had only wanted to play a joke on him, but she did not expect to get such a serious reaction.

When Xia Zhe saw that Qiao Mei was about to cry, he could not bear to continue punishing this little girl.

“Dont joke about your health next time, alright I worry about you a lot,” Xia Zhe said to Qiao Mei as he looked at her.

Qiao Mei nodded obediently.

She blinked at Xia Zhe with her big eyes and said sweetly, “Yes, big brother.

Ill definitely take note of that in the future.

Can you not be angry anymore”

Seeing Qiao Mei like this, Xia Zhe was no longer in the mood to blame her.

He handed the chopsticks to Qiao Mei and said, “Eat, eat.

Im not angry anymore.”

Qiao Mei looked into Xia Zhes eyes and after confirming that he was really not angry anymore, her sad face immediately lit up.

As she smiled, her eyes looked like little crescent moons and her sweet look really made him feel like giving her a pinch.

“Im good as long as youre not angry.

Arent you eating” Qiao Mei asked.

“No, Im not.

I ate with the rest just now.

I packed food for you since you havent woken up.” Xia Zhe told Qiao Mei everything.

As she ate, she remembered what Xia Zhe had said about her being seriously injured when he first returned.

“Who on earth told you that I was unwell” Qiao Mei asked.

“That medic, Xiao Sun, specifically came over today to ask me if you were injured.

He said thats what you told Deputy Commander Zheng,” Xia Zhe said.

Who was Deputy Commander Zheng Another battalion commander Could it be that woman from this afternoon

“I dont even know any Deputy Commander Zheng, but a woman did come and look for me this afternoon,” Qiao Mei said as she put down her bowl and chopsticks.

“Then do you remember what she looks like” Xia Zhe asked patiently.

Qiao Mei thought back for a moment and looked at Xia Zhes epaulets.

She took Xia Zhes hand and slowly traced a picture in his palm.

“The pattern on her shoulder looks something like this.

I dont know what rank it is.

My grandfather didnt teach me about this,” Qiao Mei said.

After years of training outdoors, Xia Zhe had a tanned complexion for a long time.

Qiao Meis fair and delicate little hand looked petite and cute in Xia Zhes hand.

Xia Zhes mind was completely not on what shape Qiao Mei was tracing.

His entire mind was only filled with Qiao Mei.



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