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Zhuang Hua encountered the follow-up rescue team on his way and so he came back early to rest and make further preparations.

As soon as he returned, he saw a smug Xia Zhe talking to a dejected Zhang Yong, with the beautiful young girl standing beside him.

“What are you up to” Zhuang Hua shouted from afar as he jogged over.

The first thing that came out of his mouth was also not a report of the situation to Xia Zhe.

He stared at Qiao Mei and sized her up to see if she was injured.

“Comrade Miao Miao, are you injured” Zhuang Hua asked nervously.

Xia Zhes face instantly hardened.

Although he knew that Qiao Mei told them her name was Zhang Miao, he still felt uncomfortable hearing them address her like that.

Xia Zhe clenched his fists.

If Zhuang Hua said another word, Xia Zhe would probably not be able to hold back.

“Oh, Im fine.” Qiao Mei said as she hurriedly held on to Xia Zhes fist.

Zhang Yong turned to Zhuang Hua and said, “Thats sister-in-law.

Not comrade Miao Miao.”

“Sister-in-law What sister-in-law Isnt sister-in-law in the village Big brother, you… its not good to mess around…” Zhuang Hua still did not know that Qiao Mei was Xia Zhes wife and even understood it as Xia Zhe was fooling around outside.

“What are you saying…” Xia Zhe lowered his head helplessly, not wanting to explain this matter anymore.

“Oh, Im not Zhang Miao.

My name is Qiao Mei, Im Xia Zhes wife.

Im sorry for lying to you when I first came to the military camp.

I just wanted to test your Commander Xia,” Qiao Mei explained to Zhuang Hua with a smile.

Once she said that, Zhuang Hua immediately understood the situation.

He only lamented that such a nice girl was already married to his big brother. Big brother was really lucky.

“Alright, lets get down to business.

Why are you all back” Xia Zhe asked.

“Yes, yes, yes.

We ran into a backup rescue team on the way and they took over the search and rescue mission.

The higher-ups said that we can evacuate now.

Our mission is completed and we can just assist them on the side,” Zhuang Hua said solemnly.

“What about Zhao Wu” Xia Zhe asked.

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“Hes still doing search and rescue, finishing up the last bit,” Zhuang Hua said.

Xia Zhe nodded to indicate that he understood.

Their troop was not really a rescue team to begin with, but because they were the closest to this place, they were temporarily dispatched here to carry out rescue missions and help the victims.

While they were still discussing their next steps, Zhao Wu returned from afar.

Zhuang Hua and Zhang Yong looked at Zhao Wu with glee and Zhao Wu looked back at the two of them in confusion.

“Hmm… Why are you looking at me like that” Zhao Wu asked.

“Hahahaha, its nothing.

Well gather the team and do a debrief first.” With that, Zhuang Hua left with Zhang Yong, leaving Zhao Wu behind.

Zhao Wu looked at Qiao Mei with a silly smile and said, “Miao Miao, are you injured”

Miao Miao The veins on Xia Zhes arm bulged again.

He could not help but want to punch Zhao Wu.


“Um! Comrade Zhao Wu! Im not Zhang Miao! Im your Commander Xias wife! Im your sister-in-law! My name is Qiao Mei!” Qiao Mei hurriedly shouted at Zhao Wu.

She was afraid that if she reacted any slower, Xia Zhe would really rush out and vent all his anger on Zhao Wu.

Zhao Wu stared blankly at Xia Zhe and Qiao Mei, his eyes darting between the two of them.

After confirming that this matter was true, he touched the back of his head in embarrassment.

As he backed away, he smiled awkwardly and said, “Um… Big brother… Its all a misunderstanding! I… Im also going to the team meeting! Big brother, Im going off!”

With that, he turned around and ran away, not giving Xia Zhe any chance to react.

Xia Zhe stared at Qiao Mei sinisterly.

Qiao Mei looked up at Xia Zhe in embarrassment and said carefully with a bright smile, “Dont be angry, big brother.

I just… wanted to see if you really love me!”

Xia Zhe raised his head and deliberately looked away from Qiao Mei.

No matter what she said, he remained unmoved.

Today, his brothers-in-arms had really brought out all the jealousy in him.


Seeing that her whining and wheedling did not work, Qiao Mei blushed and stood on tiptoe so that her lips were next to Xia Zhes ear.

She said sweetly, “Then… then how about I let big brother deal with me however you want tonight.”



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