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In the distance, Xia Zhe was discussing the subsequent arrangements on the deployment of the disaster victims with Zhang Yong, Zhao Wu and Zhuang Hua.

As he spoke, he realized that the three men were not paying attention to him at all, and that his surroundings had also become very quiet.

“What are you guys doing Why are you in a daze during the meeting” Xia Zhe frowned and said to the three men.

“Hey, big brother, look at that person.

How is she so beautiful.” Zhao Wu looked at Qiao Mei in the distance in a daze.

Xia Zhe turned around and saw Qiao Mei who was still wearing the same clothes, but with her face revealed after washing away the ash from herself.

She had fair skin, small and exquisite facial features, and a pair of big sparkling eyes that made people feel protective about her.


Xia Zhe was stunned for a moment, but he continued to instruct the three men on the follow-up arrangements.

However, none of the three men were focused on the mission anymore.

Xia Zhe was so angry that he closed his notebook and gave each of them a kick.

“Dont you need to do any work anymore and just look and look and look! Dont you all know whats the real and important matter at hand” Xia Zhe lectured the three of them.

Qiao Mei saw all of this and thought to herself, “Yes, as expected of my man.

Hes so handsome even when hes angry.

Hes simply too charming.”

Qiao Mei looked at Xia Zhe with a big smile, so Xia Zhe had no choice but to settle the issue with Qiao Mei before he could carry out the mission.

Otherwise, the soldiers under him would all be distracted.

“Comrade, whats the matter” Xia Zhe frowned at Qiao Mei.

“Nothings the matter.

I just want to help in whatever way I can.” Qiao Mei smiled at Xia Zhe.

Xia Zhe sighed and handed his notebook to Zhang Yong before he turned around to leave.

As he walked out, he said, “You guys arrange it for her.

Im going to carry out the mission.”

Xia Zhe had already disappeared without a trace, but Qiao Mei still stood there staring in the direction where Xia Zhe had left.


“Hey, stop looking.

My big brother has got a wife,” Zhuang Hua said as he stood behind Qiao Mei and also looked in the direction Xia Zhe had left.

“Huh Big brother” Qiao Mei looked at Zhuang Hua in confusion.

Could this be Xia Zhes younger brother She had only heard from her grandfather that Xia Zhe had an older brother, but she had never heard of a younger brother.

Zhuang Hua was puzzled.

Wouldnt most people focus on the fact that his big brother was already married It was really strange that this person was more concerned about his relationship with Xia Zhe.

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“Yes, we all call Xia Zhe big brother.

Everyone calls him that because hes the most capable among us,” Zhang Yong explained.

“By the way, whats your name” Zhao Wu asked.

“Me… my name is… my name is Zhang Miao!” Qiao Mei said, thinking on her feet.


Qiao Mei thought to herself, “Im sorry, Miao Miao.

Ill borrow your name first.

I really have no choice as I cant let your brother-in-law find out that Im actually his wife.

If he finds out that Im Qiao Mei, hell probably force me to go to a safe place.”


Zhao Wu muttered to himself, “Zhang Miao… Zhang Miao… What a nice name! Zhang Miao! Miao Miao!”

Zhuang Hua hurriedly gave Zhao Wu a kick.

He had just met the girl and he was already calling her Miao Miao.

How shameless of him.

Even if he did not mind, the girl would mind him doing that.


Zhao Wu was about to turn around and settle the score with Zhuang Hua when he heard a shout from the cookhouse, “Mealtime!”

Zhao Wu put aside the fact that he had not taken revenge for the kick just now and brought Qiao Mei to the dining area.

“Look at this kid, he has gone crazy thinking about women.

He even wants to woo her, and he hasnt even asked her if she has a partner,” Zhang Yong said to Zhuang Hua as he looked at Zhao Wus back view.


“She looks like shes only 17 or 18 years old.

How old is this Zhao Wu, how can he still have the cheek to want to partner her.” Zhuang Hua looked at Zhao Wus departing figure and shook his head.

“Sigh, lets go.

Nothing will happen anyway.

If he delays the mission, just wait for big brother to give him a beating,” Zhang Yong said.


Come, lets go eat.” With that, Zhuang Hua and Zhang Yong caught up with Zhao Wu and Qiao Mei.

At the moment, there was only rice and no vegetables.

The vegetables had all been given to the soldiers at the front line, so everyone consciously took very little of the side dishes.

However, just the rice alone felt completely different from usual.

It tasted especially fragrant today and even had a little sweetness to it.


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