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Qiao Mei did not expect that even though no one had watched over the children these few days, everyones impression of them had improved a lot and most people said that they were sensible and capable.

On the surface, Qiao Mei said that this was a small matter and that everyones children were the same, but in reality, she was overjoyed.

There was no one who did not like to hear others praise their siblings.

“Sigh, aunties, Im really unlucky today,” Qiao Mei said with a sigh.

“Whats wrong with you, what happened” Auntie Wang said.

“Thats right, dont worry.

We all have a lot of experience in life.

Tell us about it and well give you some advice.

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one!” Auntie Dong said.

“Hahahahaha! You sound quite cultured saying that!” Auntie Wang laughed loudly.

“Shoo, shoo, shoo.

Lets get down to business,” Auntie Dong said.

Qiao Mei pretended to be worried and thought for a while before saying, “Aunties, the weather has been hot recently and I dont go out much, so I havent been to my mothers house for a while.

In the end, for some reason, Qiao Yu refused to leave my mothers house and ate all the food that my mother had.

Even when she couldnt finish it, she took it all away.

She cried and made a fuss and said that she would die in our house if we didnt give it to her.”

“What a thing to happen!” Auntie Wang said in surprise.

“Why is she so shameless! Previously, she came to our house to freeload on food and drinks and I beat her up with a big stick and chased her out,” Auntie Dong said.


“Sigh, what can I do since it wasnt easy for me to chase her away.

She has been quiet recently but I went to the county city to buy things today and ran into people from the family of my mothers current husband.

They came to extort money from us again, and even said that Qiao Yu told them that my husband gave me a lot of betrothal gifts when I got married.

Therefore, they came to demand money from me.” Qiao Mei looked at the two aunties expressions and then she pretended to cry.


When the two women saw Qiao Mei like this, they were furious.

They spoke about wanting to settle the score with Qiao Yu and avenge Qiao Mei.

“Oh! Aunties, dont go! Ive already dealt with them.

I dont think theyll come looking for trouble during this period of time.” Qiao Mei stopped the two women.

“Dont worry about this and leave it to us.

Youre currently pregnant and if you continue to be concerned about these things, youll really be exhausted.” Auntie Dong looked at Qiao Mei caringly.

“Thats right, Qiao Mei.

Youve been so good to your mother.

You have to take care of yourself.

Dont tire yourself out, you know” Auntie Wang said with concern.

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Qiao Mei nodded obediently and said, “Okay, Ill listen to aunties.

By the way, aunties, what about the sale of your bean sprouts recently.”

The two women were all smiles.

Auntie Dong said excitedly to Qiao Mei, “I dont know why, but the feng shui at my house has been good recently.

I still go to the mountains to get the water for growing the bean sprouts and the harvest is not bad recently.

The supply and marketing cooperative has taken a lot from me!”

“Its the same for our family.

Ever since I heard what your Auntie Dong said, Ive tried it too.

The effect is really good,” Auntie Wang also told Qiao Mei in a low voice, afraid that others would hear what she said.

If others learned from them, she would not be able to sell hers anymore.

In actual fact, the two womens bean sprouts had been selling well recently because Qiao Mei had been secretly helping them.

When she came down the mountain every day and stood in her courtyard, she could sense the fruits and vegetables inside the two womens houses and secretly gave them some energy.

Fortunately, the two women lived near Qiao Meis house.

Her recent energy exchanges with the wild ginseng had increased the range of her perception by two kilometers.

“Thats good, thats good.

Aunties, Ill go back then.

Its getting quite late.” Qiao Mei got up to leave.

“Alright, go back slowly.

Dont remain angry,” Auntie Dong said.

“Yes, Ill remember that, aunties.

Im going off!” Qiao Mei said and left the courtyard.

The news that she told Auntie Dong and Auntie Wang quickly spread throughout the village.

It spread like wildfire and everyone knew that Qiao Yu was now going from house to house asking for vegetables.

If people did not give it to her, she would throw a tantrum and refuse to leave.

As the news spread, it became more and more ridiculous.

Some people even said that it was Qiao Zhuang who beat and scolded Qiao Yu to make her come out and do all that.

Of course, Qiao Mei also contributed to these stories.


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