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Qiao Mei placed the watermelons on Zhao Liangs table and said, “Uncle, take these two watermelons to quench your thirst in the summer.”

“Oh, no, no! Its my duty to help the people in the village.

Qiao Mei, quickly take it back.” Zhao Liang pushed away the watermelons that Qiao Mei gave.

“Uncle! Its not specially for you.

The last time, didnt auntie say that she liked the watermelons from my house and that she thought they were sweet.

Please take it that I have brought them for auntie and accept them,” Qiao Mei said.

When he heard that the watermelons were for his wife, he felt that he had no reason to reject them.

Zhao Liang took the watermelons and placed them under the table.

“Then I thank you on behalf of your auntie.”

“Uncle Zhao, dont stand on ceremony with me.

By the way, I need your help with something,” Qiao Mei said.

Zhao Liang patted his chest and said, “Then why are you standing on ceremony with me If theres anything you need, just say it and Ill help you with it.”

“Its just that after I leave, therell be no one to take care of my mother given that my grandfather is old.

Today, I went to the county city to buy something and ran into my mothers current mother-in-law and stepson.

They tried to find trouble with my mother but at least I was around today.

When Im not around, they might bully her and extort money from her.

Uncle, can you keep an eye on my mother and also not let those people enter the village,” Qiao Mei asked.

“What a thing to happen! Theyre really too much! Theyve really gone overboard!” Zhao Liang banged the table and scolded.

“Uncle, dont be angry.” Qiao Mei quickly stopped Zhao Liang.

“Dont worry, Qiao Mei.

Your mother is from our village after all.

Since shes from our village, Uncle will take care of her.

Dont worry,” Zhao Liang promised Qiao Mei.

“Aye! Thank you, Uncle! Then Im so relieved.

Uncle, Ill be leaving now.

My grandfather is still waiting for me at home.” Qiao Mei smiled brightly upon knowing that Zhao Liang had agreed to her request and slowly walked towards the door to leave.


“Alright, go back slowly and give my regards to your grandfather.

Dont worry, Ill definitely help you with what you told me.” Zhao Liang stood at the door of the house and looked at Qiao Mei.

“Yes, then Ill be leaving, Uncle!” Qiao Mei waved goodbye to Zhao Liang.

The brigade office was located at the left corner of the village entrance and was not very far away.

As soon as Qiao Mei came out, she bumped into Qiao Yu, who was returning to the village.

Usually, Qiao Mei would pretend not to see her and just walk away.

However, it was such a coincidence today that she just caught a glimpse of a figure that looked like Qiao Yu in the county city and now, Qiao Yu was returning from outside the village the same night.

Qiao Yu also saw Qiao Mei and lowered her head to run away, but Qiao Mei blocked her way.

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“Qiao Yu, why are you back so late Did you go to the county city” Qiao Mei asked.

“No, I just… I just came back from work.” Qiao Yu lied awkwardly, wondering what excuse she could use to make Qiao Mei let her go.

Qiao Mei smiled and did not say anything.

She just turned around and left. Those who went to work would not return at this hour, they would have come back long ago.

It was obvious that Qiao Yu had gone out of the village and did not go to work. On the way back, Qiao Mei went to Auntie Dongs house for a chat.

Coincidentally, Auntie Wang was also there today, which made it a much more interesting day.

“Qiao Mei, youre here!” Auntie Dong welcomed Qiao Mei warmly and set up a stool for her.

“Auntie Dong, Auntie Wang, good to see that youre free today.

Youre both here.” Qiao Mei did not stand on ceremony and sat on the stool to chat with them.

“Sigh, now that you mention it.

The rainy season has just passed and the mushrooms in the mountains have long been emptied.

Also, the children from your family are really tireless.

Zhang Wei brings his brothers and sisters to the mountains to pick vegetables every day.

Hes such a sensible boy,” Auntie Dong praised.

“You dont say! Zhang Wei and the rest of the kids are really sensible.

If my child is half as sensible as Zhang Wei, life would be much easier for me.” Auntie Wang sighed.

“I think the children are too bored.

I told them that theres always things to eat in the mountains and theyve never seen it in the city.

Theyre at the age when theyre curious, which is why they go up the mountain every day.

Theyre not as good as you say,” Qiao Mei said humbly.


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