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Qiao Yu stood outside and watched in fascination as more and more people gathered at the door.

If this continued, someone would soon come to investigate the commotion.

Zhang Cong held on to Old Madam Zhang and said softly, “Grandma, there are too many people here.

In a while, more people will come.

If this gets out of hand, then its all over.”

Old Madam Zhang looked at the increasing number of people at the door.

It appeared that she would not be able to get any money today, so she picked up a piece of cloth and threw it at Li Gui.

“Just you wait! This isnt over! Ill get my son to deal with you!” Old Madam Zhang glared fiercely at Li Gui and Qiao Mei before leaving quickly with Zhang Cong.

“What are you looking at! Get lost!” Old Madam Zhang shouted at the crowd at the door.

She pushed her way through the crowd and left quickly.

“What kind of person…”

“Thats right, why are you scolding people No manners!”

A few people in the crowd muttered unhappily.

Qiao Mei then saw a familiar figure in the crowd who was dressed in unfashionable clothes and looked disheveled, and did not look like she was from the city. Wasnt this Qiao Yu Why was she here

Qiao Mei wanted to go forward to take a closer look.

Li Gui thought that Qiao Mei wanted to chase after Old Madam Zhang, so she immediately stopped Qiao Mei and said, “Mei Mei, forget it.

Dont look for them.

Dont be angry.

Your health is more important, so lets forget about it.”

“Mom, Im not angry, but what if they come looking for trouble again” Qiao Mei looked at Li Gui and said.

Li Gui smiled at Qiao Mei and said, “Its fine, Mei Mei.

Look at me, I have nothing left.

They wont be able to get anything.

Besides, even if they go to the village to cause trouble, didnt you tell me to look for Zhao Liang, and we also have militia in the village.

Its fine.

They wont dare to do anything to me.”


Qiao Mei knew that Li Gui put on a smile to comfort her.

She decided to go to the brigade to speak with Uncle Zhao before she headed out in two days time and to ask him to help out more with her family.

This situation could not go on forever.

“Alright, then be it.

Take care of yourself,” Qiao Mei said.

“Aye, alright.” Li Gui nodded.

The shopkeeper, who had been silent all this while, spoke up at this moment, “Are you… still buying fabric as that person from just now had dirtied my fabric.

You guys have to be responsible for this.”

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Qiao Mei looked at the fabric on the ground.

The color looked alright to her.

It was dark blue and she could make clothes and cloth bags for the children.

It just needed to be washed.

“Were not the ones who dirtied this.

You can go to whoever dirtied it.” Although Qiao Mei said that, she was thinking about bargaining on the price. He definitely would not be able to sell this dirty fabric, and even if he went to the police station to make a report, there would not be any outcome.

If she put on an act, she would be able to get this piece of fabric at a lower price.

“But you know them! They all ran away! You have to take responsibility! Ill look for you!” The shopkeeper immediately panicked when he heard that Qiao Mei did not want to take responsibility.

“You definitely wont be able to sell this fabric.

But were not the ones who dirtied it.

How about you offer to sell me the fabric at a cheaper price and Ill take it.

If you dont agree, you can go to the police station.” Qiao Mei picked up the fabric from the ground and showed it to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper was also wondering if he should quote them the original price or to give them a discount.

These were all goods that were clearly priced and had to be exchanged with cloth coupons.

It would be difficult to account for it if he had a shortfall of cloth coupons.

“I know youre in a difficult position too.

How about I give you the coupons, but you dont charge me any money.

How about that” Qiao Mei looked at the shopkeeper and said.

The shopkeeper thought about it and said, “Alright, lets do it.

Then I dont have to go to the police station.”

Qiao Mei was overjoyed.

She did not expect her bargaining to be so effective.

It turned out that the method from her other life was still useful now.

Her favorite thing to do was to bargain and get a good deal.

Li Gui looked at Qiao Mei with admiration.

She did not know that it was possible to bargain at the shops.

“And those two blue-colored fabrics, I want them all,” Qiao Mei said.

The shopkeeper packed up everything and handed it to Qiao Mei.

Li Gui reached out to grab it and said, “Let me take it.”

Qiao Mei did not refuse her help.

“Alright, lets go home and cook something delicious for the children!” Qiao Mei said happily.

Seeing Qiao Mei and Li Gui coming out of the shop, Qiao Yu also left quietly. This time, she did not manage to let Qiao Mei suffer a loss, but it did not matter.

There would still be other chances.


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