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“I dont have any money left.

No one wants to lend me any money,” Li Gui said.

“Who are you trying to fool Who doesnt know that your eldest daughter, Qiao Mei, is very swank and that her groom gave her 2,000 dollars for the betrothal gift andthree turns and one sound.

I think his salary should be quite high.

You should borrow money from your eldest daughter.” Old Madam Zhang glanced at Qiao Mei.

“So this is a scheme to get to me,” Qiao Mei thought.

However, how did Old Madam Zhang know about the betrothal gift Everyone in the village knew about Qiao Mei and the Zhang family and many people had helped chase the Zhang family away, so who could have told Old Madam Zhang about this

Qiao Mei thought hard about it and finally remembered that back then, the people who saw the betrothal gift of 2,000 dollars were Qiao Yu, as well as Liu Ying and Wang Qin, Qiao Zhuangs eldest and second daughters-in-law. Back then, they were the ones who spread the news about the betrothal gift in the village.

However, Liu Ying and Wang Qin would not go around gossiping with outsiders.

Although they hated Qiao Mei, Zhang Cong had wanted to report the people in the village for being capitalists when he was at the village, so they also hated Zhang Cong.

In that case, the only person who could go around saying things was Qiao Yu.

A few days ago, she had just sneaked into their house to eat all their food, and now she was causing this kind of trouble for her.

How capable.

Qiao Mei made a mental note of this matter, she would settle the score in the future.

“Oh, that bit of money.

Didnt you find out that the money had all been used to buy meat and already all used up by me back then.

What can 2,000 dollars do!” Qiao Mei said laughingly.

Old Madam Zhang had previously heard from Old Madam Li that Qiao Mei was fat and tanned and that her grandfathers monthly salary of 50 dollars was not even enough for her to spend.

She had also used so many food stamps by herself.

It was indeed possible that the 2,000 dollars was really gone.

“What an extravagant girl! Thats 2,000 dollars! You spent it just like that! What a wasteful girl!” Old Madam Zhang stomped her feet in anger, as if the 2,000 dollars belonged to her family.

“Thats my money and I can spend it however I want.

Since you are so nosy about my business, shouldnt you give me some money too Lets start with my mother marrying into your family.

My mother has worked for so many years and all her money has fallen into your hands.

Zhang Cong must have spent quite a bit of that, so you also have to give me some money.

Not much, how about 300 dollars for 10 years,” Qiao Mei sat down and quoted an amount as she looked at Old Madam Zhang.


Before Old Madam Zhang could speak, Qiao Mei continued, “By the way, shouldnt you give me some money for my wedding as well All in all, give me 600 dollars, no more and no less.

How about that”

“You! You! Pfft! You shameless person! Why should we give you 600 dollars!” Old Madam Zhang pointed at Qiao Mei and scolded angrily.

“Then why should my mother give Zhang Cong money to get married! I think youre just out to extort money!” Qiao Mei said without backing down.

Old Madam Zhang did not know how to answer her.

Zhang Cong was the child that Zhang Qian had with his ex-wife, and Qiao Mei was the child that Li Gui had with her ex-husband.

Logically speaking, it was the same scenario.

If Li Gui needed to give Zhang Cong money for his wedding, then they would have to give Qiao Mei money for her wedding.

This would be a huge loss to them.

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“Youre just a girl, why do you need money! A married daughter is like spilled water! You still have the cheek to ask our family for money! You havent even given us your betrothal gift, so why should we give you money” Zhang Cong, who had been keeping quiet at one side, suddenly spoke up.

Old Madam Zhang looked at Zhang Cong and smiled in satisfaction. It seemed that he was still not too silly and what he said made sense.

Lets see what Qiao Mei has to say now.

“Weve never raised Qiao Mei either.

Lets just forget about this matter.

It has nothing to do with your Zhang family so dont get Qiao Mei involved.

I really dont have money for Zhang Congs wedding,” Li Gui looked at Old Madam Zhang and said firmly.

The usually quiet Li Gui even dared to talk back to her now. Old Madam Zhang was so angry that she raised her hand to slap Li Gui and Li Gui reached out and grabbed her arm.

Li Gui had thought it through and decided that she could not be a burden to Qiao Mei anymore.

Even if she got beaten up, she would not let Qiao Mei suffer!

“You! Youve really gone overboard! So independent since leaving our Zhang family! So you think you have someone backing you up! How great!” Old Madam Zhang looked at Li Gui with hatred.


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