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When he was only a few steps away from the fabric shop, Zhang Cong saw the woman that their family met when they left Li Guis village.

He grabbed Old Madam Zhang and pointed in that direction.

“What are you doing” Old Madam Zhang said.

“Grandma, have we met that woman before” Zhang Cong said.

“Why are you always looking at women and everyone of them always looks familiar to you, why dont you just leave your eyes on them” Old Madam Zhang frowned and said.

It was no wonder that Old Madam Zhang felt that way.

Zhang Cong always had roving eyes.

When he walked on the streets, he was always looking out for beautiful women.

He just liked to look at women.

If they were good-looking, he would take a few glances; if they were not so good-looking, he would just look once.

“No, no! What are you talking about! Take a look for yourself!” Zhang Cong pointed at Qiao Yu behind the pillar.

Old Madam Zhang looked closer as Qiao Yu also saw them at the same time.

“Oh, its true.

Why is she here” Old Madam Zhang said.

Before Old Madam Zhang and Zhang Cong could figure out why Qiao Yu was in the county city, Qiao Yu walked up to them.

“Do you remember me Its me.

We met in the village the last time,” Qiao Yu said with a smile.

“Ah, yes, yes.

Whats the matter” Zhang Cong looked at Qiao Yu lecherously.


Although Qiao Yu was not as good-looking as Qiao Mei and did not have Qiao Meis curvaceous figure, she still had some good genes and was fairly good-looking.

“Ah, nothings the matter.

I just saw you both and came to say hello,” Qiao Yu said.

“Then what are you doing in the county city Youre not here to look for us, are you” Old Madam Zhang said suspiciously, afraid that Qiao Yu was here to claim to be their relatives or look for trouble.

“No, no.

Im here with Qiao Mei.

Shes in that shop with her mother.” Qiao Yu looked at Old Madam Zhang and pretended to be traveling with Qiao Mei.

She wanted to tell Old Madam Zhang this so that they would go and cause trouble for Qiao Mei.

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When Old Madam Zhang heard that Li Gui was also there, her eyes lit up.

If it was only Qiao Mei by herself, they would not be able to say anything.

However, if Li Gui was also around, then it was a different situation.

After all, Li Gui had not gotten a divorce yet and was still Zhang Congs mother in name.

She would definitely have to give Zhang Cong some money for his marriage.

“Then why arent you going in” Old Madam Zhang was still a little suspicious of Qiao Yu..

“I… I still have to help buy some other things.

Im about to go off so I wont talk to you any longer.

I have to get busy.” After saying that, Qiao Yu quickly left the place and walked as far away as she could.

Old Madam Zhang watched Qiao Yu walk away and did not really care whether she was telling the truth.

Going into the shop to look for Li Gui was the most important thing for her to do now.

Old Madam Zhang excitedly brought Zhang Cong into the fabric shop.

Qiao Yu popped her head out from the alley next door to make sure that Old Madam Zhang and Zhang Cong had entered the shop before she felt satisfied.

“Haha, Qiao Mei, lets see what you can do this time,” Qiao Yu said with a sly smile.


As soon as Old Madam Zhang entered the shop, she greeted Li Gui warmly, “Oh! Isnt this Li Gui, why are you here”

Li Gui was a little surprised by Old Madam Zhangs sudden appearance and she kept retreating to avoid Old Madam Zhang.

However, Zhang Cong was still standing at the doorway and she could not go out.

Therefore, she could only smile awkwardly and said, “Ah… Mom, why are you here”

Old Madam Zhangs face bloomed with joy.

It seemed that Qiao Yu was telling the truth.

Qiao Mei stood at one side and looked coldly at Old Madam Zhang and Zhang Cong.

When Zhang Cong saw Qiao Mei, his eyes were fixated on her.

With such a beautiful face, fair skin and voluptuous figure, it was a pity that she was already married.

Although her temper was a little feisty, such a woman was very attractive in her own way. Zhang Cong looked at Qiao Mei lustfully.

“Younger sister Qiao Mei is here too.

How have you been recently” Zhang Cong said with a lecherous smile.

Zhang Cong was a person who harbored evil intentions but did not have the guts to do anything.

Although he sized Qiao Mei up from head to toe, he did not dare to get too close to her.

He remembered the loss he suffered the last time and he did not want to get beaten up again.

If the same thing should happen again, he would really be crippled.


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