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Qiao Yu originally wanted to take a stroll around the village in the morning to see if there was any family who would let her in to have a meal.

She did not expect to see Li Gui and Qiao Mei early in the morning, heading to the county city with their cloth bags to buy things.

“So early Where are they going” Qiao Yu muttered to herself.

When she got closer, she saw that they did not have any baskets or vegetables or mushrooms from the mountain in their hands. They were definitely not going to the black market so where were they going

Qiao Yu followed them cautiously.

When they reached the county city, Qiao Yu was already tired out and drenched in sweat.

She then saw Qiao Mei and Li Gui enter a fabric shop.

“Are they buying fabric” Qiao Yu hid in the alley beside the fabric shop and looked around quietly.

Qiao Mei looked at the dazzling display of fabrics in the shop and did not know how to make a choice.

She looked around and did not see anything she liked.

“Are all these the latest designs” Qiao Mei pointed at the display.

“Thats right.

These are the latest ones,” said the shopkeeper.

Li Gui had never been to the fabric shop.

As she did not have any money or cloth coupons, she had no way of buying clothes for herself and her children.

She could only take the old unwanted clothes from the adults to modify them for the children, and the children would make do with the clothes for a long time.

Qiao Mei said to the shopkeeper, “Please show me some fabric that is plain-colored and made of dirt-resistant material.”

Qiao Mei was thinking about making clothes and cloth bags for the children.

They were going to school soon and needed to have some presentable clothes.


Qiao Yu could not see anything after the two of them had gone in for a long time.

She wanted to go into the shop to take a look but she did not dare to.

In the crowd, she vaguely saw the people she had met at the village entrance the last time, the ones from the Zhang family or the Liu family She could not remember their surname, but they should be related to Li Gui in some way.

Coincidentally, ever since the Zhang family took 600 dollars from Li Gui the last time, they did not draw any attention to Zhang Congs marriage.

They set about buying the new bed and blanket after preparing the betrothal gifts and money.

However, wherever they went, they could only find very expensive fabric and did not see any cheap ones at all.

Old Madam Zhang came up with the idea of going to someones house to buy a blanket made of red fabric at a low price.

“Cong Cong, lets go next door to buy the blanket.

Its very cheap,” Old Madam Zhang said.

“Next door What do you mean by next door” Zhang Cong asked in confusion.

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“The Cao family next door,” Old Madam Zhang said.

When Zhang Cong heard this, he immediately refused.

“Why does my father get to have new things when he gets married! I have to get old things! I wont do it! This is my first marriage and everything has to be new! My father is going to get married for the third time! He can use the old ones!”

Zhang Qian raised his hand to hit Zhang Cong and said angrily, “You brat! Youre starting to interfere in your old mans business! I can use whatever I want!”

Old Madam Zhang hurriedly went to stop him.

The injury on Zhang Congs leg had not healed yet.

If he were to be beaten up again, he would definitely have to limp around for a while longer.

“Dont touch Cong Cong! Lets buy all new ones! I really owe your Zhang family in my previous life!” Old Madam Zhang cursed.

After hearing that, Zhang Qian slammed the door and went out.

He still had a date with Feng Fang later today, so staying at home would really affect his mood. How unlucky!

“So shameless and still have the cheek to hit me.

Youve already gotten married so many times, yet you still dont let others talk about it.

Pfft!” Zhang Cong spat at the door.

“Alright, alright.

Hurry up and go to the fabric shop to buy fabric.

Arent you in a hurry” Old Madam Zhang took some money and cloth coupons and prepared to leave.

When Zhang Cong heard that she was going to buy new fabric, his anger dissipated and he coaxed Old Madam Zhang out the door.

“I just know that my grandmother doted on me the most.

I will definitely be filial to you in the future,” Zhang Cong said with a smile.

“Hmph, I think you just know how to talk.

You start to flatter me when you see that I have money, you young brat.” Although Old Madam Zhang criticized Zhang Cong, she still felt happy inside.

This was the reason why even though Zhang Cong caused so much trouble so many times, Old Madam Zhang would settle the issue for her grandson no matter how much money she had to spend or how many people she had to offend.

It was because Zhang Cong knew how to sweet talk.

Otherwise, how could Sun Yan have fallen for Zhang Cong at such a young age, if not for the fact that Zhang Cong made exaggerated promises that made her happy and enticed her to fall for him.


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