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Li Guis house had only just been built a few days ago and there was not even a warm mat in the house yet.

Although she had asked someone to make a table and chairs for her, the furniture was not ready yet and she still had to wait for a while more.

When Zhang Qian saw others reproaching Old Madam Zhang, he only stood at the back and did not say a word.

He was the type of person that was a tyrant at home and a wuss outside.

At home, he flaunted his might, but when he was outside, he behaved like a subservient grandson.

Even while his mother was being criticized, he did not even retort and just stood there watching.

Zhang Cong, on the other hand, would usually speak up for her.

After all, Old Madam Zhang doted on Zhang Cong the most.

No matter how heartless he was, he would still help Old Madam Zhang.

However, these women were not to be trifled with.

They had very strong hands and they knew how to pinch the most tender spots on the body.

Even now, Zhang Congs body was still covered in bruises.

Therefore, at this moment, Zhang Cong did not dare to refute anything and could only watch Old Madam Zhang get scolded.

Li Gui brought over a glass of water and handed it to Old Madam Zhang.

Old Madam Zhang did not even look at it before throwing it down.

“You blind thing! Dont you see that your husband and children are all thirsty and also need a drink!” Old Madam Zhang criticized Li Gui immediately.

She was here to find trouble today, so no matter what Li Gui did, she would not be satisfied.

Old Madam Zhang pointed at Li Gui and said, “You heartless thing! Its fine if the adults dont get water! But you dont even care about your two children! Is there a mother like you! Pfft!”

After Zhang Wei and Zhang Chao heard what Old Madam Zhang said, they both looked at Li Gui with hatred in their eyes.

They felt that not only was their mother unfilial to their grandmother, she did not care about their lives as well.

Li Guis heart almost broke when she saw the way the two children looked at her.

She really did not mean it that way and she found it really difficult to defend herself.

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Youre old and you speak sharply and clearly.

Theres only one cup at home.

Of course, its served to the elder first, then your son, and finally the two children.

Its the same at home, right If there is good food and drinks, you get served first and the two children are last.

My mother doesnt even have a share, right Sometimes, when there is not enough, the children dont even get anything as everything must be given to you first.”

Zhang Wei and Zhang Chao looked at each other.

This elder sister seemed to be right, it seemed that their mother had never eaten anything nice before.

Good things were always given to their grandmother first.

The two children thought for a while and looked at Qiao Mei and Old Madam Zhang, wondering who was right.


“You still have the cheek to say that she doesnt care about the children! To say that she has no conscience! If you really care about the two of them, why did you choose to throw away the water rather than to give it to the two children, why didnt you let them use all the good things first, or give them a few bites of any delicious food first! You blame my mother for not caring about the children She has given you all her things! What do you want her to give to the children!” Qiao Mei said as she looked at Old Madam Zhang.

Old Madam Zhang was so flustered that she could not say anything and had nothing to refute.

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“In this situation, youre really the guilty party who files the suit first and self-directed your own drama.

Did you also tell the two children that Li Gui left because she didnt want them anymore Youre really good at scheming!” Qiao Mei sneered.

Zhang Wei was a little older and Zhang Chao was also not that young anymore.

They were already old enough to remember things.

The situation at home was indeed as Qiao Mei had said.

They had to give everything to their grandmother and father first and even if they had any leftovers, their eldest brother still ranked ahead of them.

Qiao Mei pulled up a stool and sat down before continuing, “Do you intend to wait until youre done arguing with Li Gui before these two children can have something to eat and drink I dont think you brought your entire family here for a visit, right You didnt even bring anything with you.

If this is how you pay someone a visit, its really an eye-opener for me!”


“In my opinion, they must have come to do some sponging off! Yesterday, someone failed in getting money so they had to send someone else!” Auntie Dong said laughingly while munching on melon seeds.


All the women laughed and Auntie Wang continued, “Look! This person cant do it so he even brings his entire family here.

So many people come to ask us villagers for money.

Its so embarrassing.”

“With so many people here, do you think they have enough travel expenses!” Auntie Dong continued.


“Thats true!” Everyone laughed heartily while making fun of the Zhang family.


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