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What Did You Call Him (4)

The two looked at each other like this for a moment, Jiang Yuhe finally said:


"Actually, I--"

Halfway through the conversation, Aunt Shi’er knocked on the door outside.

"Master, someone came and said he is looking for you and Xiaoyu."

Jiang Yuhe frowned.

It's not unusual to look for him, but for Wen Yu

She doesn't know many people here at all.

"Who is looking for you" Jiang Yuhe asked.

Wen Yu didn't know who it was and shook her head.

After a pause, Jiang Yuhe had to temporarily end the previous conversation, "Go down first."


The two walked out one after the other.

Jiang Yuhe walked in front, and as soon as he reached the stairs, he saw a tall man standing in the living room.

The man's figure is attractive, and the windbreaker fits perfectly with his figure, even if they can only see his back, they could see he has extraordinary bearing.

Jiang Yuhe seems to know who he is.

He sneered, looked back at Wen Yu, and said softly: "So he knows where you live"

Wen Yu was stunned, "What"

She finally saw him, and her face changed instantly when she saw the figure clearly.

The person who came is Wen Qingyou.

Wen Yu's lips twitched twice, trembling a little, but the sound of the word "Brother" couldn't come out even though it reached her mouth.

Jiang Yuhe tucked his hands in his trouser pockets, and walked forward calmly, "Looking for me"

Wen Qingyou turned his head when he heard the voice and looked at Jiang Yuhe with a slight smile: "Hello, Mr.


Wen Yu desperately gave her real brother a look from behind Jiang Yuhe--

"Are you crazy, Brother!"

"Why are you coming here to join in the fun!"

"If you want to come, at least tell me first!"

But in any case, he had already come.

Wen Yu’s eyes flitted desperately and then suddenly she remembered Wen Qingyou's sentence last night [If you can't decide, I'll help you]

A shiver travelled down her back and she finally understood the meaning of his visit.

How can he help her...

Wen Yu didn't dare to think further.

After last night, Wen Qingyou had already seen from Jiang Yuhe's eyes the special feelings he held for his sister.

He also knew that if this continues, if one day he knows that Wen Yu is just playing with him, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Since the younger sister can't clear up this mess cleanly, he, as the elder brother, will personally help her make this decision.

Jiang Yuhe didn't respond to Wen Qingyou's greetings, and sat down on the sofa indifferently.

"You are quite courageous."

Wen Qingyou: "What should be done, must be done no matter what.

It has nothing to do with courage."

Jiang Yuhe couldn't help but chuckle, raising his eyes to look at him: "What should be done Is there anything you should come to do, in front of me"

Wen Qingyou paused and looked at Wen Yu who was standing beside Jiang Yuhe.

The gaze fell, and the corners of his lips raised, "To take her away."

Wen Yu: "..."

As if he had heard some funny joke, and this joke was blatantly provocative, Jiang Yuhe held back the anger in his heart and asked Wen Qingyou:

"What right do you have to do so"

Wen Qingyou took out a check from the pocket of the windbreaker, "The two million is just a little compensation for her harassing Mr.

Jiang in the past few months, thank you for taking care of her."

Jiang Yuhe watched for two seconds and chuckled.

He stood up, walked slowly to Wen Qingyou, and after receiving the check, he tore it to pieces bit by bit.

Then all of it was thrown on Wen Qingyou.

"Would I need your two million" Jiang Yuhe hated the man's gold-rimmed glasses, and warned him in a cold voice: "While I can talk to you calmly now, you'd better disappear by yourself."

On one side was her own brother, and on the other side was...

the, she didn’t know how to describe the relationship, brother.

The two stood facing each other, as if they were about to fight.

Wen Yu was helpless and at a loss.

She hurriedly walked between the two and tried to separate them:

"Brother, if you both have things to say then do it calmly, don’t destroy the relationship."

Jiang Yuhe was even angrier when he heard her statement, "Am I friendly with him What relationship can I have with him"

Suddenly he reacted to the subtle "both" word from her, and frowned:

"What did you call him"

Wen Yu: "..."

Wen Qingyou smiled lightly at this time, took off the glasses without a rush, and said while wiping:

"I almost forgot.

I should introduce myself to Mr.

Jiang first."

He put on his glasses again and stretched out his hand towards Jiang Yuhe:

"Hello Mr.

Jiang, my name is Song Qingyou."

"Xiaoyu's brother."

After a two-second pause--

"Blood related Brother."


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