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What Did You Call Him (3)

Wen Yu closed her eyes and reflected several times.

What the hell are you thinking, can you eat your food

Fortunately, at this time, Aunt Shi’er turned on the TV.

When she is doing housework, she is used to having a little noise in the house, which makes things lively and not so dull.

The sound of the TV series broke the weird and subtle atmosphere in the living room very well.

Even the man beside her took a cup of water and drank, not watching her so intently.

But just when Wen Yu felt that breathing became a little easier, there was a loud yell from the TV:

"You beast, would a human being do this type of thing!"

"And you too, shameless, morally degraded, did this kind of humiliating thing!"

Wen Yu was slightly stunned and raised her head.

The following line was another tearful cry:

"You two are brother and sister! Brother and sister! How can you, how could you!!!"

As he talked, the father on TV fainted with anger.

Aunt Shi’er, who was watching and wiping the table on the side, also snorted: "Oh, isn't this a crime, why did a brother and sister do such a thing"

Wen Yu: "..."

It was only a second.

Wen Yu, who worked hard to pretend nothing happened, to be calm and poised, keeping her composure, felt that all of her effort collapsed.

Aunt Shi’er was there when Jiang Yuhe dragged her into his room yesterday.

Wen Yu was not sure if she had heard anything and was now suggesting something.

In any case, she felt naked in public at this moment.

Like the last layer of covering had been peeled off, exposing her secrets.

She can no longer sit still calmly.

She got up, panicked and embarrassed: "I'm full."

Then she ran towards her room on the second floor.

Jiang Yuhe was startled slightly, then hurried to catch up, frowning and looking at her as he passed by Aunt Shi’er:

"Can't you watch something normal"

Aunt Shier:

What did she do

Wen Yu hurriedly ran back to her room.

Just as she was about to close the door, Jiang Yuhe followed and blocked the door with his arm.

Wen Yu's strength couldn't compete with Jiang Yuhe.

With a light push, she stumbled two steps back and into the room.

Then he walked in and closed the door.

Wen Yu: "..."

Jiang Yuhe walked in, step by step.

Wen Yu stepped back, step by step, until she backed up against the dressing table and rested her hands on it——

"Stop." She was a little afraid that he was going to do the same thing as last night again, "Don't come over."

Jiang Yuhe stopped and didn't advance any further.

He paused as if he was a little helpless at the distance that appeared between the two of them overnight, and it took a long time before he whispered in a hoarse voice:

"What happened yesterday...

is my problem."

"I apologize."

Jiang Yuhe spoke softly, and Wen Yu lowered her head to listen but didn't know how to respond.

She knew in her heart that they were not brother and sister, but her current role was a person who had lost her memory, and she was a person who insisted on treating Jiang Yuhe as her brother after losing her memory.

Right now, she can’t act like [she knows or she can understand].

If that was the case, isn't it the same as it was shown on TV That she is tacitly messing with her brother

Wen Yu felt that she was entangled in a huge battlefield, and now she was acting immorally.

She closed her eyes and could only follow up with:

"I think of you as my brother, but you—"

She decided that no matter how Jiang Yuhe explained his behavior, she must hurry and stop this scene so she can end the matter.

Jiang Yuhe cut in: "But I don't treat you as a younger sister."

Wen Yu: "..."

Wen Yu: ""

Wen Yu was dumbfounded.

She looked at Jiang Yuhe with a look of [what are you talking about, are you drunk, are you **ing going to publicly mess with the amnesiac sister].

She opened her mouth in disbelief: "You..."

In fact, after that impulsive kiss last night, Jiang Yuhe also regretted it for a moment.

But the time is very short, only one or two minutes.

He doesn't like to drag things out.

All the forbearance before is already at his limit.

Since things have progressed to this step, Jiang Yuhe has completely overturned the bottom line that previously restrained him.

His purpose and actions are almost in line.

Just like the vigorous and resolute behavior when doing business, once the target is decided, he will act directly without hesitation.

The kiss last night was indeed an accident under impulse.

But for him, it was an inevitability after being restrained for a long time.

Now that this is the situation, there is no need for him to continue to cover up his feelings.

Being straightforward is also a way of taking responsibility for Wen Yu.


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