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I Don't Want to Do This Anymore (3)

She hesitated in the hall for a long time, until she saw Wen Yu coming out of the office, took a business card from her pocket and looked at it, then scrunched it up and threw it into the trash can.

Sang Chen was a little curious, walked over, bent down and picked it up.

After seeing the content on the card, she widened her eyes slightly, and held the card tightly in her palm.

She wasn’t sure if she had found something.

She paused, took a deep breath, and knocked on the office door.

"President Jiang, it's me."

As soon as Sang Chen entered the office, she felt an unusual atmosphere.

It was a kind of cold oppression, dull, and due to her guilt made her feel suffocated and uneasy.

Jiang Yuhe looked up and stared at her for a long time before calmly asking, "What are you trying to do”

He didn't ask about the photo, didn't ask about the man in the photo, and didn’t ask any questions about Wen Yu.

On the contrary, when he spoke, he was questioning her purpose.

He was obviously on Wen Yu's side from beginning to end.

Sang Chen closed her eyes, and the only hope in her heart completely disappeared.

"I think she has let down your feelings." She said.

Is the photo not enough Wen Yu was cheating on two men, enjoying Jiang Yuhe's favor, while embracing other men affectionately on the road.

After Sang Chen said this sentence, Jiang Yuhe didn't speak for a long time.

He just looked at her and tapped the pen in his hand on the table, not light nor heavy, but every tap made her panicked, like walking on thin ice that would give way at any time beneath her.

After a few minutes, Jiang Yuhe chuckled twice.

He stood up, walked to Sang Chen, and suddenly raised her chin: "When is it your turn to dictate my affairs"

Sang Chen only felt a sharp pain in her jaw, and this pain quickly turned into a feeling of suffocation.

She was speechless.

Jiang Yuhe squeezed her lower neck with both hands, his voice was cold and freezing to the bone: "I’m warning you, it's better to know your limits, film your scenes, be your star, and know what you shouldn't think about, what you don't deserve."

When Sang Chen came to power, someone told her how beautiful Li Man was in the past.

But once she offended Jiang Yuhe for unknown reasons, there was no possibility of recovering.

She didn't think much at the time, and just felt that Jiang Yuhe was a little cold and not easy to approach.

But at the school, when he personally pointed to her and said he wanted that girl, there was a gentle smile.

But now, she clearly understood that everything was just a dream she had imagined.

His gentle brows and eyes were only for that woman.

He didn't even care about such unbearable photos.

Jiang Yuhe let go, "Get out."

Sang Chen coughed several times, and the unwillingness of the broken dream made her laugh, not knowing whether she was laughing at herself for being stupid or at Jiang Yuhe who deceived himself.

She took out the card she had just picked up, "I hope she really will not let you down."

After speaking, she left the office with a pale face.

Jiang Yuhe looked at the crumpled business card left on the table.

It was the reservation card of the five-star Riverside Hotel in Beijing, with a handwritten room number 2201 on it.

Jiang Yuhe frowned.

He didn't react at first, but when he thought of Sang Chen's words, his heart sank quickly.

Is she suggesting that Wen Yu

Hotel room……

Jiang Yuhe seemed to understand something, but he didn't dare to continue thinking.

He sat back in his seat and hurriedly lit a cigarette, but he couldn't stop all the thoughts and images that appeared.

The emotion that had been restrained for several days was ignited and amplified by madness.

Is Wen Yu crazy

How long have they known each other

Oh, yeah.

Although this woman is a little clever occasionally, she doesn't scheme when choosing a man.

Especially the gentlemanly type with glasses.

She seems to have no resistance.

She got in a strange man's car casually in Jiangcheng, and went out for New Year's Eve with a random man not long ago.

Now she met a new man from who knows where, dating behind his back, embraced him, and now...

Go to the hotel to open a room

She really seemed like an innocent girl who didn't know the world.


But scolding her didn't relieve Jiang Yuhe's restlessness.

He couldn't bear the thought that Wen Yu might be possessed by other men.

As an older brother, he can pretend to be a fool and acquiesce that she is dating, but he can't accept that she has sex with others so quickly.

Jiang Yuhe knew that his thoughts were contradictory and absurd, but he could no longer pretend to be blind.

Not wanting to wait for even a minute, he quickly notified Li Bai, and the group went straight to the Riverside Hotel.

The mood along the way is mixed with suffering, anger, and exhaustion.

He forcibly created his boundaries, forcibly defined his identity, and forced himself to obey it harshly.

But the reality and his ideal world are always fighting.


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