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I Don't Want to Do This Anymore (1)

Jiang Yuhe didn't expect that the person in the photo turned out to be Wen Yu.

He had dealt with countless celebrities who were secretly photographed and caused a crisis, but today's protagonist is actually Wen Yu, the woman he cares about most in the depths of his heart.

What an ironic moment.

In the photo, Wen Yu hugged a man intimately.

She was wearing the same green jacket as yesterday, and looking at the light, it was after 6 or 7 in the evening.

Jiang Yuhe finally knew why Wen Yu suddenly didn't want him to pick her up yesterday.

He also understood where the WeChat that kept ringing and made Wen Yu unnatural came from.

That's the reason.

That's the reason why.

Jiang Yuhe looked at the photo quietly, despite his countless urges to wake up Wen Yu and ask her to explain, but in the end he held back.

He forced himself to close the email and close the photos.

He tried to make himself forget this.

He has already restricted himself into the role of an older brother, so why should he interfere in the love life of his "sister".

He thought, maybe this is God's retribution for him selfishly hiding the phone

He didn't want Wen Yu to return to her own world.

To find her boyfriend of the past.

So what

She will still get to know new men and will still have new boyfriends.

Jiang Yuhe closed his eyes and kept rubbing his brows to calm himself, accepting this fact.

After a long silence, Jiang Yuhe found something to divert his thoughts.

He called Secretary Ning:

"Let the Network Technology Department check the email account.

I want to know who it is."

As the largest entertainment brokerage company in China, Yasheng faces various public relations incidents every day.

Therefore, Jiang Yuhe privately raised a group of technical hackers early on.

When there are people deliberately provoking and discrediting them, they are prepared to retaliate.

This time the email is clearly targeted.

Jiang Yuhe didn't want to have such a pair of eyes staring at Wen Yu, where he couldn't see them.

Under his nose, he can't tolerate these tricks.

After all this was arranged, Jiang Yuhe was quiet and walked to the inner bedroom.

The door was unlocked, and Wen Yu was lying on her side in the bed, already asleep.

No matter how she shows her fangs and claws to him on regular days, or even acts coquettish, but at this time, Wen Yu is sweet, quiet and gentle.

So gentle that Jiang Yuhe looked at this face and couldn't bear to disturb her life.

It was her choice.

As a result, the invisible hand that strangled his neck appeared again.

Moreover, it was even worse and heavier than last time.

It entangled him fiercely like revenge.

Should he indulge one's greed or stop and follow the status quo.

After all, even if she has someone she likes, she will still call him brother and stay by his side.

Jiang Yuhe silently looked at Wen Yu and once again faced a choice in his heart.

In fact, Wen Yu didn't sleep deeply.

She vaguely sensed that someone was there while she was half asleep and half awake.

She opened her eyes and then froze, "Brother"

The man's eyes were heavy, when he glanced at her, "It's okay.

You can keep sleeping."

Then he walked out.

Wen Yu: ...

When he came out, Jiang Yuhe's heart seemed to be less disturbed.

Maybe it was because of her calling him brother, or maybe it was because Wen Yu was sleeping in his bedroom, she was completely unguarded against him and didn't even close the door.

Jiang Yuhe knew that this was her almost unprincipled trust in him.

He didn't want to dirty this feeling.

In this situation, he finally chose silence.

Pretending not to see anything, pretending to know nothing.

And he was still Wen Yu's brother.

After two days passed quietly, Jiang Yuhe didn't ask Wen Yu half a word about the photos in the email.

And Wen Yu did not take the initiative to mention anything.

Everyone is hiding secrets in their hearts and maintaining this superficial peace with each other.

In the past few days, Shen Mingjia and Wen Yu talked happily, and the nickname had changed from just Xiaoyu to my dear Xiaoyu.

Wen Yu knew that it would not be long before the man would take further action, such as making dating or meeting requests.

By that time, he would say even more disgusting endearments.

He thought he had clung onto the sister of the big boss, but he actually sent his head to the knife of his ex-girlfriend.

Wen Yu is happy when she thinks that Shen Mingjia can be killed soon, but every time she feels happy, she will remember that Wen Qingyou wants to take her away.

Then, the joy will drop instantly.

Will she fail her plans after leaving

And she didn’t know if it was because she has been playing the stimulating life of the big boss’s sister every day for too long, she is a little bit reluctant to leave suddenly.


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