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Leave With Me (3)

Lying on the bed, Wen Qingyou's words echoed repeatedly in her head.

Usually Wen Yu came back and chatted continuously, either circling Aunt Shi’er or harassing himself.

This abnormality attracted Jiang Yuhe's attention.

He went to knock on her door, and the door opened, "Why are you hiding in the room alone"

Wen Yu cheered up: "No.

Maybe I was a little tired from walking around."

Jiang Yuhe didn't ask any more questions, but when he turned to leave, Wen Yu stopped him, "Brother."

Jiang Yuhe looked back again.

In fact, Wen Yu didn't want to say anything, but at this moment, especially wanted to call him.

"Nothing, that's it." Wen Yu lowered her head, "I'm sorry about what I did in the office this afternoon.

It's all due to my willfulness."

After a moment of silence, Jiang Yuhe hummed.

Just as he was about to say something, Wen Yu's cell phone suddenly rang in the room.

It's a notification from WeChat.

There was a sound, followed by several more sounds, like a continuous message.

Jiang Yuhe's expression was subtly unnatural, but he quickly recovered: "Someone is looking for you."

Wen Yu immediately ran back to mute the phone, "...that, Yinyin asked me something."

Jiang Yuhe's eyes were venomous.

He could see the fleeting unnaturalness in Wen Yu's eyes.

He knew that Wen Yu might be a little afraid or wary of him, and he also knew that the reason for this might be that he was too harsh before.

But now, staying by her side, no matter the capacity, is his own choice.

Don’t even ask.

Giving her freedom is also his choice.

Therefore, Jiang Yuhe nodded, without saying anything, turned and left the room.

Wen Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

The WeChat was sent by that damn Shen Mingjia.

Seeing that Wen Yu didn't reply for a long time, he began to tease her again.

[What are you doing]

[That time I saw you put up two buns, it was super cute.]

[Do you have a bad relationship with your brother]

[If you are unhappy, you can talk to me.

Would you like to hear interesting things about filming]

Talk to your mother you **er.

Wen Yu really wanted to get into the screen and beat this bitch, but she knew that every record Shen Mingjia sent now could become evidence that would completely beat him to death in the future.

Wen Yu replied to him: [You said you are Shen Mingjia.

How do I know if you are Send me some photos and let me see.]

The scum man was really fooled.

Not only did he post several private photos in a row, he even posted a muscle photo with his upper body naked.

Wen Yu nearly threw up.

She suspects that the muscles are Photoshopped, how can he have such a good figure

After a few words, Wen Yu ended the chat to go downstairs and have a meal with her Brother.

Generally speaking, so far, what Shen Mingjia said is still restrained, but Wen Yu believes that it will not take long for his fox tail to be exposed.

On the second day, life seemed to proceed as usual, but for Wen Yu, the beauty of each day filled with expectation and the ordinary every morning seemed to gradually flow away from between her fingers.

When she went to work, she frequently fell into a daze.

Several times when Jiang Yuhe asked her about things, she couldn't answer the questions.

The whole person was disturbed by Wen Qingyou's words, and her thoughts were still unable to calm down.

Jiang Yuhe gently threw the folder on the table and asked her, "What are you thinking about to be so completely absent-minded"

Wen Yu rubbed her temples tiredly: "Maybe I didn't sleep well last night."

"Why didn't you sleep well"

Wen Yu wanted to say many things but then stopped, she couldn't tell him the entanglement in her heart.

How could she tell Jiang Yuhe that her real brother has returned and insisted on taking her away.

Jiang Yuhe looked at her with his arms crossed for a few seconds.

He seemed helpless: "Forget it."

He turned to her, "If you’re not feeling well, go inside and sleep for a while."

It is true that in Wen Yu's state today, she could not review any documents.

Several imaginary villains in her mind are fighting; some told her to stay and torture Shen Mingjia to death, some said to run quickly, and that she would be done for if she was found out.

There is even one who is talking about-how exciting it is to be the fake sister of the president!

Wen Yu felt that her mind would soon become schizophrenic.

"Okay, I'll go to sleep for a while."

There is a temporary bedroom in the office for Jiang Yuhe to rest.

Wen Yu slowly got up and walked in.

Just a few steps later, Jiang Yuhe suddenly said:

"Sang Chen is the company's entertainer, actor, nothing more.

You should read less gossipy news."

Jiang Yuhe didn't know why he still couldn't resist explaining this to her.

But seeing her apathetic look, she may have blamed him for refuting her in public yesterday, which was too merciless.

Especially since she always misunderstands that he likes Sang Chen.

After Wen Yu heard what he said, her thoughts seemed to still be wandering, "Okay, I won't think about it anymore."

Then turned around silently.

Do you understand what I mean

I don't like that woman!

Jiang Yuhe took a sip of water to calm down, thinking that he may have raised a fool.

Not long after Wen Yu entered the bedroom, Secretary Ning knocked on the door and walked in, "Mr.


"Something happened"

"...I just received an email addressed to you."

"" Jiang Yuhe raised his eyes, "What is your expression What happened in the email"

Jiang Yuhe’s work email account is managed uniformly by Secretary Ning.

Generally, she filters out useless information, then organizes the content and forwards it to Jiang Yuhe’s private account.

But now, Secretary Ning seems to have difficulty speaking, and after a long time of brewing, she said: "It's some photos, I have just sent them to your mailbox."

Jiang Yuhe could perceive that the photos from Secretary Ning must not be good content.

In the entertainment industry, sneak shots are the most basic and also the lowest level trick.

Before opening the e-mail, Jiang Yuhe thought that perhaps they had taken a photo of the privacy of a big actor under Yasheng's, so they were excited enough to send it to his mailbox, but when he actually opened the e-mail and saw those photos——

The air was suddenly quiet, even freezing like ice.

Jiang Yuhe's eyes gradually became dark and gloomy, until finally, it sank into anger.

There was a sound of something snapping.


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