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I Don't Know You Like She Does (2)

Wen Yu had no idea that her appearance made the actor's re-examination scene a large-scale drama surrounded by gossiping bystanders.

What's more, it was -

As soon as she sat down, the door of the audio-visual hall opened again.

This time it was Sang Chen.

[Help, hahahaha, it’s a battlefield! Concubine Sang is here too!]

[God, so envious of the partners on the scene today.

This is too much drama! Power! Battle! Here!]

[Quickly! Live stream it! Concubine Sang, you can do it!]

[What is this lack of power At first sight she is not up for it, sitting next to the assistant director; the boss didn't even look at her.]

[Fight, get up and fight!]

Wen Yu was also surprised by Sang Chen's arrival.

She muttered, looking a little upset: "Why is this woman here too"

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her, "You don't like it"

Wen Yu thought that Sang Chen was also called by Jiang Yuhe, and grumbled in a low voice, "Whether I like it is not important, Brother.

As long as you like it."

Jiang Yuhe frowned, obviously feeling the unhappiness in Wen Yu's emotions.

Thinking that she was still remembering the last time when the woman lit his cigarette, he sighed helplessly, seeming to coax and explain: "Sang Chen is the star of "Quest for the Dragon Files" and an artist of the company.

The director asked her to come over to see the selection of actors.

It's normal."

Unexpectedly, Wen Yu immediately said: "Didn't you choose the leading role Everyone said that she was the lead female you appointed."

The gun and baton was unsheathed and the smell of gunpowder was strong.

After a few seconds of silence, Jiang Yuhe looked at her: "What are you trying to say"

Wen Yu shut up.

In fact, she didn't know what she was trying to say, just seeing this woman made her uncomfortable.

"Nothing, I will shut up."

Jiang Yuhe didn't speak any more.

At this time, the deputy director walked around to Jiang Yuhe and said: "President Jiang, originally Mingjia was also going to come and take a look..."

Wen Yu was startled at once, but fortunately he followed up and said, "But you also know that his affairs have been full of storms in the city these past two days.

So he has been staying home recently to repent.

He also asked me to say sorry to you, saying that in the future, he will pay attention to his own words and deeds and will not have a negative impact on the crew."

"That's for the best." Jiang Yuhe didn't say too much about Shen Mingjia.

Seeing that everyone was there, he ordered: "Let's get started."

Only one male and one female are selected among the twenty actors, the competition is still relatively fierce.

After each actor comes on stage, they introduce themselves, and then randomly select scenes from the movie to perform live.

Wen Yu is not interested in other people.

She just wanted to see You Xin.

Seeing her distraction, Jiang Yuhe gently leaned over to remind her: "Be serious, I will ask you later."

Wen Yu: "...

In the past two days, she has watched a lot of content related to film investment IP selection in the office.

She knows that if a film is to be successful, in addition to the script and the director, the actors are also a very important part.

Some people are born for a role, and some people cannot meet the expectations of the audience no matter how the company packages them.

So how to accurately choose a role is also a skill.

After several waves of actors' performances, it finally arrived to You Xin.

Wen Yu immediately cheered up and sat upright, as if a gratified old mother watched her daughter perform on stage, proud and excited.

And You Xin lived up to her hopes, both the state of performance and the delivery of the lines were skillfully performed.

In the end, after everyone's interview was over, the assistant director also had a judgment in his mind, but now that Jiang Yuhe is sitting here, naturally he still needs to ask the boss's opinion first.

"President Jiang, do you have a suitable candidate"

Jiang Yuhe paused, and turned his head to ask Wen Yu: "Today we will choose the two roles of Yan Yunjing and Long Fei.

Have you read the script Which two people do you think are suitable"

Wen Yu reported You Xin without even thinking about it: "Long Fei, I think the No.

6 actor is very suitable.

As for Yan Yunjing..."

Wen Yu looked around, pointed to a handsome boy and said, "How about number 12."

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her twice, his eyes a little cold.

After a bit, he asked Sang Chen, who was sitting next to the assistant director: "Sang Chen, you say."

Sang Chen was stunned, and seemed flattered, but she quickly replied: "The role of Long Fei needs some heroism.

I think No.

2 is more suitable.

Yan Yunjing is my personal bodyguard in the play, so body shape and height both need to be considered.

I think actor No.

9 is good."

After a pause, she was very humble: "However, everything depends on President Jiang and the Director's opinion."

Wen Yu: "..."


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