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I Don't Know You Like She Does (1)

A lifetime is a long commitment.

Jiang Yuhe was not the kind of person who speaks lightly.

Wen Yu didn't know what happened to make him say such things, but in any case, she was very moved.

She has lived for 22 years.

Except for Wen Yi'an who said this to her, Jiang Yuhe is the second.

In the past, Wen Yu just wanted to be a revenge machine without emotions, sticking to Jiang Yuhe in order to torture Shen Mingjia as if it was mental compensation for abandoning her.

But now, after getting along with this man day by day, Wen Yu's original intention has long since become less intense.

After so long, she became accustomed to going to work with Jiang Yuhe every day, reading documents by his side, helping him make coffee, and on the way home from work, Jiang Yuhe would buy her a cup of milk tea because of her whining.

This kind of life is plain and beautiful.

It is so good that Wen Yu sometimes feels uneasy.

If Jiang Yuhe knew the truth one day, would he still treat her like this

Wen Yu didn't know.

She also dares not think about it.

If there is such a day, Wen Yu would rather never let him know the despicable truth and just leave quietly by herself.

Let it be as if she never went to Beijing and never entered his world.

Although the Shen Mingjia incident was silently suppressed, Wen Yu heard from You Xin that his reputation in the circle has fallen a lot, and several of the agreed endorsements were cancelled.

Now his company is looking for resources and relationships everywhere, trying to restore his image.

Wen Yu did not relax her surveillance and waited for the next opportunity in secret.

She follows Jiang Yuhe to work at the company every day.

This man seems to have inexhaustible energy.

In addition to his own work, he also spends two hours a day teaching her various investment rules and skills in the entertainment industry.

Even if he is going to a meeting or socializing, he will, like a teacher, arrange information or a project plan for Wen Yu to read.

The most recent task is to read the script of "Quest for the Dragon Files " within two days and be familiar with the characteristics and plot of each character.

At first, Wen Yu didn't know the reason why he did this.

Until this day, Jiang Yuhe asked her to prepare and go with him to see the retest of the actor selection plan.

Only then did Wen Yu react—today is You Xin's re-examination day.

“After learning for such a long time, today you will have a practical lesson, and I will see if you have the ability to work in this circle.”

Wen Yu followed him: "Is this considered an exam, Brother"

Jiang Yuhe is already used to her calling him brother in the company, and he doesn't bother to correct it.

Pretending to be serious, he replied: "Don't come tomorrow if you fail the exam."

Wen Yu snorted and replied casually: "Are you willing to throw off this tail"

Jiang Yuhe: "..."

It felt as if someone had suddenly poked his heart.

His Adam's apple moved, and his voice was low: "It’s because you think I can't bear to."

Wen Yu didn't hear the feelings in Jiang Yuhe's words at all.

She thought his pride was acting up again and patted him on the shoulder: "Okay, okay, it's not that you can't bear to, but I can't bear to leave you!"

Jiang Yuhe: "..."

The re-examination was conducted in the audio-visual hall on the tenth floor of Yasheng headquarters.

Two of the twenty outstanding actors selected from Jiangcheng would be selected to sign with Yasheng, and they could directly get a role in "Quest for the Dragon Files".

When Jiang Yuhe brought Wen Yu into the hall, the hall was already full of people.

The staff were stunned when they saw Jiang Yuhe coming over, and one after another, they stood up and nodded, "President Jiang."

Because the trivial matter of choosing the 3rd and 4th level roles does not require Jiang Yuhe to come in person, even the director Wen Junlong did not come.

It was the assistant director of the crew who came to re-examine.

Unexpectedly, the boss actually came to the scene.

But what attracted everyone's attention more than this was Wen Yu's arrival.

Wen Yu followed Jiang Yuhe and quickly felt everyone's attention on her.

She didn't bother to care about those gazes, looked around, and soon saw You Xin where the actors were preparing.

You Xin also saw her.

After the two exchanged glances saying, you know and I know, they then quickly moved away calmly, pretending not to know each other.

The deputy director gave up the middle seat, "President Jiang, please sit down."

Jiang Yuhe sat down and pointed to the seat next to him, said to Wen Yu: "Come here."

Wen Yu said oh, and once again sat next to Jiang Yuhe amidst everyone's discussion.

At the same time, the company's gossip group secretly bubbled over again.

[Onlookers watch the boss spoil his little wife, exciting!]

[Finally I saw the face of the office concubine.

I don’t blame her for being favored.

She is really beautiful, very high class and beautiful.

I guess it must be a certain wealthy lady with a super good temperament.]

[My friends, the legs of the office concubine are absolutely amazing, at least ten times more sexy than Sang Chen, my eyes are staring!]

[Too bold, don’t you dare have thoughts on the boss’s woman hahahaha!]

[Kill me, I just brought water to the boss, guess what I heard, office concubine called the boss brother, brother! Damn it, so intense!]



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