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He Must Have Kissed Her (3)

When the cigarette was about done, Jiang Yuhe finally reached out his hand.

He pressed the power button.

After a few seconds, the screen turned on.

A password is required.

Jiang Yuhe didn't know the password.

But he guessed--

Even if a person loses their memory, their subconscious habits will not change.

For example, Wen Yu's special permutation and combination of odd numbers first and even numbers.

He slowly entered 1357246 in turn.

Just as he finished typing, the screen quickly unlocked and jumped to the home screen.

It's a picture of Wen Yu.

Jiang Yuhe could feel that his heartbeat missed a beat, and jumped up quickly, violently and heavily.

This is Wen Yu's world, the world she has forgotten.

As long as he calls her to come over, she can go back to the past immediately.

But is this the result that he wanted

Jiang Yuhe is not sure.

He rubbed his fingers on the screen repeatedly, knowing that every decision he made now is of the utmost importance.

After a long time, he opened WeChat.

There are many unread messages on WeChat.

At first glance, almost all of them are [Where have you been][Where are you][Are you OK] Such words.

This matched with the WeChat of a person who has been missing for more than a month.

Jiang Yuhe didn't want to peek at the content of her chat with others, so he ignored the messages and clicked on her online friends group.

He just wanted to know what Wen Yu was doing on the day of the car accident and whether she left any records.

He wanted to take a peek into her world selfishly first.

Wen Yu's didn't post much to her group of friends.

Although she is rich, she doesn't like to show off like Zhao Wenjing.

Even if she posts, it was always of her occasionally eating something delicious or watching some interesting movies.

Coincidentally, her first piece of content was posted the day before the accident.

But the setting is only visible to the poster.

[Long distance relationship, after half a year I can meet him, I just got a gift for him, I hope he will like it~]

The picture is a high-luxury brand shopping bag.


Long distance relationship

Jiang Yuhe seemed to understand something and was inexplicably blown away.

He turned off WeChat in a hurry.

Closed his eyes and fell into a decision that is doomed to be unreasonable.

After reviewing this friends group, he can see that Wen Yu had a boyfriend in the past.

She met him after buying that person a gift and was in a car accident.

Then forgot everything, including her boyfriend.

The first contact in the phone contacts is [Dad]

In other words, as long as Jiang Yuhe dials this number now, Wen Yu can immediately return to her world.

Go back to that man.

Holding the mobile phone in his hand, Jiang Yuhe has been silent for a long time, no emotions can be seen in his dark eyes, only a deep entanglement between desire and reason.

The little boy clay figurine Wen Yu gave him was placed in the storage box on the table.

And the photo she sent of them in the afternoon.

Minute by minute and second by second of torment and contemplation.

He didn't know how much time had passed.

Jiang Yuhe lightly raised his hand in the study room where it was so quiet that he could hear a pin drop.

He put down the phone and the screen faced up on the desk.

He looked at the black lost item indifferently, and finally turned it off.

Then he opened the locked drawer on the left side of the desk.


The phone was thrown deep into the drawer.

At this moment, the phone’s future was decided by Jiang Yuhe.

When the drawer was relocked, Jiang Yuhe was expressionless.

His expression was calm, like he had never seen the truth just now.

After finishing all this, Wen Yu returned.

She knocked on the door outside the study, then opened the door and walked in by herself.

"Brother, what's the matter with you.

Didn't we agree that I get off work when you get off work Why did you sneak back home first"

Wen Yu didn't realize that something was wrong with Jiang Yuhe, she rubbed her nose, "Did you smoke a lot of cigarettes"

She went to turn on the fan for air circulation, poured water for Jiang Yuhe, then chattered as usual about how many documents she had read in the company today and how much she has learned.

Jiang Yuhe looked at her back, and his thoughts jumped back to the online group uncontrollably.

What gift did she buy him

She seemed to love him very much.

He should also love her too.

He must have embraced her and kissed her.

Jiang Yuhe was thinking: they may have even done it.

In his mind, they were just a figureless person.

Jiang Yuhe doesn't know what this man looks like or what kind of work he does.

But at this moment, his heart was full of unimaginable jealousy.

It felt like an invisible hand was strangling him, every time he thought about it, he was devastated and couldn't breathe.

Jiang Yuhe undid his tie.

Drank another glass of water.



His voice was a little rusty, much lower than usual.

Wen Yu, who was looking for a book in front of the bookshelf, was taken aback and turned around.

She didn't speak, but looked at Jiang Yuhe like that.

It seems that she couldn’t believe what she heard.

They have been together for so long, Jiang Yuhe has never called her the name she gave herself.

He always speaks directly and says "hey" when he is impatient

But just now

Wen Yu was holding the book and looked at Jiang Yuhe in a daze, feeling that he seemed to have something to say to her.

The man leaned back in the chair, looked at her for a few seconds, and suddenly said indifferently:

"If you can't remember the past, don't think about it."

When selfishness and greed broke through the bottom line, Jiang Yuhe knew that in his dictionary, there was only dominance.

Not altruism.

"Brother can support you for a lifetime." He said.


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