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He Must Have Kissed Her (2)

Jiang Yuhe knew exactly what it meant to take back that lost phone.

Before while playing brother and sister, he hoped that Wen Yu will restore her memory soon.

If she thought of her family, left Jiang's house earlier, then he can be free of this tail.

But now, Jiang Yuhe has become the one who was defeated by his own plan.

He regretted it.

Wen Yu is confused, so she was still asking: "What's wrong with you"

Jiang Yuhe shook his head, "It's okay.

I didn't rest well last night."

Jiang Yuhe was extremely thoughtful and introspective.

Most people could not grasp what he was thinking.

Wen Yu was silent for a while, and simply took out her mobile phone and tried to arouse his interest: "Brother, let's take a picture, we seem to have never taken a photo together."

Jiang Yuhe was slightly startled.

He didn't understand the meaning of Wen Yu suddenly doing this.

Was God implying something

A memorial before parting

Before he could react, Wen Yu had already turned on the front camera and raised her mobile phone in the air to face them:

"Brother, look here."

As soon as she finished speaking, the waiter's voice came from the aisle, "Be careful, the soup is coming!"

Wen Yu sat on the outside, her elbows hanging in the aisle because she was holding the mobile phone and taking the selfie.

Jiang Yuhe saw the waiter approaching, carrying a pot of boiling hot soup, and he almost reflexively reached out and pulled Wen Yu into his arms.

Wen Yu also took the shot at that moment.

Photo freeze frame.

Wen Yu: "..."

Jiang Yuhe: "..."

Unprepared to be caught in his arms, Wen Yu's originally delicate smile was a little bit stunned.

The camera recorded the moment in this way.

The air seemed to stop flowing, and the sound around her disappeared instantly.

Before Wen Yu returned to her senses, Jiang Yuhe held her whole body in his arms.

Her face lightly pressed against his shirt, and she was in a daze for a few seconds when she smelled the fragrance and tobacco on his body.

Inexplicably, the cheek against his chest blushed.

It's very hot, to the point her heartbeat also sped up.

Realizing her abnormal reaction, Wen Yu pulled away suddenly, stroked her hair, wanted to say something, but didn't know what to say.

She was a little embarrassed.

A bit at a loss.

She had to pretend to look down at the photo.

Jiang Yuhe saw the unnaturalness in her expression, regretting the impulsive hand that he extended out, paused, and said calmly:

"Taking a photo of someone and flailing around, you deserve to be scalded by the pot of soup."

Oh, it turned out to be like this.

He hugged her over because he was afraid that she would be scalded...

Wen Yu was inexplicably relieved, and whispered, "Thank you, Brother."

Later, the two of them ate very quietly, and Wen Yu stopped chatting.

Jiang Yuhe originally didn't like to eat hotpot, so he didn't eat much.

Wen Yu kept her head down, the hotpot was boiling and scorching hot like her heart at the moment.

Due to the moment that Jiang Yuhe held her in his arms, the throbbing in her heart hadn't stopped until now.

She didn't dare to show her oddity, so she could only keep eating.

Back in the office in the afternoon, Jiang Yuhe had a meeting to attend, and Wen Yu was alone in the office.

She calmed down and recalled the moment in the hot pot restaurant repeatedly.

That one moment where, suddenly, he unexpectedly hugged her, then her blushing and heartbeat.

Her mind was a mess.

Wen Yu rubbed her head and scolded herself: "You must be sick.

He was just afraid that you would be scalded by the pot of soup that was passing by.

What are you thinking about"

Forcibly deleting this image from her mind, Wen Yu settled down and read Weibo again.

It should be due to the public relations team, but Shen Mingjia's trending headlines were reduced to one.

And he himself posted on Weibo, apologizing sincerely because his real life disputes were not handled properly and he occupied public resources.

This PR essay is very professional, and it is not at the same level as the statement in the morning.

Wen Yu guessed that Yasheng’s people had helped take over the mess.

The subsequent comments are polarized.

Some still support Shen Mingjia as long as he repented and some are disappointed; they no longer want to support him.

It was like a farce, it started suddenly and ended suddenly.

Wen Yu had long known that since Yasheng would intervene this time, she could not completely destroy Shen Mingjia, but at least it has reduced his vitality by half now.

She was already satisfied with this result because she was hitting righteously.

Wen Yu sighed in relief.

After logging out, she was about to turn off her phone, but accidentally hit the album.

The photo at noon with Jiang Yuhe jumped out.

Looking at it at this time, it's actually quite natural.

The two leaned together to take a picture.

She didn't know what her blushing and rapid heartbeat meant.

Wen Yu opened the edit app and added some cute stickers to the photo of the two.

On her head: [Sister]

On Jiang Yuhe's head: [Brother]

She added a huge love heart in the middle.

Wen Yu didn't think anything was wrong at all, she immediately saved it as the wallpaper of her mobile phone and sent it to Jiang Yuhe with great satisfaction.

[Brother, do you think this looks nice]

At that time, Jiang Yuhe had already arrived at the police station.

The police handed him the cell phone packed in a storage bag: "I heard that the person who was hit has lost her memory Is she okay now"

Jiang Yuhe: "No."

"That's really hard work for you to take care of her.

There are really not many people who have morals and conscience like you." After the greeting, the police left with a smile.

Jiang Yuhe looked at the bag in his hand, his eyes darkened.

He didn't return to the company, he went home directly, went to the study on the second floor, locked the door, and closed all the curtains.

The whole room felt like a silent night.

The phone was on the table.

Except for a few cracks on the screen, there was hardly any damage.

Jiang Yuhe lit a cigarette and took a deep breath.

The smoke he spat out blurred the outline of the phone, but when everything dissipated, it still laid there.

Waiting for Jiang Yuhe's choice.

With his hands supporting his forehead lightly, smoke was flowing between his fingers, Jiang Yuhe frowned.

He was thinking, weighing, and calculating.

Like Pandora's Box, no one knows whether it is a pleasant surprise or anguish once you open it.


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