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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 82

He Must Have Kissed Her (1)

When Jiang Yuhe went to the bathroom, Wen Yu took the opportunity to open Weibo and quickly browsed through some comments and private messages.

The atmosphere in the entertainment industry-- she had heard You Xin speak a little bit about it before-- but now, she really feels that the entertainment circle is like a battlefield full of bloody winds.

Thousands of comments and private messages scolded her.

Some people want to hurt her, some want her to show them evidence, and some were bystanders that liked to watch the excitement.

The funniest thing is when Wen Yu saw the statement issued by Shen Mingjia's brokerage company at 8 o'clock in the morning.

"We reserve the right to hold netizens accountable for false statements."

Hold on

Hold on to do what To pursue

He still has the pride to prosecute

He was afraid that he didn’t get enough attention, so he can't wait to jump up and let her slap him a couple more times

No matter what, Wen Yu was the daughter of the previous richest man in Jiangcheng.

He kicked her to the curb the moment she became bankrupt.

No one would want to go on stage and destroy their reputation and disclose their personal business if it was not necessary, but if Shen Mingjia didn't want his pride, Wen Yu was certainly not afraid of him.

Wen Yu looked over the private message for a while.

Originally, she didn't plan to continue reading it anymore, but a private message caught her attention.

[Hello fellow Sister, you were also cheated by Shen Mingjia I am his fan.

I was with him in March last year.

Later I found out that he was with XX in June.

He is a scumbag.

I admire your courage to speak up, but I dare not come out.

Good luck, and I hope the scumbag will flop soon.]

The chat records and photos sent by this ID made Wen Yu freeze.

Last March At that time, she had just been with Shen Mingjia for two months!

She thought she was cheated by Fang Ying, but she didn't expect that there was another woman.

Now she didn't know whether Fang Ying was his fourth or fifth mistress.

Wen Yu was so angry that she immediately forwarded the screenshot to You Xin: [Other netizens messaged me, could you imagine that he was this much of a scumbag]

You Xin: [Bastard, total Bastard, what should we do now This matter is getting serious, their company issued a statement saying that you were spreading rumors.]

Just based on this she needed to come out and beat him up.

Wen Yu was irritated, and immediately sent the netizen’s private messages and photos to Weibo in response to the agent’s statement:

@www: [So anxious to refute rumors, aren’t you afraid of having to kneel, begging for forgiveness, while I slap your face]

When Jiang Yuhe came out of the bathroom, he saw Wen Yu lowering her head and pressing something on the phone, as if she was chatting with someone.

She seems to have shaken out a second man.

He paused.

He wanted to go forward and ask, but after thinking, he still swallowed those words.

Now that you have set up boundaries, don't ask about her private life anymore.

She is an adult, has the right to make friends, and has her own social freedoms.

Jiang Yuhe scrunched his eyebrows and walked out as if he hadn't seen anything.

Sure enough, Wen Yu hurriedly put away her phone.

He felt a stab in his heart inexplicably, but still didn't mention a word.

"What do you want to eat at noon"

Wen Yu glanced out the window and blinked, "Do you want hot pot, Brother"

Jiang Yuhe:

Eating hotpot at noon

She didn't know if it was because she had openly challenged the scumbag, but Wen Yu is now full of various emotions and wants to go for hotpot to add to the excitement.

"Do you not like that kind of place" Wen Yu saw the hesitation in Jiang Yuhe's eyes.

"Or we can go to a place near the company--"

"We can go if you want to eat it, I don't care."

"Okay." Wen Yu nodded excitedly, "Then I'll book a place now!"

She looked very happy, just like the weather outside now, simple, clean and beautiful.

But Jiang Yuhe's heart is no longer peaceful.

This phone call from the police station had already put an invisible collar on him.

There was a newly opened high-end hot pot restaurant near the company with a good environment and close proximity.

Wen Yu happily booked a booth over there.

The two did not drive and walked directly over, probably because it was noon.

There were not many people in the store.

Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe sat opposite each other.

"Brother, what soup flavor shall we order"


"Okay, then the tomato flavor.

I don’t like spicy food." Wen Yu took the ipad and ordered.

"Then Brother, what do you want to eat Their signature here is Crystal Shrimp, do you want it"

After waiting for a reply for a long time, Wen Yu looked up, only to find that Jiang Yuhe was looking at her.

"" She stretched out her hand and waved her hand in front of him, "What are you looking at"

Jiang Yuhe returned to his senses, withdrew his gaze, and said indifferently: "Whatever you want, you just order.

I'll go out and smoke a cigarette.”

Wen Yu frowned, she felt that something was wrong with Jiang Yuhe.

She ordered a few dishes casually, and after handing the ipad to the waiter, she was left alone in the booth.

When she was bored, she secretly took out her phone and glanced at it.

The Weibo that was posted just now is probably a heavy blow to him.

It has been reposted by major entertainment bloggers at this time, and several trending headlines about Shen Mingjia have suddenly appeared.

Wen Yu could see that Shen Mingjia was anxious.

Because she received a private message claiming to be a staff member of Shen Mingjia's agent company.

Their tone was very polite; they hoped to meet and communicate with her.

Wen Yu finally felt a hint of pleasure after seeing the attacks directed at the scumbag.

She curled her lips, replied saying she didn’t want to talk with them, and blocked them.

She turned off the phone, and Jiang Yuhe also returned.

Wen Yu got up and walked around the table and sat beside him, she asked concernedly: "Brother, what's wrong with you It was fine in the morning, why don't you look so unhappy now"

"Really" Jiang Yuhe looked sideways, his gaze fell on Wen Yu's face.

She was looking at him very seriously, her expression was even a little tense, and she seemed to care about him.

He just didn't know how long she can keep this kind of demeanor and cute look.


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