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I Only Gave It to You (2)

Her hand holding pickled plum pulled back unconsciously.

Jiang Yuhe saw her move, but did not speak.

He nodded, "Come in."

Secretary Ning turned, Sang Chen was already standing behind him.

She had a very good figure, exquisite and distinct facial features, and has a kind of exotic beauty.

She was indeed a professional female actress.

She was indeed...

the type that men like.

"President Jiang." Sang Chen walked in, "Did I interrupt your work"

When she said this, Sang Chen's eyes were already inadvertently looking at Wen Yu.

Wen Yu also looked up at her.

Neither humble nor overbearing, calmly looking at each other.

Their eyes only collided for a second, but Sang Chen already knew that she was incomparable to her.

It was funny, she didn't even know the reason, and she avoided her gaze.

"What's the matter" Jiang Yuhe asked lightly.

Although this kind of unwillingness was magnified countless times after seeing Wen Yu, biting and rolling in the apex of her heart, Sang Chen still suppressed all her emotions:

"President Jiang, Shen Mingjia had a scandal break last night.

Are you sure you want him to act opposite me I'm afraid it will affect the reputation of "Quest for the Dragon Files"."

Wen Yu was taken aback, Shen Mingjia

A scandal broke out

Good thing!

Who is the kind person, she has to make a celebratory banner and send it over.

Jiang Yuhe didn't show much reaction after listening to Sang Chen's words.

"I know, I will deal with it."

After she finished talking, he said to Wen Yu: "What did you want to give me just then”

Wen Yu:


She looked at Jiang Yuhe dumbfounded, but the man hinted at the palm of her hand.

Pickled plum

No way, there were still people here.

"Give it here." Jiang Yuhe actually urged her.

Wen Yu was a little embarrassed.

She glanced at Sang Chen and then at Jiang Yuhe.

After a few seconds, she obediently handed out the pickled plum in her hand.

She originally didn't intend to feed him, but her outstretched hand naturally lifted to the man's mouth without realizing what was going on.

And he opened his mouth and ate it.

Wen Yu: ⊙_⊙

The man chewed a couple of times and said, "It's a bit sour."

"Not as good as the dried strawberries last time."

His tone made people hear the intimacy of Wen Yu often feeding him food.

The spacious office also seemed to become their private space, and everyone else became redundant and a disturbance.

Seeing Sang Chen standing, Jiang Yuhe suddenly turned to look at her: "Is there anything else"

Sang Chen witnessed the interaction of the two people with her own eyes, and was so startled that she couldn't speak.

"No, nothing else."

Jiang Yuhe looked to the door and lifted his chin.

Sang Chen understood what he meant by this action.

She even understood what he meant by all this just now.

His eyes were cold and sharp, warning her of his bottom line and her scheming that night.

It was also expressly telling her that the woman beside him was inviolable.

Sang Chen finally understood why she had a feeling of being incomparable to her.

It is a kind of confidence.

The confidence given by Jiang Yuhe.

And she didn't have that, not even a little bit.

Her mind became sober.

Sang Chen lowered her head and left the office hurriedly in embarrassment.

Wen Yu knew that Sang Chen had deliberately lit a cigarette for Jiang Yuhe to show off to her, so it was quite refreshing to see her being sent out of the office in front of her at the moment.

However her mouth could not help being a little evil.

Blinking: "Brother, that sister looks a little unhappy."

Jiang Yuhe looked at her, a little speechless.

That night, she cried and said that Sang Chen bullied her and also said that others smirked at her but now when he quietly helped her dispel her anger.

She was so shameless that she gained the upper hand but still feigned ignorance.

He originally wanted to talk about her clumsy acting skills, paused, and decided not to expose her: "How do you know she is unhappy"

Wen Yu: "On the Internet, the news said that you like long legs, and that you like this sister, that is why you are promoting her.

Will she misunderstand me when she sees me with you"

Jiang Yuhe: "..."

Unconsciously, his gaze fell on Wen Yu's legs that were longer than Sang Chen’s.

Sang Chen's is too thin; so thin that it was only called beautiful because it was photogenic and only suitable for appearing in magazines and lenses.

Wen Yu’s is equally slender, but very beautiful, perfectly blended between fat and muscle, straight and firm, she looked like flesh and blood, instead of just bones.

It causes people’s admiration--

Suddenly realizing that he was thinking about these types of things in broad daylight, Jiang Yuhe closed his eyes.

Fuck, what the ** are you thinking about

She treats you like a brother, what are you thinking!

Jiang Yuhe took a few sips of water in silence, loosened his tie, and informed Secretary Ning: "Call Director Wu to come over right away."

He needs to work.

He needs to work immediately.

"Brother, are you okay" Wen Yu didn't know if he was uncomfortable with her evil words, or if she said something wrong.

After thinking about it for a while, she looked at him: "Do you really like her"

Jiang Yuhe calmed down for a few seconds before answering her: "Whoever I like is my business, and children don't have to worry about it."

Wen Yu:

You are only four years older than me.

How come I became a child

Wen Yu mumbled to herself and turned around.

After a while, Director Wu of the Artist Department rushed over.

He also went to Jiangcheng together last time, so he was not surprised that Wen Yu appeared in the office.

He nodded to Wen Yu in greeting, and then sat down:

"Boss, I also need to speak to you."

Jiang Yuhe: "What's going on with Shen Mingjia"

Director Wu opened his portable tablet and handed it to Jiang Yuhe:

"At around one o'clock this morning, an ID posted on Weibo about Shen Mingjia's bad news, things like athlete’s foot, cheating and the like.

It is not clear whether it is the anti-fans or paparazzi.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, Shen Mingjia's agent company issued a statement.

The blogger has not yet responded."

Wen Yu: "......"

Wait a minute.

How come the term athlete’s foot resembles her own way of speaking.

Wen Yu suddenly remembered what You Xin had said to her.

Suddenly she seemed to have understood something, while Jiang Yuhe was not paying attention she secretly opened her Weibo.

The eye-catching image was a notification of close to more than 90,000 comments and reposts.


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