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Fortune Telling (2)

But Wen Yu was already prepared, and kicked the door open, “Please dont disturb What is Mr.

Shen doing that you dont want others to disturb”

Shen Mingjia took two steps back in shock, and his expression also changed.

“Wen Yu”

Wen Yu didnt talk nonsense, pushed him away and went straight into the room.

Sure enough, there was a woman lying on the big bed, the bedding was rolled up in a mess, and she knew what had happened just now.

She asked mockingly, “Why Did you just finish”

The woman on the bed tightly wrapped the quilt vigilantly.

“Who are you”

Wen Yu smiled, “Yeah, who am I”

She turned around and looked at Shen Mingjia with her arms folded across her chest, “Why dont you introduce us a bit”

Shen Mingjia pulled Wen Yu out, “If you have something to say, we can do it outside.

Dont do it here and make everyone look bad.”

“Why do you still think you have any dignity” She brushed off Shen Mingjias hand.

“I thought you lost it a long time ago.”

The woman on the bed finally understood, and immediately wrapped herself with the quilt.

Guarding Shen Mingjia behind her back, she said to Wen Yu, “If you want to attack me for something, I liked him first.”


The current mistress was quite righteous.

“Okay.” The angry Wen Yu didnt even think about it, and immediately gave the mistress a slap.

“That should satisfy you.”

Shen Mingjia was taken aback, holding the mistresss face anxiously.

“Are you okay”

He hurriedly turned around and blamed Wen Yu.

“Wen Yu, how can you hit her You will always be like this; arrogant and unreasonable.

Do you think that just because you have money, everyone has to listen to you”

Wen Yus hand was throbbing from the pain, but it couldnt be compared to the heartache she was experiencing.

“Shen Mingjia, you didnt say that when you chased me.”

Shen Mingjia may feel that since he has been caught, but he didnt care about continuing to pretend.

“That was in the past.

People will change, and you can change as well.”

Wen Yu did not understand the meaning of his sentence at first, until he hinted meaningfully.

“Dont say I didnt remind you.

If you have time to argue with me here, shouldnt you go back and see your soon-to-be hollowed out home”

Wen Yu was stunned.

How did he know about her familys business

Wen Yu quickly realized that she and Shen Mingjia were introduced by a senior in the company, who was a relative of Shen Mingjia.

At this point, she finally completely realized.

There has never been a love that disappeared for no reason, but the cornerstone of their love was gone, and now Wen Yu was unworthy.

Shen Mingjia glanced at Wen Yu for the last time, and was about to close the door.

“You can leave.

Were over.”

“Wait.” Although Wen Yu who learned the truth was a little confused, she still called Shen Mingjia.

“I have something to tell you.”

In the end, this one someone she used to like.

It was not like there was no affection at all.

Shen Mingjia paused.


“Come here and I will tell you.”

Shen Mingjia went to Wen Yus side.

Before he could hear half a word, he was unsuspectingly kneed between the legs.

He curled his body like a shrimp, glaring at Wen Yu distortedly, but he couldnt say a word due to the excruciating pain.

“Over” Wen Yu stood proudly, looking at the man with indifference.

“Are you also worthy to mention this word to me, Wen Yu”

She enunciated each word.

“Remember, I was the one who dumped you.”


After having broken up with Shen Mingjia, Wen Yu did not go back to her room.

She went out and called a car, catching a ride around the city without a destination.

Seeing she didnt look good, the driver tentatively said, “Miss, are you okay”

Wen Yu smiled at those words and shook her head.

She just wants to get some air and let herself digest all this as soon as possible.

There was an issue at home, the company went bankrupt, the scumbag cheated, and a family that she couldnt go back to…

Wen Yu didnt know where she could go now.

She suddenly remembered something and opened WeChat.

Wen Yu was afraid of trouble, and usually used the secondary card for daily consumption.

Right now, the card was frozen, that is to say, all her liquid funds are gone.

There was originally more than 100,000 yuan in WeChat, but unfortunately she booked the presidential suite, and now there was only a little more than 2,000 yuan.

Alipay which she rarely used was even worse, with only 0.70 yuan.

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Maybe no one would believe it, but now, the dignified Miss Wen only has a little more than 2,000 yuan left on her.

Wen Yu glanced at the fare that reached more than 100 yuan, and hurriedly asked the driver to stop in vexation.

She poked her head and glanced, “Where are we”

The driver said, “Huatian Night Market.”

“…” Whatever.

Its not like she knew what it was anyway.


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