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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 79

I Only Gave It to You (1)

When the two came to the front desk of the company, all the big gossip circles in Yasheng exploded again.

[Fuck, who sent the false news yesterday that the office concubine fell out of favor They have already begun to show off!]

[I worked in Yasheng for three years, and for the first time I saw the boss let a woman stay by his side linking arms.

First time in my entire life!]

[Moreover, they were very calm.

They are not hiding at all, and she is giving the impression of being spoiled.]

[I used to bet on Concubine Sang, did I lose What's wrong with Sang Chen Didn’t she just step up to the top position So she didn’t succeed Sang Chen, step up!]

[Who the hell is this office concubine]

[It's truly really mysterious.

Maybe only the closest people by the boss know about it.]

The last time she learned that this mysterious woman was discussed in the company chat group, Sang Chen secretly opened a fake profile and asked the staff to pull her into the chat group.

Now looking at these overwhelming discussions, she bit her lip in a complicated mood.

She didn't know whether she is unwilling or jealous, but there is a strong emotion driving her.

She needed to see it clearly and understand the situation for herself.

Where did she lose out

After entering the office happily, Wen Yu was about to sit on the sofa like before, but Jiang Yuhe called her: "Come here."

Wen Yu:

She saw the man pull out a chair and put it next to him, then patted the desk: "Sit here."

Wen Yu: "Huh"

At the same table with the president

This is prime real estate.

Wen Yu walked over in a daze.

Just after sitting down, Secretary Ning walked in and put two documents in front of Jiang Yuhe: "President Jiang, these are the documents you wanted."

Jiang Yuhe nodded and then handed the document to Wen Yu.

"Superstar Media was acquired by Yasheng this year.

These are the two failed investment cases that they did.

Take a look and analyze the reasons for the failures."

Wen Yu looked down and opened the file, a little caught off guard: "But I don't understand these things in the entertainment industry."

"I will teach you."


Jiang Yuhe looked over, his eyes were clear but soft, "Ask me when you don't understand."

These two short sentences inexplicably injected warm and powerful feelings into Wen Yu's heart.

When Wen Yu graduated, she never thought about depending on her family and just stretched out her hands to be fed.

She has also inspected many projects and had many ideas and ambitions.

But before she could start working on her ambitions, the family encountered a lot of misfortune.

So many things happened.

Just like the cherished bottle of perfume, after being tossed around, had been stumbling around until today.

Wen Yu has long since accepted her situation and hid her passionate self in the past.

But now.

The person who once pulled her out from the depth of despair, gave her warmth for the second time.

He wanted to teach her, hand in hand, take her to the world she once dreamed of, and help her become the person she once wanted to be.

He is an elder brother and a mentor.

Wen Yu opened her lips, she was suddenly touched and emotional inexplicably: "...Thank you, Brother."

Jiang Yuhe stretched out his hand, rubbed the top of her head lightly and said nothing.

The sun shone softly on the two through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The two gentle figures sat side by side, silent and quiet, but infinitely beautiful.

Such a morning was the most stable time Wen Yu had after the car accident.

When she looked up at Jiang Yuhe secretly, she thought in her heart--

If Shen Mingjia had caused ninety-nine percent harm to herself, she should also be grateful to him.

The last percent made her meet Jiang Yuhe.

Wen Yu pressed her lips gently.

Jiang Yuhe turned his head to look at her between rests: "I told you to look through the file, but you keep looking over at me.

What are you doing"

......She thought he was concentrating on work and did not see.

She felt like an elementary school student who was caught by the teacher distracted in class, Wen Yu stuck out her tongue, "Some words are too complicated, I don’t understand them."


Jiang Yuhe slid his seat over naturally.

He smelled of sunshine and vegetation.

When he approached, the whole figure obscured the light in front of Wen Yu.

It's an oppressive action, but it felt safe.

Wen Yu spoke casually, but he came over anyway.

Hurriedly pointing to a random place, "Here."

Jiang Yuhe leaned slightly, "The project investment income is not as expected.

After a loss of 200 million yuan, he still invests a large amount of money into self-produced dramas.

The follow-up period is not timely..."

His voice was very soft, and there was a faint smell of tobacco mixed with male hormones when he speaks.

Many times, Wen Yu had indulged in this smell and fell into a daze.

"Understand" A clear voice rang.

"..." Wen Yu sat up suddenly.

Obviously she was a bastard who hadn't listened to the lecture but still tried very hard to pretend to be a top student, "Understood."

"Sure you understand"

"I’m ok."

Jiang Yuhe looked at her, squinted his eyes and leaned back.

"Then you tell me, what do I mean by the rate of return that I was just talking about."

Wen Yu paused for a few seconds and said, "Forgot again."


Jiang Yuhe was speechless, and poked her forehead, "Have you ever been to college You don’t even understand this."

Although being laughed at, Wen Yu was not angry.

She was very happy when she was poked.

Hmm, she rubbed her forehead, and confirmed the feeling in her heart, it was inexplicable happiness.

Wen Yu pursed her lips, took out the unfinished snacks she bought before from her bag, tore a piece of pickled ume and handed it to Jiang Yuhe.

"How can you be such a fierce teacher Eat a piece of pickled ume and explain it again."

As soon as she finished speaking, Secretary Ning suddenly knocked on the door and came in: "Boss, Sang Chen has something to say to you."

Sang Chen

Wen Yu remembered.

The woman who provoked her by lighting Jiang Yuhe’s cigarette in the private room.

She later searched the internet about the female star, and there were many gossipy rumors.

Among them, the most rumored one was that she was Jiang Yuhe's new pet, a hotly promoted star actress, and so on.

Wen Yu hadn't forgotten the look in her eyes, she still felt uncomfortable when she thought of it, but now that her relationship with Jiang Yuhe has improved, she doesn't want to mention those things.


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