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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 78

Jiang Yuhe: "..."

There was a soft kitten stuck to his back.

The claws are tightly grasped and just won't let go.

Knowing that she is drunk, knowing that he should not, and knowing that he must be restrained.

Knowing that he was just acting in this absurd and ridiculous role, causing his self-induced wishful thinking.

There are so many ‘knowings’.

But Jiang Yuhe still compromised.

It seems that he has been compromising since the day he met her.

Compromise to her arrival, compromise her changes to himself, compromise to all her requests.

Wen Yu can't remember when she fell asleep, but it’s different from the past--

The pillow last night was so soft, warm and comfortable.

It let her close her eyes in peace and have a good night's dream.

After waking up the next day, Wen Yu opened her eyes.

Her brain was dull for a few seconds, and suddenly she sat up.

Looking around--

Why was she at home

Didn't she drink with You Xin at the bar

How did she come back

Where's You Xin

Wen Yu hurriedly fumbled out her cell phone nestled in the blanket and called You Xin: "Why am I at home Did you send me back"

You Xin: "I don't even know where you live."

"..." Wen Yu felt that she was turning cold, touched her head again and again to calm down: "Don't tell me it was Jiang Yuhe."

"Who else is there except him" You Xin sighed, "Don't you remember"

Wen Yu remembers nothing, she drank a lot yesterday, and didn't know what she had said or done.

"It's over, it's been a cold war for a few days.

Won't he think I'm a crazy drunk and hate me even more"

"Leave these things aside first." You Xin said: "You did an earth-shattering thing last night, do you remember"

Wen Yu began to panic, "I don't know...

No, You Xin, I'm all dazed now, what did I do I didn't kill and commit arson right"

Just after saying this, Aunt Shi’er knocked on the door: "Xiaoyu, young master told me to call you down for breakfast."

Wen Yu answered and hung up quickly, "I'll contact you later."

Then she took a shower at the fastest speed, got rid of the alcohol smell, and rushed down the stairs without drying her hair.

Jiang Yuhe was already sitting at the dining table, his face was calm and she couldn't see any expression.

Wen Yu walked over slowly, and sat down beside him: "...Brother, good morning."

She was about to drop her head into her collarbone, she didn't dare to look up at him.

Unexpectedly, the man looked up at her: "Are you awake"

Wen Yu was stunned and hummed blankly.

"Then eat." Very brief communication.

But even just a few words is better than the no communication from a few days ago.

Wen Yu was a little bit happy, and slowly let go of her anxiety.

She tried to review what happened last night while having breakfast:

"Um, thank you brother for sending me back last night."

Jiang Yuhe took a sip of coffee and casually said, "Yeah."

Tangled for a moment, "I'm not a crazy drunk, am I"

"No." The man looked at her lightly, for a long while: "Just told me something, that’s all."

Wen Yu vaguely felt that she would not say anything good.


"You told me not to be proud."


"Said you’ll leave today when you get up."


Wen Yu was dumbfounded.

How did she say such stubborn words

"No, Brother...I—"

Wen Yu also wanted to explain a few words but Jiang Yuhe finished eating, wiped his mouth carelessly, got up and walked to the door.

"I'm going to work, are you still going"


Wen Yu didn't expect that after a round of drinking, the result is to get kicked out of the house.

If You Xin had given her at least a couple of peanuts, it would not have led to this.

Forget it, Wen Yu tried to comfort herself.

In fact, this man had already planned to say this when he ignored her a few days ago.

Now he was just using her drunk mouth to say it out loud.

No matter, forcing an issue will not bring a good result, and the siblings who are forced to spend time together will not stay together for long.

Wen Yu stood up and resigned: "Then I will go up and pack my things."

"No need." Jiang Yuhe's voice is still very calm: "Just take your handbag with you."


True, everything she had in this house was given by him, what could she bring.

"Yeah." Wen Yu nodded: "Okay."

She stood up, put on her bag, followed Jiang Yuhe out and got in the car.

"Then, are you going to send me to the train station, the bus station, or the subway station is also okay."

"Where do you want to go"

"Wherever..." Wen Yu suddenly felt sad, "I am the rootless duckweed falling in the wind.

Where you send me, I will stay there."

Jiang Yuhe turned around and the corners of his mouth twitched imperceptibly.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped.

"Get off."

Wen Yu raised her head.

How come we’re at the office building of Yasheng Entertainment


Before she asked about the full story, the man tidied up his neat suit and got out of the car to face her: "You pestered me about coming to work.

You came to work for three or four days and then was absent.

Starting today, you will not be allowed to ask for leave for even a day.

The time I go to work is the time you go to work."


Wen Yu slowed down for several seconds, and when she understood, Jiang Yuhe and the others had already entered the company's door.

She didn't care about the presence of so many people, and couldn't help the joy and excitement in her heart.

She rushed to push the crowd away to get to Jiang Yuhe's side, gently linked arms with him, "Brother, you forgive me"

Jiang Yuhe looked forward: "I said don't call me Brother at the company, don't act coquettish with me."

But at this time, Wen Yu didn't care about it at all.

She had never been so happy before, the kind of happiness that was filled with great joy in her heart, she really had never felt it.

The arm was pulled tighter, but the voice was lowered obediently: "I don't care.

I want to call you, Brother, Brother, Brother!"

Although Jiang Yuhe was walking and his face was also cold, only he himself knew that the corners of his lips were spread open and relaxed.

During the last few days they didn’t meet, his suffering was worse than Wen Yu.

Just have her stay by his side.

Even if it's just as a brother.

Maybe he can...


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