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Chapter 77

Leaving a Bite Mark (3)

Jiang Yuhe's call came at this time.

You Xin saw "Dear Brother" displayed on the screen, and hurriedly told Wen Yu:

"Jiang Yuhe is calling."

Wen Yu looked up faintly, waved her hand and hung up.

You Xin was startled: "Not picking up"

"Not picking up."

After a while, the phone rang again.

Wen Yu continued to hang up.

You Xin really couldn't understand these two people.

After the call and then hang up tug-of-war, which lasted more than ten rounds, Wen Yu finally fell asleep completely.

Jiang Yuhe's call came in again at this time.

You Xin's felt the mood between these two people is even more up and down than riding a roller coaster.

Unsure, You Xin still pinched her nose and picked up the phone.

Fortunately, she has a good command of reading lines, and she gave a lot of energy to her waiter's performance.

"Hello, the owner of the phone is drunk in our bar.

Come if you are her friend.

Well, there are many guys around her right now."

Good guy, Jiang Yuhe appeared in the bar in less than ten minutes.

It was a small tavern hidden in an alley.

There were not many people.

After seeing his figure at the door, You Xin immediately hid in a dark place near them to pretend to be passers-by.

Wen Yu's windbreaker was cast aside, and she was wearing a round-neck sweater.

After drinking too much alcohol, she moved around, and now she was lying on the table with her snow-white shoulders showing.

Under the ambiguous light of the pub, the white skin was blushing red from the wine, which was very attractive.

Jiang Yuhe came up, immediately took off his coat, and put it on her shoulders without saying a word.

Then he picked her up and walked out.

You Xin finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Good guy, the fake brother and sister quarrel more fiercely than other couples when they break up.

When she went back, Wen Yu fell asleep deeply.

She rarely drinks alcohol.

Although she used to often set up parties with her friends, she would only have two or three sips.

It was rare that she would mix beer, red wine and foreign wine like today, and drink so much.

Lao He felt a little distressed, "Why did she drink so much Wasn’t she fine when she first came here"

Jiang Yuhe pursed his lips and looked out the window without saying a word.

After arriving home, seeing that Wen Yu was still asleep, Jiang Yuhe planned to take the person to the second floor directly, but when he moved her, Wen Yu woke up.

She had a muddled mind and was not sober, but when she opened her eyes, and found that the face in front of her was Jiang Yuhe, she suddenly became very upset.

"Who wants you to carry me"

"Let me down."

"I don't want to care about you anymore!"

Wen Yu kept resisting.

Jiang Yuhe didn't want to talk nonsense with her, and the bridal carry was directly changed to a fireman’s carry.

Wen Yu was imprisoned so she couldn't move, and suddenly became even more annoyed.

After several days of cold war, Sang Chen's eyes were so rude now, and various fuses made Wen Yu completely erupt.

She lay on Jiang Yuhe's shoulder and bit down hard.

The man only wore a shirt, and the pain came through a layer of fabric.

He frowned, opened the door of the room, and threw the person onto the bed.

Then he pulled open his neckline to see-

Like a wild beast, she bit two rows of teeth marks.

Jiang Yuhe took a deep breath and looked at the woman on the bed: "What are you trying to do"

"It's what are you trying to do!"

Wen Yu was so wronged that she held the pillow in her hand and threw it over: "If you don't talk to me or go home for three days, what do you want Do you want me to leave If it is so, just say it, I won't stick to you!"

Jiang Yuhe avoided the pillow, but couldn't avoid the other things she threw over one by one.

He reluctantly stepped forward and grabbed her hand.

Obviously he had a lot to say.

With patience and restraint, he finally sighed slightly: "I don't want that."

The little Beast, who was still losing her temper just now, calmed down because of these words.

There was a faint sob in the air.

The two looked at each other closely: one with extreme patience, and the other with eyes filled with mist.

"Then if you want to smoke, I can help you light it.

Why do you want someone else to help you Even if she did help.

What right does she have to sneer at me, provoke me, and laugh at me being driven out by you, and you bullied me with her.

You don’t give me any respect."

As she talked, the crying became louder again.

Too wronged.

I have never been so embarrassed in my life.

Jiang Yuhe frowned.

Provocative Sneer at her

After a moment, he knew who Wen Yu was talking about.

At this moment Wen Yu's drunkenness has entered the stage of talking to herself.

"I won't play shake to find a friend anymore."

"Even if I want a relationship, I will get your consent first.

Isn’t that enough”

"Don't ignore me."

"Woo, it's so dark alone, I'm scared."

Jiang Yuhe: "..."

The hard wall in his heart that has been piling up desperately these days is close to the edge of disintegration because of these seemingly true and false words.

The place where he held Wen Yu's wrist gradually became hot to the touch.

The pulse seemed to merge with his own.

It jumped faster and faster.

His throat rolled uncontrollably twice.

Jiang Yuhe suddenly let go of her hand: "Wait until you sober up."

He forced himself to turn around and leave, but as soon as he opened the door, something hit his back suddenly.

Wen Yu hugged him from behind, "You are not allowed to go! Don’t go, don’t go!"

This childlike willfulness...

Jiang Yuhe was tackled by her and staggered two steps forward.

When he raised his head, he heard a voice——

"Oh, it's almost three o'clock in the night.

What are you two arguing about You both quarrel and keep me from sleeping.

I'm in my 50s, and you can't—"

Aunt Shi’er put on her coat and just walked to Wen Yu's door when she saw the young man and woman in the corridor at first glance.

Women's clothes are not neat, and men's clothes are also disorderly.

Not to mention, he seemed to have been bitten on his shoulder.

Aunt Shier, who was accustomed to seeing all kinds of big scenes, was also shocked, but it was only for a short two or three seconds, and then she immediately turned around and went downstairs.

As if nothing happened, never came.


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