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Chapter 76

Leaving a Bite Mark (2)

But why when he saw her hugging with other pretty boys, he would have a feeling in his heart.

He would be upset, would lose his reason and want to put her in his room, even...

Jiang Yuhe didn't dare to think about that possibility.

He felt crazy.

He didn't even dare to think about how Wen Yu would react if she knew what he was thinking in his heart.

Unwilling to face it, he escaped by doing official business.

Unexpectedly, she stubbornly found her way over.

It's okay if he didn't see her, but the moment he saw her his mind was thrown into confusion.

The smoke mixed with alcohol, Jiang Yuhe pressed on his brows to sort out his mood, and Director Wen brought Shen Mingjia over with a glass of wine:

"Come pay respects to President Jiang.

You are almost a member of the company.

You are also the second male lead for Quest for the Dragon Files.

Ask President Jiang to take care of you in the future."

Last time he didn’t drink his wine, this time the director personally brought him over.

Jiang Yuhe needed to show some respect, and was about to pick up the wine glass.

Li Bai came from the side and whispered: "Lao He asked why the lady hasn’t gone down yet, he waited for a long time without seeing anyone."

Jiang Yuhe's face sank: "Didn't go down"

Li Bai nodded.

Jiang Yuhe immediately glanced at his watch.

It has been almost an hour since Wen Yu left, and it is now 12:45 at night.

He immediately called Aunt Shi’er: "Is she back yet."

The Aunt Shi’er was already asleep, she put on her clothes, climbed up the stairs to her door and looked around: "No, the slippers are still at the door.

Oh, I say, can you two—"

Jiang Yuhe hung up before she finished speaking.

He got up and walked outside.

The person next to him was stunned and asked, "Does President Jiang need to leave"

Jiang Yuhe paid no attention, and Li Bai explained later:

"Sorry, President Jiang has a small urgent issue for the time being.

You guys have fun first."

In this way, Shen Mingjia's second glass of wine was also fruitless.

He couldn't help but feel a little upset: "Hey, I have tried to give my respects twice but he doesn’t respect me at all!"

Director Wen next to him frowned: "Mingjia, speak carefully."


"What's his status What's your status You have to know your place in this circle."

"Well, yes, yes." Shen Mingjia spent so much effort to enter into the circle of friends of the director of "Quest for the Dragon Files", so he was respectful, but when he returned to his seat, he still couldn’t resist complaining to his agent.

His agent brought him some news: "Didn’t you want to find the contact information of Boss Jiang’s sister Today, the president of a fan group told me that the owner of a fan group is the daughter of the driver of Jiang Yuhe.

If you still want to use that plan, want me to try to set it up for you"

Shen Mingjia, who had just been left out in the cold, was very irritable and nodded, "Hurry up and get it done."

When You Xin arrived at the bar, Wen Yu had already boldly opened seven or eight bottles of different brands and types of alcohol.

"What's the matter with you" You Xin hurriedly sat next to her and held her cup, "If you have something to say then say it.

Why did you drink so much"

"Doesn’t he drink this way" Wen Yu calmly took a full glass of foreign wine and sips, "If he can, why can’t I"

You Xin: "...who"

Perhaps after seeing her best friend, Wen Yu's grievances that had been suppressed for several days spilled out.

"Who else can it be"

"Apart from that surnamed Jiang, who else treats me this way"

"I apologized, and admitted my mistake.

He just ignored me, treated me as air, ignored me and left me in the cold."

"I just ran to find him personally.

I was standing at the door.

He still refused to see me."

Wen Yu cried while talking, and You Xin listening to her felt distressed, "It's all my fault, if I didn't pretend to be a man..."

"It has nothing to do with you, it's just that he is stingy." As Wen Yu said, she mixed up other brands of alcohol and took a sip.

You Xin hurriedly went to persuade: "Don't drink mixed alcohol, you will get drunk."

"If I get drunk, help me to your place.

I don't want to go back."

You Xin: "Then what will you do if he looks for you."

Wen Yu shook her head: "He wants me to leave, and won't look to find me.

You know, he has a new woman next to him tonight, that woman provoked me in front of him and helped him light a cigarette."

Speaking of this, Wen Yu became agitated again, "Is it great to be able to play with lighters"

She turned with tears in her eyes: "Do you smoke, let me help you light it"

You Xin: ""


In the next half an hour, Wen Yu forcibly lit a cigarette for You Xin 18 times, choking her nostrils with smoke.

That's not all, the main point is that Wen Yu took one mouthful after another, and couldn't stop drinking.

You Xin frowned and looked at her several times, both distressed and helpless.

How does this look anything like quarreling with her brother

It's more exaggerated than broken love.

You Xin sighed and patted Wen Yu on the back: "Be good, stop drinking.

Keep your strength, we have to grab Shen Mingjia's evidence."

Wen Yu was reminded of this and immediately picked up the phone.

"If you want evidence.

I am the evidence."

You Xin noticed something was wrong, leaned over to read Wen Yu's words on the phone.

She waited for her sight to clear, and then stretched out her hand——

"Fuck Wen Yu, calm down.

Don't be impulsive, you—"

The words were not over yet, Wen Yu had already pressed send, turned off her phone, and said, "Go to hell."


With a blank mind for two seconds, You Xin hurriedly opened her Weibo.

In just one minute, there have been more than 30 replies to the message sent by Wen Yu.

Going crazy, You Xin immediately shook Wen Yu: "Are you serious Are you sober Quickly delete it or you will alert the enemy!"

But Wen Yu didn't hear it, nor could she hear it.

She drank quickly, urgently, and was already drunk.

Holding a wine glass in her hand, she was already lying on the table and fell asleep in a daze.


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