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Chapter 75

Leaving a Bite Mark (1)

Wen Yu hated this look.

But at this time, she felt Zhao Wenjing's powerlessness at that time.

Because she was the one who was turned away this time.

Is it truly the way of heaven is karma She finally realized this kind of feeling.

Not good, very bad.

Wen Yu didn't know why it hurt so much.

She turned to leave the room and when she was waiting for the elevator, she suddenly heard someone calling her name.

"Wen Yu"

Wen Yu was slightly stunned, then turned back to the sound--

It turned out to be Shen Mingjia.

Look at the direction, he should have come from the bathroom.

Shen Mingjia approached: "Why are you here"

Wen Yu is in a bad mood now and doesn't want to care about people, she coldly replied, "What does it have to do with you"

Shen Mingjia laughed: "Even if we break up, you don’t have to treat me like an enemy right"

After a pause, he looked up and down Wen Yu: "Didn’t you say you will live more free than me and live happier than me.

Why do you look like you’re not living that well"

Wen Yu was hurt by the woman's look just now, and now she meets a scumbag.

She was upset and didn’t have any extra energy to pay attention him, so she walked into the elevator calmly:

"It doesn't matter if I am good or not, you will be bad soon, that's enough."

"That sentence again." Shen Mingjia smiled disapprovingly, "Okay, then I'll wait for it."

Coming out of the door of the club, the cold air blew Wen Yu until she was shivering, but the cold weather couldn't be as cold as her current heart.

She saw Lao He's car from far away, but didn't want to go over.

Jiang Yuhe would rather drink with people here than go back.

When there is a beautiful woman next to him lighting his cigarette, he would not come out to see her even for two minutes.

Why should she obediently listen to him and go back.

He can have his fun, and she can have her fun as well.

It doesn't matter.

Wen Yu called You Xin: "Are you up for a drink"

You Xin was with her makeup artist friend and just got off work, she was confused: "Miss, it's almost 12 o'clock at night.

Where are you going to drink"

Wen Yu didn't know, she got into a taxi: "Driver, find a popular bar."

So You Xin hurriedly said goodbye to her makeup artist friend: "Sorry, my friend doesn't seem right, I'm going to have a look."

Inside the FIL club.

Sang Chen’s lighter was brought near Jiang Yuhe’s lips, "Boss, I can help you."

Her voice was very soft and thin, and her nails were as enchantingly red as the flames.

The flames burned on the metal lighter for three seconds, and Jiang Yuhe tilted his head slightly.

Looking at Sang Chen.

A cold look full of warning.

Sang Chen was inexplicably shocked, and hurriedly took away the lighter: "I'm sorry."

Only then did Jiang Yuhe say, "What did I ask you to do"

Sang Chen: "Talk to the Director Wen."

"Then what are you doing."

Sang Chen pursed her lips, knowing the man's taboos and rules, but for some reason when she first saw the woman who came to see him, she inexplicably remembered the person who accompanied him into the office who was featured in recent rumors in the company.

Sang Chen was jealous.

Just after graduating from university, she was selected by Jiang Yuhe from the school to act as the heroine of a Yasheng movie.

Everyone said that Jiang Yuhe must have fallen in love with her.

Yes, she is young and beautiful, with long legs.

Everything is in line with the rumored taste of boss Jiang.

But after the filming, apart from work arrangements and normal social needs, he didn't go any further with her.

Sang Chen didn't understand.

She never believed that there was an innocent relationship in this circle, nor did she believe that, she who had just graduated, had anything worthy of such a businessman’s fancy.

Except for her young body.

But even if it was just that, she was willing.

Because this man is too attractive, he is capable of strategizing in this circle, even if the rumored indifference and ruthlessness that made people keep their distance were true.

Sang Chen still wants to get close to him and understand him.

The era of Li Man is over.

Everyone in the company says that Jiang Yuhe just wants to promote her.

Even for a movie with an investment of 2 billion he has appointed her as the heroine.

Sang Chen sometimes wonders if he also has a bit of feelings for her.

He is just too proud, too precious, too far away.

There was a distance between them.

Sang Chen hopes that through her own efforts, she can try her best to reach him.

But then suddenly there was a woman who could go to his office.

She hadn't seen it, but the news was going viral in the company, and some people ridiculed her that it was over before she could take the top position.

Sang Chen wanted to know what that woman looked like.

The pair of eyes outside the door just now, she didn't know why but Sang Chen thinks it is her.

But she was rejected by Jiang Yuhe.

Seeing her disappointed and sad look, Sang Chen was inexplicably pleased.

That's why she deliberately fanned the flames, wanting to get close to Jiang Yuhe and in the process...

let that woman know that Jiang Yuhe had her.

Jiang Yuhe also has her.

This thought made her pride swell temporarily, but she woke up suddenly when she saw Jiang Yuhe's warning eyes.

She crossed the line.


Sang Chen lowered her head, walked to the other side of the director's seat on the sofa and sat down, occasionally raising her head to look at Jiang Yuhe.

A lot of different thoughts ran through her mind.

The movie "Quest for the Dragon Files" was planned to be launched in the second half of the year, but some problems suddenly appeared in the project these days.

The company has a department specifically responsible for dealing with it.

Jiang Yuhe didn't need to come forward to solve it, but he took the initiative to take control of the issue, and went out early and returned late every day.

He didn't want to go back to see Wen Yu.

Wen Yu was right.

The woman identified him as her brother since she opened her eyes after the car accident.

In her worldview, he is her brother, her elder brother.

So, what is the qualification for the role of an elder brother to be in charge of restricting a male or female friend, or even dating

He is indeed not qualified.


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