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Chapter 74

After washing she came downstairs, seeing that Jiang Yuhe was already sitting at the dining table.

Wen Yu walked over cautiously, "Brother, good morning."

No response.

"Brother, do you want coffee"

"Brother, I will help you get the napkin."

"Brother, let me get that."

All these kinds of coaxing sentences, almost all are unilateral dialogues.

After finally finishing this extremely cold atmosphere breakfast, Wen Yu took her bag and followed Jiang Yuhe.

As soon as she arrived at the entrance, the man's cold voice fell:

"You stay at home, you don't need to follow me."

Wen Yu: "..."

Jiang Yuhe hasn't been so indifferent for a long time.

This feeling is not unfamiliar to Wen Yu.

He was like this when she first came back from the hospital.

The whole body was resisting her appearance.

Now this feeling is coming again.

Inexplicably, Wen Yu was a little at a loss.

Something seemed to be missing in her heart, empty, wrapped in a haze, and at a loss.

She stood at the door for a long time, until Jiang Yuhe's car drove far away, completely gone, and she was still standing there.

Aunt Shi’er was cleaning the lawn, and when she passed by Wen Yu's side.

She said calmly: "I haven't seen him like this for many years.

To make him like this, you are really capable.


Wen Yu: "..."

The following day, two days, three days, it was like this.

After the New Year, Jiang Yuhe and Wen Yu hardly had any exchanges.

He went out early every day and returned late every day.

Wen Yu couldn't even see him.

For several nights, he only came back at two or three o'clock at night, and left at six or seven in the morning.

Wen Yu felt that he didn't want to see her.

So he didn't even want to go back to this home.

Wen Yu couldn't bear this kind of atmosphere.

She couldn't accept that in the past she would behave coquettish to him and he would accept all her faults, but now suddenly things have changed, it was no longer what it used to be, and everything has fallen to the freezing point.

That night, when waiting for Jiang Yuhe to come back, she waited until eleven o'clock at night.

Wen Yu has never waited for a person like this in her life.

She glanced at her watch and finally made up her mind to stop waiting so hopelessly.

If Jiang Yuhe really doesn't want to pay attention to her, make it clear, and she can leave immediately.

Stop this cold war, she can't stand it.

Wen Yu called Lao He immediately.

"Uncle He, is Brother with you"

Lao He didn’t know the inside story, and honestly replied: "The boss is in the FIL club now, I'm waiting for him downstairs."

"That’s good."

At the club

At this moment, Wen Yu didn't know where the determination and courage came from.

She put on her coat, changed her shoes, and drove straight to the FIL club.

This is a well-known high-end entertainment club in Beijing, and most of the people who enter and leave are from the business district and entertainment circle.

Wen Yu was not a familiar face, and no one took her.

She was stopped at the door and was refused entry.

She had to call Jiang Yuhe, but no one answered.

In desperation, Wen Yu found Lao He.

Lao He simply thought that Wen Yu was just coming to play with the boss, and didn't know that they had recently reached freezing point, so he came from the parking lot.

Lao He is Jiang Yuhe's driver, everyone knows him.

With him coming forward, the waiter smoothly let Wen Yu in.

"President Jiang is in V3, this way, this way."

Under the guide of the waiter, Wen Yu finally walked towards the private room smoothly.

When she was at home, she was full of courage, but now she was almost here, Wen Yu was a little nervous.

As she walked, she took a deep breath, recalling the words she had prepared in her heart repeatedly.

When she walked to the entrance of a super luxurious room in the middle of the corridor, the waiter stopped and said, "Miss, wait a minute, I'll go in and let them know."

Wen Yu: "Okay."

The door opened slightly, and Wen Yu quietly moved two steps over and peeked at the scene in the room.

This room is very large.

There are several different types of alcohol bottles on the black coffee table.

There are more than ten people sitting scattered on the sofa.

Jiang Yuhe was sitting in the middle of the sofa, without a jacket, his black shirt was buttoned loosely, and both his sleeves were casually rolled up.

There was a woman sitting beside him.

A very beautiful woman, she seems to have been on TV.

Called Sang something.

The waiter walked over and said something in his ear, Jiang Yuhe looked up and saw her.

The woman next to him also followed and looked up.

With a kind of subtle look and scrutiny.

Wen Yu couldn't remember who she was, and kept looking at Jiang Yuhe.

With a look of hope.

She was sincere this time, she didn't act at all, and hoped that the other party could feel it.

But the two looked at each other for a few seconds, and Jiang Yuhe took the initiative to look away.

He called Li Bai, and didn't know what he said, Li Bai nodded and walked over.

Wen Yu: "Brother Li Bai, can I go in Or if you tell your brother to come out for two minutes, I will just say a few words."

However, Li Bai said, "The boss is busy and it is not very convenient.

I asked Lao He to drive over.

You should go back first."

Wen Yu opened her mouth eagerly: "I only need two minutes."

Li Bai was silent for a few seconds and shook his head.

"..." Wen Yu understood this action at once.

No one can change Jiang Yuhe’s order.

What do you mean busy, what do you mean inconvenient.

It's all an excuse.

It was not that she hadn't been ignored by him in the past, and was left out by him in the cold.

It's not like today, making Wen Yu feel sore in her throat and uncomfortably.

She was suddenly annoyed, bit her lip and turned around, but in the last gap before the room door was closed, she saw the beautiful woman flick on the lighter and pass the fire to Jiang Yuhe.

She then gently raised her head and looked at Wen Yu who was turned away.

This look is very much like the way she looked at Zhao Wenjing from outside the restaurant a couple of days ago.

Provocative, contemptuous, and indifferent.


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