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Chapter 72

She Can't Take It (2)

On the other hand, Wen Yu was dragged into the car by Jiang Yuhe.

She did not say a word.

When he stretched out his hand to get in the driver seat, Wen Yu hurriedly stopped him and weakly behaved: "Brother, you drank, let me drive."

Jiang Yuhe had really lost his mind.

He didn't speak, and sat in the passenger seat instead.

Wen Yu came to the driver’s seat, buckled her seat belt, and secretly looked at the man next to her.

A face that was serious and cold; his expression looked worse than any other time.

Tonight’s anger may not be at the level of just a storm or dynamite, but...even Wen Yu could not predict the consequences.

Wen Yu regretted it greatly.

When she was doing the Zhouyi Hotel research, she also saw that the owner of this hotel was Qi Xu, Jiang Yuhe's best friend.

How could she have ignored this possibility

She blamed herself for having her mind occupied by a scumbag, and making such a common-sense mistake.

On the way back to the villa, Jiang Yuhe didn't say a word.

He kept his eyes closed, and Wen Yu wanted to explain to herself several times but couldn't speak.

How to explain

What is the explanation for lying and being caught

She hugged and took an intimate selfie with a "man" in the restaurant, but told him that she was doing skin treatment, how to explain it

Wen Yu's head was about to explode, for the first time, she didn’t know what to do.

No matter how smart she was, it seems that today's difficult situation cannot be resolved.

She drove into the basement of the house, parked, and unfastened her seat belt.

Wen Yu turned around and was about to say something to Jiang Yuhe, but the man got out of the car without saying a word.

Wen Yu was stunned, and hurriedly got out of the car to follow up.


She pulled his sleeve with her hand: "Brother, listen to me."

Wen Yu was a little flustered.

But Jiang Yuhe still didn't respond, as if he had returned to the state they were in when they returned home on the first day.

The elevator door opened, Jiang Yuhe directly walked in, Wen Yu followed closely, "I, I just want to go out for New Year's Eve and don't want to work overtime, so...so."

Wen Yu couldn't continue with such a clumsy excuse.

Jiang Yuhe didn't respond even more.

When the elevator reached the second floor, he walked straight out and happened to meet the Aunt Shier who was doing sanitation in the corridor.

"You’re back" The Aunt Shier straightened up, opened her mouth, and immediately discovered that there was something wrong with the siblings.

One walked forward without any expression, while one hesitated to speak but followed behind.

They reached the door of Jiang Yuhe's room, and seeing that he was going in like this, Wen Yu finally couldn't help it, and stepped up to stop him:

"Brother, if you are angry, you can scold me.

Don't keep silent, I will be sad."

Jiang Yuhe paused, his eyes lowered to look at her: "Are you sad"

Wen Yu nodded.

The Aunt Shi’er stood silently to the side with the vacuum cleaner.

"Okay." Jiang Yuhe asked directly: "Who was that person just now"

Wen Yu: "..."

In any case, she can't tell the true identity of You Xin, once she exposes her, it means she exposes herself.

I have already made a mistake, so I am not afraid of making more mistakes.

Wen Yu lowered her head, biting her lip and whispered: "Netizen."


"It's the one from WeChat, I used the shake to meet a random friend function, and he was shaken out..." As she finished talking, Wen Yu's voice became thinner and quieter.

Jiang Yuhe's chest was imperceptibly rising up and down.

Thinking back when Wen Yu was playing with her mobile phone in his office, whenever she saw him, she would put it away in a panic.

He remembered that one day she said abnormally, that she had to go to lunch alone and do beauty treatment alone.

That's it.

He was done enduring and controlling.

"Mobile phone."

Wen Yu's scalp was numb, why do you want the mobile phone

But she didn't have time to think about it, and quickly handed it over.

First odd numbers then even numbers, Jiang Yuhe already knew her password and opened the phone smoothly: "Where is WeChat"

Wen Yu stood there stiffly, feeling like it was all over.

She has always been very vigilant.

After contacting You Xin and Zhou Yue, she would delete the content of the exchange as soon as possible without leaving any evidence.

But today she and You Xin have been busy all night following Shen Mingjia.

What they had talked about before, she was completely blank now.

She really didn't remember if she deleted it in time.

"I asked you where your WeChat is." The man raised his voice.

Wen Yu has never been so nervous and scared in her life.

The Aunt Shi’er also seemed to see something was wrong, and came over with the vacuum cleaner: "Master, when you talk to Xiao Yu, don't be so fierce, you will scare her."

"She is more courageous than you think." Jiang Yuhe said coldly, "Don't want to tell me"

Just an APP, where can it be hidden

Sure enough, Jiang Yuhe found WeChat in a hidden folder after flipping through the phone casually.

He opened it.

There are two contacts besides himself, and one of them has the profile picture of Lao He's daughter Yinyin.

Then the other person who uses a dog as their head should be the man from tonight.

Jiang Yuhe directly opened their chat history.

Wen Yu closed her eyes tightly, her head was heavy, her legs were soft, and her body was numb.

She began to think about how she would be kicked out later.

It would be okay, if only he let her take her luggage.

She’s afraid...

She’s afraid he wouldn’t let her go so easily.

Wen Yu tried desperately to calm herself down, but at this juncture, it was too difficult to calm down.


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