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Chapter 71

She Can't Take It (1)

Wen Yu didn't expect that she had worked so hard, used all her efforts, wasted energy and wasted money to prepare a big scene of catching the adulterers, but the result turned out to be this.

After waiting for so long, she didn’t find the mistress, didn’t catch the scumbag, but instead, she ended up being discovered by the fake brother.

Isn't he working overtime

Why is he here!


Wen Yu is going crazy.

Before Shen Mingjia turned his head, she immediately grabbed You Xin and turned around——

"Stop looking!"

You Xin's voice also trembled: "It's over, didn't you say that President Jiang has no interest in New Year's Eve Is the man over there him, or am I hallucinating"

Although Wen Yu was also in a big panic, but fortunately she still kept her last shred of sanity:

She absolutely can't enter the battlefield with Jiang Yuhe and Shen Mingjia in the same frame.

She can only run.

"Xin Xin, you go quickly, you run first, leave me here."

Wen Yu is still not sure what will happen, but no matter what, she doesn't want to hurt You Xin.

She has just been shortlisted for the contest project.

If she is disqualified because of Wen Yu’s issue, then Wen Yu would be a sinner.

"Hurry up, I'll take care of the aftermath."

You Xin: "You can handle it"

"Listen to me, it’s more troublesome if you are here, hurry and go!"

After Wen Yu said so, You Xin had no choice but to listen to her: "When I go back, if I don’t have to do anything, message me a 1, and if I have to do anything, just call me directly!"

After that, You Xin bowed her head and walked out of the restaurant.

Seeing all this, maybe Jiang Yuhe felt it was funny, so he snorted lightly.

But he was still sitting there, unmoving.

Others also seemed to see some clues on the situation and joked:

"Oh, your sister fell in love prematurely"

"Look at this dress, is she 18 years old"

Shen Mingjia, who had been ignored by the side, turned and looked at the direction of the discussions.

Just less than fifteen meters in front of him, a girl in a fancy dress and two exaggerated buns, turned her back to him.

Shen Mingjia frowned, and quickly thought in his heart, Jiang Yuhe has a sister

‘I have only heard that there is an eldest daughter in the Jiang family.

She is currently abroad and he has never heard of any other sisters.’

It may be a paternal cousin or maternal cousin, who seems to be young.

Somehow, Shen Mingjia suddenly had some bold ideas.

"President Jiang," he deliberately searched for a conversation topic, "You need to be a little patient when a little girl is in her rebellious period.

There is also a cousin in my family who was particularly rebellious when she was 18 or 19 years old.

At that time, I had to spend a long time with her until we got along.

I have experience, how about I go over and talk to her for you"

Jiang Yuhe kept looking at Wen Yu, who was shrinking in her position like a quail, paused, and said lightly: "No need."

In the end, he did not drink the glass of wine.

He got up and walked to Wen Yu, holding his coat in one hand and the back of Wen Yu's collar with the other.

He carried the person away like a little chicken...

Wen Yu: "..."

Everyone: "..."

Shen Mingjia looked at the figure from behind for a long time and smiled: "President Jiang must be very fond of this sister."

Qi Xu looked at him, and he seemed to see that there was something wrong with him, and then lightly hinted: "It is best for outsiders not to guess too much about President Jiang."

This was actually a hint to Shen Mingjia to not harbor any bad thoughts.

But Shen Mingjia didn't realize it at all.

He returned to his position, lowered his voice and said to the agent beside him: "Jiang Yuhe has a younger sister, why didn't we hear the news"

The agent was also stunned: "Really"

"I just saw it over there.

The girl may be about 18 years old.

She looks rebellious and has a bad relationship with Jiang Yuhe, but Jiang Yuhe loves her very much."

Shen Mingjia finished speaking in one breath, and the agent responded, "So what"

"I know a lot about this kind of rebellious child that is determined to fight with their parents.

Ask if you can get the contact information of this sister, but you must avoid Jiang Yuhe and don't let him know."

"What do you want to do"

"He’s not willing to guarantee profits in our contract.

If I can get along with his sister, won’t she and I be like family I don’t have to be afraid of not getting enough resources."

The agent thought for a moment and shook his head: "Too bold, you can't play and win against Jiang Yuhe."

"When did I play" Shen Mingjia exaggeratedly shrugged, "I'm just going to fall in love with his most dear sister, and get along with each other.

How can I call it a play I'm serious."

"Stop exaggerating." The agent glanced at him obliquely: "Are you sure that his sister will like you"

Shen Mingjia looked proud: "If I can deal with the eldest lady of the Jiangcheng Huadu Group, I can deal with this kind of adolescent rebellious girl within a week."



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