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Chapter 70

Handsome Young Man Kisses Her (5)

Suddenly, Wen Yu glanced over and quickly lowered her head, "Don't shoot, Shen Mingjia is standing up."

Shen Mingjia who was sitting not far away suddenly got up and walked straight towards Wen Yu.

You Xin also buried her head, pretending to look at her phone: "No way, could it be that they were discovered"

Wen Yu wasn't sure, but she wasn't nervous: "So what if he found out, can't we come here for dinner."

That's true.

You Xin sat up straight again, thinking that Shen Mingjia would stop when he walked in front of them, but he didn't even see them at all, and walked straight to the table behind them.

Wen Yu turned around curiously: "Who is he looking for"

On New Year’s Eve once a year, Jiang Yuhe spent time with a group of friends in Qi Xu’s hotel.

Tonight is no exception, Qi Xu is the same as before, leaving the largest table in the top-floor restaurant for them.

When Jiang Yuhe arrived at the restaurant, several of his friends who he contacted regularly had arrived.

He opened his suit looking casual and unruly.

As soon as he sat down, Qi Xu asked:

"Aren't there two Why are you here alone"

Someone handed Jiang Yuhe a cigarette, he took it, and his tone was flat: "She has something to do, can’t come."

Qi Xu said meaningfully, "No wonder you arrived so late, and you don't seem to have much interest."

"Me" Jiang Yuhe snorted and filled the glass with wine: "Which one of your eyes sees that because she is not coming, that I would lose interest."

"Both eyes see it."

"……Get out."

Qi Xu smiled, nodded suddenly to a man not far away, got up and said, "President Fan is over there.

I’m going to go over and say hello."

Jiang Yuhe was a little upset.

He touched the phone several times without seeing any new news.

The friend next to him joked: "You are not right today, you seem to be distracted."

"I heard that you recently raised a younger sister What's the matter, when did you start to like to play with taboo love"

Jiang Yuhe didn't bother to pay attention to the curious questions around him and just drank, head bowed.

A few minutes later, Qi Xu came back after saying hello and leaned next to him, saying softly:

"Honestly, what can't your sister come"

Jiang Yuhe said with low air pressure: "Who knows which of her wires were crossed, she ran to do some skin care on New Year's Eve."

Qi Xu smiled suddenly, "Is it going for beauty care, or secretly dating.

You don't know"

Jiang Yuhe frowned, and just wanted to ask him what he meant, when he seemed to understand in an instant.

Qi Xu pointed to the front with his chin, "Is it her at seven o'clock."

Jiang Yuhe looked over immediately.

Although she was dressed in strange clothes with a strange hairstyle, Jiang Yuhe could tell at a glance that it was Wen Yu.

Next to her-is a short man.

The two leaned together, muttering in a low voice, he didn’t know what they were talking about.

Jiang Yuhe's face suddenly sank, without saying anything, he called her directly.

Unexpectedly, after two rings, Wen Yu actually hung up.

Then he sent a message saying that she was doing treatment and it was not convenient to pick up.

Lying blatantly.

Qi Xu couldn't help but smile when he saw this funny text message: "It seems that your good sister is rebellious.

You can reflect on yourself, if you care too little about others."

Jiang Yuhe's face was dark.

He almost worshipped her on an altar, so how can he care more

At this time, others also found that something was wrong with Jiang Yuhe, and they all looked over.

The two of them are now taking selfies.

The handsome young man put his hand on Wen Yu's shoulder.

Put his arms around her.

He even made fake mouth-to-mouth kiss actions.

The joints of Jiang Yuhe holding the wine glass turned white, and he didn't speak for a while.

The look in his eyes already explained everything.

Qi Xu also saw that things were getting out of control: "...Should I go and call her over"

As soon as the voice fell, a figure suddenly stood in front of them.

"Hello President Jiang, to meet you here, such a coincidence.

I wanted to give you a toast, Happy New Year."

Shen Mingjia held the wine glass respectfully, unaware that his presence completely blocked Jiang Yuhe's sight.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Jiang Yuhe didn't respond at all to Shen Mingjia, but slowly reached out and pushed him to the side.

There was a picture of Wen Yu and that handsome young man in his vision again.

But the difference is that at this moment, unknowingly to Jian Yuhe, the two of them had turned their heads.

Across the tables of guests, they met Jiang Yuhe's eyes perfectly and accurately.

Wen Yu: "..."

You Xin: "..."

The two froze.

However, at this thunderstruck moment, Jiang Yuhe did not feel the irritation he should have.

He calmly took a sip from the wine glass in front of him and while taking back his gaze, the peripheral of his gaze swept Wen Yu, giving a speculative look.

Seems to be saying--

"Will you come here by yourself or do you want me to come over"


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