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Fortune Telling (1)

If Shen Mingjias cheating caused Wen Yus world to crack briefly, then Zhou Yues words directly caused her world to crash down permanently.

She asked Zhou Yue, “Who did you say went bankrupt”

Zhou Yue was taken aback so he repeated it clearly in a deep voice. “Miss, the company was forced to declare bankruptcy this morning.”

“…” Wen Yu felt as if she had been punched in the gut, and her head started buzzing.

How can it be

How can that be

She tried her best to stay calm. “Why did they suddenly declare bankruptcy What happened What about my dad”

“Actually, we expected this.

Last year, Mr.

Wen started to expand his business in Europe.

There were many problems during this period.

Because of incorrect market predictions, the overseas investment business has collapsed across the board, causing the capital for the chain of domestic companies to be completely disrupted, and now the banks are also pressuring us for loan repayment.

As for President Wen…”

Zhou Yue sighed softly, “The company is in a mess.


Wens private phone number is temporarily unavailable.

He asked me to tell you that for your safety, dont go back to Jiangcheng for the time being and wait until things calm down.”

This all sounded like some ridiculous plot. It took a while for Wen Yu to open her lips and asked in disbelief, “Is this some April Fools Day joke“

“Miss, Im not kidding.” Zhou Yue continued to tell the cruel facts. “Now President Wens domestic real estate will be listed in an auction for repayment, and all bank accounts have been frozen, so your secondary card will also be unavailable.”


She couldnt use it anymore.

Wen Yu passively and dazedly accepted the sudden change, but couldnt figure it out. She just went to go on a trip.

Why was she suddenly cheated on and bankrupt

Thinking of something, Wen Yu hurriedly said, “All the houses under my name can be sold so my dad can pay off the debt.”

Zhou Yue was silent for a long time before he said with difficulty, “Im sorry but the eight properties under your name, except for the one on Fusen Street where you are currently staying, had already been mortgaged to the bank…“


Bastard. Wen Yu mentally scolded the bastard.

A father and daughter.

Her father had never really thought about her.

But Wen Yu was not surprised at all.

Wen Yus parents divorced when she was very young.

Wen Yu followed her father.

Wen Yian has always been courageous and ambitious in doing business.

The past few years may have been too smooth, which caused him to be dissatisfied with his status as the richest man in Jiangcheng.

He wanted to be the richest man in the country and the richest man in Asia.

Wen Yu had always persuaded him to focus on his own field, but he just doesnt listen.

Real estate, medical care, education – he had to be involved in everything.

This was the result.

The tables have now turned.

The two were speechless on the phone for a long time.

After a deep breath, Wen Yu calmly said, “I see.

Is there anything else”

Zhou Yue was silent for a few seconds, “None.”



All it took was one day.

Now Wen Yu has nothing.

Now that its December, winter has started in Beijing.

The wind was bitterly cold, and it hurt when it blew against her face.

After hanging up the phone Wen Yu took a deep breath. Then she mechanically walked into the hotel lobby.

She wanted to go back into the room for a hot bath. She wanted to hide.

She wanted to sleep and wake up to find that everything was just a dream.

But Shen Mingjia, who was checking in at the front desk brought her back to reality.

Wen Yu only then remembered.

Oh, her family going bankrupt was not the only thing.

Her boyfriend cheated on her.

Wen Yu wore a face mask from her bag, walked to the front desk and pretended to ask about her room, listening to the movement next to her with one ear.

The lady at the front desk politely said to Shen Mingjia, “Hello sir, this is your room card for Room 2505.

I wish you a happy stay.”

Probably the worst thing has happened. At this point, it didnt seem to be a big deal to be cheated on.

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Even with such things like catching adulterers, Wen Yu calmly went back to her room and changed into clean and comfortable clothes before she found their room.

Standing at the door of 2505, she knew what she was about to face at that moment. Wen Yus heart was calm, almost a bit indifferent.

She raised her hand and knocked on the door, saying that it was room service.

Shen Mingjia opened the door without any precautions.

He only opened a little crack in the door. “No need.”

He offhandedly placed a do–not–disturb sign on the door.


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