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Handsome Young Man Kisses Her (4)

Wen Yu and You Xin stood at the elevator entrance in advance, they slowly waited until the sound of footsteps were heard behind them.

Wen Yu’s heart beat to the extreme, thinking that Shen Mingjia would be in the same elevator as herself, but the elevator that had been closed on the other side suddenly opened.

Shen Mingjia and the staff walked in together.

Bastard, he paid for the exclusive elevator.

Wen Yu didn’t rush to leave, and waited for the elevator next to them to ascend quietly, then finally stopped on the 18th floor.

Sure enough, Wen Yu guessed it.

Wen Yu and You Xin looked at each other and immediately got into an open elevator.

But no matter how fast the elevator was, when they reached the 18th floor, the hall was quiet.

Every room is closed, and they don’t know which room Shen Mingjia lives in.

Wen Yu could only open a crack in the door of her room: “I don’t believe he won’t come out today.”

The time passed like this minute by minute, second by second, until 9:30 in the evening.

Except for occasional guests coming in and out of the hallway, there was no movement from Shen Mingjia.

You Xin squatted a little bored, and suddenly asked, “You haven’t slept with Shen Mingjia right”

Wen Yu: “How is it possible, is he worthy”

“That’s good,” You Xin breathed a sigh of relief, “My makeup artist friend told me today that Shen Mingjia sleeps with his fans, everyone in the circle knows.”


Just when You Xin told Wen Yu about the gossip, there was finally movement in the corridor.

One room door opened.

It’s Shen Mingjia!

He changed into casual clothes and behind him some people followed, as if he was going out.

Wen Yu immediately nudged You Xin, the two opened the door and quietly followed behind them.

She has to say that You Xin’s men’s clothing played a very important role at this time.

Others only regarded them as a young couple and didn’t pay much attention at all.

This time Shen Mingjia went to the 39th floor.

You Xin frowned: “The 39th floor seems to be the top-floor restaurant, what is he doing there”

Wen Yu immediately held open the elevator doors next to her: “Follow him, then we’ll know.”

In a rush to catch up, the two also followed them to the restaurant.

Today is New Year’s Eve, the hotel restaurant held a New Year’s Eve theme party, on the top floor celebrities gathered, glasses clinked, it was very lively.

Seeing the scene, You Xin cursed as she walked: “If it weren’t for this scumbag, we would be having a happy New Year’s Eve today.”

Wen Yu kept staring at Shen Mingjia, and saw him sitting down at a table, looking like he was here to have a normal meal.

She also sat down near them, and said to You Xin: “If we don’t catch him today, we can treat this as our New Year’s Eve celebration.”

Then she picked up the menu, “Order something, and don’t be seen.”

You Xin looked at the menu seriously and ordered a few cheap dishes.

But Shen Mingjia, who was sitting across from them, remained quiet.

Eating, drinking, and chatting with people around him normally.

He appeared to be happily celebrating New Year’s Eve.

After watching it for a long time, Wen Yu was a little frustrated: “Did I really see wrong and that wasn’t his mistress”

You Xin comforted her: “Even the paparazzi can’t guarantee that they will be able to take pictures every time they tail someone.

You have tried your best.”

Wen Yu was about to say something when her phone suddenly vibrated in her pocket.

She took it out and took a look, she was so frightened that she made a shush gesture.

“It’s Jiang Yuhe!”

You Xin was also taken aback, lip-synching—”What should we do”

There were a lot of voices around, but if they ran out to pick up, she was afraid that they would expose themselves to the target while they walked around.

After thinking about it, Wen Yu dismissed the call.

Then she replied to Jiang Yuhe: [Brother, I am doing treatment and it is not convenient to pick up.

I will call you later.]

You Xin looked at Wen Yu sending the text messages and suddenly wondered, “Isn’t President Jiang celebrating New Year’s Eve”

Wen Yu: “Do you think he would be that kind of sentimental person”


The two waited boringly for the meeting to end.

At ten o’clock, the jazz band in the restaurant suddenly started, and the rhythmic drum music instantly pushed the atmosphere in the restaurant to a climax.

You Xin also shook with the music, and poked Wen Yu beside her: “Don’t be depressed, even if you didn’t get news today, didn’t you find out he sleeps with his fans Come on, be happy, and don’t be unhappy on New Years Eve due to the scumbag.”

You Xin put her hand on Wen Yu’s shoulder and took out her mobile phone: “This is our first New Year’s Eve in Beijing.

I am so handsome and you are so cute.

We must take a picture as a memento.”

Wen Yu was amused by her words, “Too good looking, handsome young man.”

The two took intimate selfies in front of the camera, and when the amount of selfies rose, they frequently showed off various high-difficulty expressions.


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