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Handsome Young Man Kisses Her (3)

After she left, Jiang Yuhe’s expression finally changed slightly.

It’s like a chick that has been raised for a long time, from being frail and sickly to become a full-fledged bird.

She used to stick to himself at the beginning, but now he is no longer needed.

Jiang Yuhe slowly walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, looked at the lights outside the window, tilted his head and lit a cigarette.

Some emotions in his heart also slowly spread along with the smoke, and the inner turbulence flooded the quiet office in the night.

Beijing TV Station’s New Year’s Eve party starts at 7:30 in the evening.

Shen Mingjia performs the opening song.

If he returns to the hotel after the performance, he should arrive before 8:30.

Wen Yu went straight to the hotel from the office, and found the best view of the revolving door in the lobby, so that she can see Shen Mingjia immediately when he enters.

She sent You Xin a WeChat: [Are you here yet]

You Xin: [On the road, be there in five minutes.]

Other people celebrate the New Year happily, but she has to wear sunglasses and masks to catch the cheaters.


So irritating!

Wen Yu was a little excited: [Quickly, I can’t wait.]

After a while, a black figure walked up to Wen Yu.

Wen Yu looked up and looked at it for a long time—”Who are you”

In fact, she already recognized them, but she didn’t quite believe it: “No way, I asked you to disguise a little bit before coming over.

Did you really need to dress up as a man”

You Xin also smiled at Wen Yu: “Aren’t you the same, what do you mean by this Chun Li* hairstyle, come to KO Shen Mingjia”

In order not to be recognized, Wen Yu changed her former glamorous image and specially attached two balls on her head to create contrast with her past.

She said: “It’s better than you pretending to be a man.”

You Xin stroked the men’s wig on her head, “I also specially asked my friend to help me.

My friend is the best at applying special effects makeup on the crew, all to ensure that Shen Mingjia can’t recognize me.”

Wen Yu gave up, “Forget it, forget it, leave it.”

While talking, she suddenly saw a woman coming in through the door.

To be precise, Wen Yu first saw the bag on her back.

It is the same style as that of the mistress Fang Ying, dark green and very eye-catching.

The figure is also very similar.

But the woman was wrapped up tightly, with sunglasses, hat, and mask, she almost couldn’t see any part of her face.

Wen Yu intuitively felt that she was Fang Ying, and immediately took out her phone to take a photo.

She then said to You Xin: “That woman, go and see what floors she is at.”

You Xin quickly followed.

In front of the elevator door, the attendant with white gloves nodded politely: “Welcome.”

Five minutes later, You Xin returned to the lobby.

“1607,” she said, “Fortunately you have the foresight to open a room ahead of time.

The waiter asked me to show my room card just now.

Damn, I was too handsome and caught his attention.”

Wen Yu: “…”

Although Wen Yu knew that the scumbag would stay in this hotel tonight, she didn’t know which floor and which room he was in.

Even fans would not get such private news.

The standard of rooms in Zhouyi Hotel is very high.

Wen Yu had specially researched it.

With Shen Mingjia’s status, he’s not good enough to get a presidential suite, but the ordinary suite should not be satisfactory.

After using the rule of elimination, the most likely room is on the 16-18 floors.

These three floors had business suites with a river view.

If she did not use a child as bait she cannot catch the wolf.

For tracking convenience, Wen Yu sacrificed and paid a lot of money to let You Xin book three rooms on these three floors in advance.

The woman suspected of being Fang Ying appeared, now she was waiting for Shen Mingjia.

Wen Yu and You Xin leaned together, paying full attention to people coming in through the door.

Today is New Year’s Eve.

There are theme events in the Zhouyi Hotel’s restaurant, so there were a lot of guests coming in and out.

After watching for a while, You Xin couldn’t help wondering:

“With so many people, can you really recognize Shen Mingjia”

“Yes.” Wen Yu was very confident, “He has athlete’s feet.”


You Xin continued to watch, and after a while, a white sports car drove up to the hotel.

Wen Yu knew that car.

He came with his mistress in this car last time.

Shen Mingjia and his mistress had alighted the car together and disgusted her to death with a hug last time.

Wen Yu sat upright: “He’s here.”

You Xin immediately cheered up and stretched out her arm, “Hurry up, link arms!”

Wen Yu linked arms with You Xin while staring at the people who got out of the car.

That’s right, it’s Shen Mingjia.

He didn’t cover up too much, he only wore a hat, and some fans behind him confessed passionately, but the fans were stopped by security after entering the hotel.

*Chun Li is a character from Street Fighters, her hairstyle is double buns on her head.


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