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Handsome Young Man Kisses Her (2)

Wen Yu paused, “President Jiang.”

Jiang Yuhe: “”

“Well, I just saw a new beef noodle restaurant nearby on the Internet.

I want to eat it.

Do you want to go together”

Before Jiang Yuhe could speak, Wen Yu immediately said: “I know you must be unaccustomed to eating in that kind of place.

Forget it, you don’t need to force yourself.

I’ll eat alone.

Don’t worry, I will be back to work on time before two o’clock.”

After speaking, she slipped out of the office.


Jiang Yuhe stood for a long time before returning to his senses——

Did she go to lunch alone

She’s not sticking to him anymore

This feeling, Jiang Yuhe was a little uncomfortable.

Forget it, he thought for a long time.

She is not a child.


I really don’t have to take her with me for everything.

After all, someday she will regain her memory and she will have to leave.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yuhe pressed his eyebrows and dialed Secretary Ning’s phone: “Order me a lunchbox.”

On the other end, taking advantage of lunch time, Wen Yu and You Xin successfully met in a shopping mall.

You Xin’s director re-examination is still several days away.

Before that, she would live with a makeup artist friend she knew.

Wen Yu opened the door and told her that she wanted to stalk at Shen Mingjia on New Year’s Eve, and made You Xin feel excited:

“Such an exciting thing! You must take me.

How can you do it alone I will stay with you.”

Originally, she was afraid that You Xin would be unwilling, but she unexpectedly asked to take part in the battle herself.

Wen Yu was relieved.

“The night after tomorrow, my plan is like this…”

After half an hour, the brief rendezvous ended.

At noon, Jiang Yuhe was left alone in the office.

Fearing that he would be unhappy, Wen Yu bought some snacks on the way back.

When she returned to the company, she took the initiative to offer Jiang Yuhe the bribe:

“Dried strawberries, I bought it for you.”

Jiang Yuhe: “No need.”

Wen Yu thought he was angry, so she paused, and simply took a piece of dried strawberry and stuffed it into his mouth, “Try it, I brought it all the way back.”

Her action was too fast, and her fingertips accidentally touched Jiang Yuhe’s lips.

Although it was only a short half-second.

Wen Yu took her fingers away carelessly, blinked and asked, “How is it, isn’t it sweet”

The temperature of the soft fingertips is like a small, gentle flame.

Starting from the lips, quietly, gently, and gradually intense, spreading all the way to the throat.

His throat was dry.

Jiang Yuhe swallowed, rolling his apple a few times up and down, then spat out the dried strawberry in his mouth into the trash can with no expression, and then stared at Wen Yu:

“You are getting more and more bold.”

The smile on Wen Yu’s face suddenly stopped: “…”

Also, probably because of the harmonious relationship these days, Wen Yu almost forgot his taboos.

She withdrew his hand hesitantly: “I’m sorry.”

She stepped back: “Then President Jiang, what is my job this afternoon”

Jiang Yuhe: “Don’t bother me, you can do anything you want.”


Although she came to the office to get Shen Mingjia’s first-hand information, but, since she was here, Wen Yu didn’t want to waste the opportunity.

This is the office handling the highest capital in the entertainment industry, and a single document on the desk is enough for Wen Yu to learn for a long time.

She flipped through the materials and studied, occasionally getting tired, she would secretly look up at Jiang Yuhe.

He is very efficient in handling affairs, even when he has the most difficult problem in his hands, everything was calmly addressed.

To be honest, he looks attractive when he concentrates on work.

Much more handsome than when he was angrily facing her.

They didn’t disturb each other in this way all afternoon, but it was also tacit understanding.

It was in this state for the next two days at work.

On New Year’s Eve, everyone in the company was ready to leave.

Jiang Yuhe also knew that tonight is a special day and did not arrange any overtime tasks.

At six o’clock, seeing everyone outside the office began to collect things and leave, Jiang Yuhe glanced at his watch.

He paused for a moment before pretending to ask Wen Yu casually:

“What do you want to eat tonight”

Wen Yu took out a small mirror while looking at it, and replied: “Don’t worry about me, I have something tonight.”

Jiang Yuhe: “”

He frowned and looked at Wen Yu who was applying makeup to herself: “What’s do you have to do”

“Isn’t there still a little trace on my nose I made an appointment for a scar removal doctor a few days ago, and I will go for an appointment tonight.”

After talking about the reasons she had prepared a long time ago, Wen Yu asked Jiang Yuhe again: “What about you, are you going to work overtime again”

Jiang Yuhe silently looked away and continued to look at the computer.

After a long time, he said, “Yeah.”

Wen Yu knew he must be working overtime.

In the past few days, she had accompanied him to work overtime until nine or ten o’clock every night.

“Then…” Wen Yu stood up gently and pointed outside: “I’ll go first”

Jiang Yuhe didn’t speak.

Although Wen Yu felt that the man’s reaction was not normal, she couldn’t take the time to care for him right now.

She had to rush to the hotel to make preparations.

“Brother bye bye, happy new year.” After saying that, Wen Yu quickly turned and left.


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