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Don’t Leave My Side (5)

While waiting for the coffee, she checked the Moments of her only three Weibo friends, and unexpectedly discovered that Yinyin had updated news about Shen Mingjia in the morning.

[On New Year’s Eve, December 31st, Brother Jia will attend the New Year’s Eve party of Beijing TV Station, and then stay at the Chau Yi Hotel.

Are there any sisters who want to go to cheer together]

Good girl, just now she was still trying to find out how to find the whereabouts of the scumbag.

Who knew news was sent to her door

Chau Yi Hotel.

New Year’s Eve.

As soon as these two keywords came out, Wen Yu could already smell gossip.

It’s impossible for the scumbag to celebrate this special holiday alone.

Wen Yu was too impulsive when she caught him and the mistress cheating.

She did not record any evidence.

Now she has to get evidence, even though it is a bit troublesome.

But in order to prevent him from signing into Yasheng, she must rush forward bravely into this battlefield.

New Year’s Eve will be the day after tomorrow, very soon.

She will have to find a way to sneak out.

Wen Yu was in deep thought when she came out of the pantry with coffee and saw that the artist director had come.

He was sitting opposite Jiang Yuhe and the two were talking about business.

He saw Wen Yu, nodded as a greeting, and then continued:

“President Jiang, I want to ask your opinion about Shen Mingjia’s signing.”

Good guy, there is intelligence as soon as he comes

Wen Yu slowly put down the coffee and listened in the meantime.

“After they read the contract, everything else is fine.

They just want to add a condition.”

Jiang Yuhe frowned: “What conditions”

“Within the two years of the agreed contract, two films will be guaranteed every year.”

Wen Yu: “…”

Your pride is so big, want to ensure a healthy paycheck, what is your confidence based on

Based on the fact that you’re a cheater or based on the fact your feet smell worse than others

Brother don’t agree to it!

Wen Yu shouted in her heart like this.

Jiang Yuhe chuckled softly: “There are quite a few requests.”

After they finished talking, he ignored the contract and put it aside: “Tell them that this artist is not so popular that he can talk about conditions with me.

If they feel unsatisfied, they can decline to sign it.

We don’t care.”

Good job!

Give my brother a thumbs up!

My brother is awesome!

This kind of empathic feeling is so cool, so cool that Wen Yu showed a weird smile without realizing it.

Jiang Yuhe felt the abnormal aura next to him, and turned his head: “What are you doing here”

Wen Yu was taken aback, and quickly managed her expression: “Not doing anything.”

There was a pause: “I just want to be closer to you, Brother.”

Jiang Yuhe: “…”

Director: “…”

Facing the Directors subtle expression of watching a good show, Jiang Yuhe coughed unnaturally, “That’s it, you can leave now.”


The door closed.

Jiang Yuhe looked at Wen Yu: “Listen well.”

Wen Yu: “”

“In the office don’t call me brother, don’t be coquettish with me, and don’t act unruly.

I’m working, not playing with you.”


Wen Yu was silent for a while: “I see, President Jiang.”

Then silently retreated to the sofa she had just sat on, and looked down at her hands.

Very bored look.

Jiang Yuhe sighed, he’s really helpless.

He grabbed a copy of the profile of the contestants who had been shortlisted in the young actor selection contest from the table, “Take a look, and after reading it, tell me which one is the best.”

After finally being assigned work, Wen Yu brightened up, and seriously looked through the information.

Jiang Yuhe finally got a moment of peace.

He rubbed his eyebrows, and while continuing to read the documents, he occasionally looked up at this little tail that seemed to be tied tighter and tighter to him, to the point she could not be shaken off.

Obviously you can refuse her.

Why did you compromise again

The mobile phone on the table suddenly rang, disrupting Jiang Yuhe’s thoughts.

It was from Qi Xu.

“It’s New Year’s Eve the day after tomorrow, old rules”

In the past few years, every New Year’s Eve, Jiang Yuhe, Qi Xu and other friends spent time in the restaurant on the top floor of the Zhouyi Hotel managed by Qi Xu.

Jiang Yuhe glanced at his schedule, there was no special event the night after tomorrow.


“Are you alone”

Jiang Yuhe paused slightly and looked at Wen Yu who was seriously “working” in front of him.

The pen in his hand struck the desk for a while and then stopped.

“Two,” he said.


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