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Don’t Leave My Side (4)

Is there any problem with the words “A beautiful woman”

There is no doubt about the gender of a woman, so you are questioning whether I am worthy of the word “Beautiful”

Wen Yu put down her chopsticks: “What do you mean, brother”

Jiang Yuhe skipped her question and asked directly: “How do you want to be enriched”

Finally cutting to the heart of the subject, Wen Yu also forgot how her beautiful appearance was questioned, and leaned against Jiang Yuhe:

“I want to go to Yasheng and learn from you.”

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her: “You”

This look was too contemptuous, and Wen Yu sat upright: “What’s wrong with me”

“Media coordination, artist management, project planning, commercial distribution, big data management…Which one can you do”

Wen Yu: “…”

Jiang Yuhe looked at her again: “Or did you want to be an artist and debut”

Wen Yu shook her head repeatedly.

“I have already figured out what I want to do.”


“Your secretary.”

“I already have one.”

“But I am different from Secretary Ning.”

“What’s different”

“…” Wen Yu thought for a few seconds, then confidently said: “I’m more personal, I’ll be your personal secretary.”

Jiang Yuhe laughed directly.

He took a sip of tea and ignored her.

Wen Yu knows that this usually means that he didn’t take your words to heart at all, or even considered it just as a joke.

People like Jiang Yuhe, Wen Yu knew the way to succeed.

If you want to make him do what you want, you can’t meet him head-on, you have to take a winding path.

“Okay, I understand.” So she didn’t say any more and ate breakfast quietly.

After a while, she suddenly opened WeChat and shook it.

WeChat made a system sound.

Jiang Yuhe frowned: “What are you doing.”

“You don’t let me go to the company to learn something.

I don’t even have a person to talk to at home, and I don’t know anyone else.

So I can only use the “shake to meet a random friend function” to find a netizen to chat with me.”

After speaking, she shook it twice and said to herself: “Hey, this is so close, it’s only 300 meters away from me.”

Then she left the room while staring at her phone, “I’m finished, Brother, take care on the road.”

Jiang Yuhe: “…”

Damn, he couldn’t even take it for a single minute.

“Stop.” He finally said.

Wen Yu secretly smiled, turned around and blinked, “What’s wrong”

“Go change clothes and follow me later.”

At nine o’clock in the morning, every employee in the office building of YaSheng Entertainment was as busy as usual.

Then suddenly a piece of news blew up the gossip pools in all the different departments of the company.

[Big news!!! The boss brought a woman to the company!]

[I saw it, just passed by the front desk, is it a new artist Why haven’t I seen them before]

[Maybe, although she is wearing a face mask, she has a very good figure and her legs are longer than Sang Chen.]

[It seems that these women all know that the boss likes legs, haha, so Sang Chen’s status is threatened just as soon as she took the position]

[Wait, friends!! The boss took her to his office! Even closed the door! I was shocked.

In broad daylight, the artists before were not brought into the office and did not need a closed door]

[…Ah, I got the news.

The message from the 39th floor cannot be confirmed.

However I heard that the boss took her with him on a business trip to Jiangcheng this time.

She is a new favorite.]

[Concubine Sang is going to enter the Cold Palace* before she is even in the top position]

* In historical dramas, when a Concubine fell out of favor with the emperor and made a mistake, as punishment they would be banished to the Cold Palace 冷宮.

There they would suffer due to mistreatment from servants, lack of daily necessities and lived in poverty.

In this interaction the employees are jokingly treating Jiang Yuhe like the emperor and the popular artists like Concubines.

[Last year’s Concubine Li is already in the Cold Palace hahahahaha.]

Wen Yu didn’t know that her arrival had caused a shockwave within the entire Yasheng Company, she successfully became the biggest gossip of the day.

And in the office–

Wen Yu looked around: “Brother, don’t I even have a workstation”

Jiang Yuhe didn’t even lift his head, “Aren’t you going to be a personal secretary The personal person must be by my side.

Not allowed to leave one step, and will be on call at all times.

Wen Yu: “…”

How does being a secretary equal to giving her a taste of compulsory confinement.

Forget it, she can bear the humiliation.

“Then what can I do” Wen Yu’s first day of working in her life.

Although she was only a secretary, she was still excited by this new experience.

Jiang Yuhe: “Go and make me a cup of coffee.”

Wen Yu: “…”

The president has his own pantry, Wen Yu found the coffee machine and quietly started her life as a little slave.


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