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The return journey went smoothly.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe returned to their home in Beijing.

Aunt Shi’er still greeted them with a military attitude.

The almond tea with egg white that was only prepared for one in the past has now quietly become two.

After Li Bai sent Jiang Yuhe home safely, he took out a small box that had been on him when Wen Yu returned to her room.

“Boss, what should I do with this necklace now.”

Jiang Yuhe glanced over.

At that time, because Liu Tuan said that Zhao Wenjing was about to celebrate her birthday, Jiang Yuhe asked someone to prepare this gift in advance.

He thought that after the meeting, if it was determined that the woman that night was her, then it would be regarded as a thank-you gift or a meeting gift, he would give it to her.

But after all, everything is different from what he thought.

Jiang Yuhe took the necklace: “Give it to me.”

After returning to the capital city with two days of rest, Wen Yu was ready to settle down and attack Shen Mingjia.

After she went back this time and saw Wen Yi’an, she felt a lot of different emotions.

In addition to feeling that the world is impermanent, she also saw the most detestable of human morals from Zhao Wenjing and those so-called friends in the past.

The only way to reinvigorate the Wen family is to rely on Wen Yu herself.

So even if she wanted to retaliate against Shen Mingjia, Wen Yu didn’t want to waste too much time on this scumbag.

She set a goal for herself: up to two months.

When it’s over, she has to take on her own family responsibilities.

Wen Yu looked him up on the Internet.

Now Shen Mingjia is very popular.

He has just participated in a variety show and was portrayed as a young man who will blush when he sees a girl.

This fake personality made Wen Yu want to vomit.

If she wants to dispel Yasheng’s idea of

signing Shen Mingjia, she must let Shen Mingjia’s reputation drop with some type of breaking news before they sign the contract, so that those capitalists will reconsider his market value.

But Wen Yu is an outsider to the entertainment circle, and she didn’t have any hobbies related to chasing idols and celebrities before, so she didn’t know anything about the news in the entertainment industry.

She thought about how to catch Shen Mingjia’s weak spot for several days.

The first thing that comes to mind is Jiang Yuhe.

He is the strongest capital tycoon in the entertainment industry.

Now Wen Yu has only penetrated into his life, but she has not yet penetrated into the world he works in.

That is the best place to get first-hand information, not to mention that there will definitely be related matters to be carried out in the early stages of their preparations for contract signing.

Secondly, it is Lao He’s daughter Yinyin.

Wen Yu has been added to Yinyin’s WeChat through Lao He.

Yinyin is Shen Mingjia’s fan.

Though the little girl is young, she is at the most fanatical age for star chasers.

She seems to be the manager of a certain fan group.

The entire circle of friends contain Shen Mingjia’s fan content.

With a two-pronged approach, Wen Yu believes that she can end up finding the weak spot.

When having breakfast at home that day, Wen Yu began to scout for information.

“Brother, I think I should find something to do now.”

Jiang Yuhe lowered his head to eat, he was quietly waiting to see what new tricks she was going to try.

“I am bored at home every day.

I have nothing to do.

I feel like I am wasting my time and my life.”

Jiang Yuhe hummed: “Then what do you want to do”

“I want to be like you.

I go out to meet the sun every day, go home in the twilight, and live a fulfilling and meaningful life every day.”

After a quiet moment, Jiang Yuhe nodded: “Good.”

Wen Yu:

Is that it

I haven’t said what I want to do.

Wen Yu was not calm anymore: “What’s good”

“I will ask someone to find a school later.

You can go to class every day, go to school in the morning, and leave school at night.

Is that fulfilling enough”


Wen Yu didn’t know if Jiang Yuhe’s words were serious or praising her youth.

“Although I have amnesia, I can still be sure that I am definitely not a student.”

“Then what are you”

Wen Yu said quickly: “A beautiful woman.”

Although she regretted the impulse after speaking, but Wen Yu saw the faint smile on Jiang Yuhe’s lips.

That smile was very offensive to Wen Yu.


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