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Don’t Leave My Side (2)

In the past, Wen Yu used to think that there were too many people and that it was chaotic.

She felt it was not suitable for a wealthy lady like her to play here.

But yesterday, after wandering around, she found it really interesting.

She didn’t know she could come back after returning to Beijing, so she wanted to come back and have fun before they left.

In the crowded market, Wen Yu walked ahead.

Jiang Yuhe and Li Bai followed behind.

Wen Yu was in good spirits, looking here for a while, and then there for a while.

The excitement on her face couldn’t be hidden.

Jiang Yuhe said that he would only be with her for an hour.

However, before he knew it, he had already stayed for over two hours.

Even Li Bai couldn’t help saying: “It’s rare to see the boss so patient.”

Jiang Yuhe snorted, “As long as she does not recover her memory, she will continue to blame herself for being a burden.

I will help her and treat it as me doing some good deeds.”

Although he said that, having been with Jiang Yuhe for many years, Li Bai knew him too well.

Li Bai couldn’t say anything, and then asked, “Did the boss see Miss Zhao How is it Is it the lady you were looking for”

Jiang Yuhe: “I don’t know.”

Li Bai: “Don’t know”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Jiang Yuhe looked at Wen Yu who was having fun in front of him, as he walked.

After a moment, he said lightly: “But it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Li Bai wasn’t sure if he truly understood what he meant, his eyes followed Jiang Yuhe’s and finally got a glimpse of the reason why it was [not important].

Li Bai knows that some things and some feelings have slowly changed in his boss’s world, and he–

Maybe he did not know it yet.

When the two men were talking, Wen Yu suddenly turned around, “Brother, come and see here!”

She waved her hand and looked excited.

Jiang Yuhe walked over slowly: “Look at what

Wen Yu pointed to a small clay figurine stall not far away, “I bought the pair of little clay figurines there yesterday.”

Right now, there was another pair of exactly the same clay figures on the boss’s booth, and Wen Yu snorted, “He also told me that it was a limited edition.

I knew he was lying to me.”

Just after speaking, a young couple came to the stall and picked up the pair of clay figures, and the boss’s loud voice floated over:

“The two have eyesight, this is the limited edition golden boy and jade girl that I pinched, both are gifted and beautiful! A perfect match! A hundred years of harmony! If you two buy them, you will be inseparable in this life!”

Wen Yu: “…”

Wen Yu: “”

After feeling embarrassed for three seconds, Wen Yu turned around awkwardly and waved at Jiang Yuhe in a panic:

“That’s not the case.

When I bought it, he really said it was a “brother and sister supporting each other”.

If you don’t believe me, ask Li Bai.”

Jiang Yuhe smiled inexplicably when he saw Wen Yu stuttering like this for the first time.

He didn’t speak and walked directly over to the stall.

Li Bai who followed behind smiled deeply.

Wen Yu: “…”

Let me explain


Stop laughing, you two!

In the evening of the third day, Wen Yu followed Jiang Yuhe on the plane back to Beijing.

Although this trip to Jiangcheng was covered in battlefields, fortunately, Wen Yu was able to cope with it.

When she boarded the plane, Wen Yu suddenly received You Xin’s WeChat message——

[There is happy news today that I must tell you.

I heard from the online circle of friends that the top orchestra Zhao Wenjing hired suddenly cancelled the contract and did not come.

I heard that her face was green with anger just now at the banquet, hahahahaha!]

Wen Yu remembered that when she was at Liu Tuan’s house doing hypnotherapy Jiang Yuhe said to him, see you later in Jiangcheng.

The orchestra that Zhao Wenjing invited should be the one managed by Liu Tuan.

As for why they suddenly cancelled…

Wen Yu took a peek at Jiang Yuhe.

Don’t tell me it was him Because of Zhao Wenjing’s push, did he help her to vent her anger

Although it is possible, Wen Yu was too embarrassed to ask.

What if the orchestra didn’t come because they had an emergency

But no matter what, Zhao Wenjing, this invisible bomb was completely resolved.

Wen Yu is not worried that she will threaten her again, because during the time with Jiang Yuhe, Wen Yu has already known well that in this man’s world, people who have been abandoned will not have a second chance.

Li Man was like that, and Zhao Wenjing was the same.


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