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“J” (3)

But right now, Wen Yu couldnt resolve the issue with the card.

There were people lining up behind her. She happened to have more than 100,000 yuan in her WeChat and there was more than 2,000 left after booking a presidential suite with a sea view.

She sent her luggage back to the room.

On the way to the counter, Wen Yu called the bank and the account manager responded, “Sorry, Miss Wen, your secondary card is temporarily frozen.”

Wen Yu asked, “Why is it frozen”

“For more information, you will need to contact the main card user.”

Wen Yus secondary card was tied to her fathers main card.

She had no idea about money.

She had always used this card and swiped it whenever she wanted.

There had never been anything wrong with it.

Wen Yu immediately called her father, Wen Yian, but the line was constantly busy and she could not get through.

Once the car arrived at the mall, Wen Yu had things to do first. She wondered if it was because she bought too many things when she was in Paris so her father deliberately restrained her.

At the counter of HXX, the service associate warmly received Wen Yu and took out the pair of hand-made black gem cufflinks.

“Its so beautiful. I dont know which gentleman will receive it but he is so lucky to receive your gift.”

The cufflinks laid quietly in the velvet box.

They were indeed handmade by a master craftsman.

Every detail was exquisite and tasteful.

The black gemstones were crystal clear, calming and luxurious.

Wen Yu admired the letter “J” engraved on the back of the cufflinks.

Engraved out of sight to secretly signify her affection.

This was the first time Wen Yu had bought a gift for a boyfriend.

She had devoted a lot of effort into this, from design to material selection.

Shen Mingjia will like it, right

Wen Yu smiled as she wondered.

She internally answered herself.

If he dared to not like it, she could always give it to another man!

After thanking the service associate, Wen Yu left the counter.

She was about to take the escalator downstairs, but accidentally caught a glimpse of a figure standing in front of the elevator not far away.

It was a man.

A man who resembled Shen Mingjias figure and posture very much.

But wasnt Shen Mingjia still filming in Harbin Didnt he say he would return a week later

Wen Yu was afraid she was imagining things, so she changed course and walked towards the elevator.

But before she could see the other persons face clearly, the man had already entered the elevator.

Wen Yu was a step too late.

She felt something was wrong, and subconsciously took out her mobile phone to call Shen Mingjia, but the call was rejected.

After a while, Shen Mingjia sent a picture of being suspended in a harness: [Im filming, baby. Ill call you later.]

Wen Yu frowned.

Could she truly be mistaken

On the way back to the hotel, Wen Yu was affected by her strange intuition.

For the first time, she took the initiative to search through Shen Mingjias fan threads.

Finally, in an itinerary posted by his fans, she found a photo of a Harbin fan sending him off on a flight.

It turned out that Shen Mingjia had left Harbin City the day before yesterday.

He lied.

Wen Yu had been spoiled since childhood, and always had a bad temper.

The most despicable thing was deceit.

She immediately planned to call Shen Mingjia to ask for clarity, but before that, a phone call came in ahead of time.

It was Zhou Yue, her fathers secretary.

Although she was surprised, Wen Yu still answered. “Secretary Zhou”

On the other end of the phone, Zhou Yues tone was slightly subdued, “Miss, where are you now.”

Wen Yu looked out the window absent-mindedly and replied, “Out of town.

Whats the matter”

Zhou Yue paused, “I want to tell you something. Please listen and stay calm.”

“I know.” The car slowly drove to the door of the hotel.

Wen Yu was about to ask whether her father was going to reduce her allowance but she saw something from the car window that made her slowly sit upright.

In front of the revolving door of the hotel was a man and a woman leaving the car, holding hands. Although the man was wearing a hat and a mask, Wen Yu immediately recognized that it was Shen Mingjia.

The man who was just at the mall.

The couple hugged each other intimately, openly and unabashedly.

At this moment, all of Wen Yus self-confidence and pride was shattered by what was in front of her.

Shock, anger, incredulous, all kinds of emotions intertwined, making her body feel hollowed out in an instant.

Forgetting to breathe… Forgetting to blink… Forgetting all her instincts.

Zhou Yues voice came again at this time, “Miss, what do you know”

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Wen Yu stared at the dog and the man without moving, and muttered, “I want to kill someone.”


Secretary Zhou was suddenly nervous. “Miss, calm down.

It is illegal to kill.”

But he followed up and said, “Its just that the company went bankrupt. Why do you want to kill someone”



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