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I Need Brother to Protect Me (3)

You Xin thought it was Jiang Yuhe, so she leaned over to take a while gossiping, and murmured about the text messages-[Are you okay Did you get back safely]

After reading, she asked: “Who is this”

Wen Yu replied as she typed, “My fathers secretary.”

You Xin remembered, “Oh, I saw that handsome guy when I went to see your father.

Why, he has ideas about getting to know you”

Wen Yu didnt know how to explain: “I have no such thoughts about him anyway.”

“Of course, although Secretary Zhou is fine, hes not as good as President Jiang.”

“What are you thinking about, how could it be possible with Jiang Yuhe and I”

“How can it be impossible You two are not real brothers and sisters, after spending time together—”

“Jiang Yuhe has a woman he likes.” Wen Yu interrupted You Xin directly: “And its probably someone I know.”

You Xin was completely stunned: “Huh This…I havent heard about this news!”

After Wen Yu replied to Zhou Yue, she deleted the text message, and then solemnly sat up cross-legged:

“Xin Xin, I called you over because of this incident.”

Wen Yu was very courageous, so she hid You Xin in the room.

Aiming at the mysterious Miss Zhao, the two girlfriends discussed a plan until three oclock at night before falling asleep.

But Wen Yu actually didnt sleep well, after all, she was facing the serious problem of whether she could continue to stay with Jiang Yuhe after dawn.

In the morning, Wen Yu heard Jiang Yuhe and Li Bai talking in the hallway very early.

She guessed that they were going to have breakfast upstairs, but Wen Yu waited in the room until ten oclock.

However Jiang Yuhe did not come back.

She had to go out and asked Li Bai, just to find out that Jiang Yuhe had already left the hotel.

“Isnt his appointment with Miss Zhao at eleven oclock”

“The boss has another appointment.”


Wen Yu yawned and said she will go back to the room to take a nap.

When the door was closed, she immediately woke You Xin: “Get up, hurry up, we need to work!”

The two hurriedly cleaned up.

You Xin put on simplified makeup with Wen Yus cosmetics.

Seeing the small bottle of perfume on the desk, she sniffed: “Hey, isnt this the one you sprayed on the night that you accompanied me to the concert Give me some spray, I really like the smell.”

“Whatever you want.” Wen Yu was preoccupied, and found a pair of sunglasses to put on her face.

“Im done, you hurry up.”

You Xin answered, took out the perfume and sprayed it on herself several times before she got up with satisfaction: “Go!”

Because Wen Yu said that she would go back to the room to nap, Li Bai didnt guard it either.

With the help of luck, Wen Yu and You Xin left the hotel smoothly.

The two called a car and went straight to the MIO restaurant.

Originally, Wen Yu wanted You Xin to come to the restaurant to see who Ms.

Zhao was, but after the two discussed, the people Wen Yu knew You Xin might not know, and the restaurant did not allow you to take pictures.

For the accuracy of information, she needed to see for herself.

If she is really an acquaintance, Wen Yu was ready to run away immediately.

When they arrived, it was half past ten, and half an hour before eleven.

There were very few people in the restaurant.

Only one or two tables were seated.

Wen Yu looked around from behind her sunglasses but didnt find anyone she knew.

No suspicious targets were found.

For safety, she and You Xin did not sit together, but sat down in two hidden tables by the window, facing each other.

The two looked like strangers, looking at the entrance of the restaurant for a while, and then looking out the window for a while.

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At ten forty, a few customers came.

Wen Yu looked and didnt know them.

At ten forty-five, everything is still normal.

Probably bored, You Xin sent a WeChat message to Wen Yu, a picture of a circle of friends.

[Zhao Wenjing has been carrying the posture of the top lady in Jiangcheng everywhere recently, acting like a celebrity on her birthday, she really wants everyone in the city to know that she has taken your place.]

Wen Yu clicked on the picture, which shows Zhao Wenjing in the circle of friends talking and showing off about how awesome the orchestra was that she invited to help her celebrate her birthday tomorrow.


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