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I Need Brother to Protect Me (2)


You will only be attacked by his fans, saying you are spreading rumors, and maybe even sue you for slander.”

You Xin thought for a while.

It is true, the entertainment industry is like that.

Who has more fans is who has more credibility…

She is an 18th level nobody, and she is going to attack Shen Mingjias, who is about to become a first level star.

It is simply an egg hitting a stone, utter annihilation.

“Then what do I do”

Wen Yu dismissed it: “Dont worry, I already have a comprehensive plan.

I will start arranging things for him when I return to Beijing.”

“Okay.” You Xin nodded, and suddenly leaned against her excitedly: “Then lets continue to talk about President Jiang.”


“How do you get along with each other How is your relationship”

Wen Yu thought for a few seconds: “Very bad.”

You Xin is not very convinced: “No way.”

Just after speaking, You Xin glanced at Wen Yus mobile phone inadvertently.

“Hey, someone is looking for you on WeChat.”

Wen Yu turned her head and saw that there was a new friend request in the list.

Since she applied for this WeChat account, she has only added You Xin.

Thinking about what kind of spam account it might be, she only looked at the request casually.

[Jyh] requested to add you as a friend.

From the address book.

Wen Yu: “…”

You Xin: “”

You Xin was the first to react, “Jyh Jiang Yuhe No way, you two have been together for so long without adding WeChat”

This is a long story, lets not mention it.

Wen Yu held her chin thinking and wondering why Jiang Yuhe suddenly wanted to add her WeChat in the middle of the night.

Everyone, were plastic* brothers and sisters; just exchange a mobile phone number, there is no need to go further, right

*The author is using plastic to say fake, like plastic surgery.

Just when Wen Yu was about to ignore this request and toss the phone aside, You Xin moved her finger to accept the request.

“What are you thinking, are you able to reject him”

Wen Yu: “…”

It seems to be true.

Forget it, since hes added then leave it.

A line of words quickly appeared on the screen-[You have added Jyh as a friend, please say hello!]

However, after waiting for several minutes, there was no movement in the dialogue window.

You Xin: “Why dont you say hello to him”

Wen Yu shook her head: “Forget it, I said that our relationship is very bad.”

After a pause, thinking that there is nothing to hide from my best friend, she sighed and said, “I have always endured the humiliation and sucked up to this dog.”

“So miserable” You Xin laughed unconsciously, and picked up the phone, “Then leave the sucking up task to me tonight, I want to be Jiangs minion hahahahaha!”

Wen Yu: “…”

You Xin took the phone and moved her fingers quickly.

Wen Yu didnt what she was typing.

Wen Yu got up and grabbed it, “What are you doing Dont talk nonsense, hes very smart, dont get discovered.”

“I definitely cant mess around.” You Xin handed over the phone, “I was going to act for you for a while and help you share your pain and sorrow.”

Wen Yu looked down.

She didnt say any nonsense, she just typed the word brother.

But the subsequent series of emoticons are a bit too much.

yuyu: Brother~

Forget it, Im almost like this regularly anyway.

However, after proactively attacking for a while, Jiang Yuhe still did not respond.

You Xin frowned: “Why hasnt he answered you”

Wen Yu also felt a little embarrassed, and buried her face in the blanket depressed: “I have said that our relationship is actually very bad.

Its all supported by me, and you dont believe it.”

“Really” The screen flashed suddenly, and You Xins gaze fell over, then she paused for two seconds: “Fuck, this type of bad relationship, I want it too.”

“” Wen Yu was stunned, opened her eyes, and saw You Xin holding the phone in front of her.

[Jyh transfers money to you——]

Wen Yu counted it carefully, yes, it was six digits.


Wen Yu was shocked and immediately sent a series of question marks: [ ]

However, there was no reply, as if she was added specifically to transfer this money.

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“Showing off.” You Xin uttered, “Are you two doing this to me on purpose”

Wen Yu hadnt even returned to her senses: “Huh”

“Bullying me.

The fact I have no brother or a man.

I ran all the way to the hotel just to wait for you two to abuse me, this single dog”

Wen Yu opened her mouth and was about to explain a few words when the phone buzzed again.

This time it was a text message.


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