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Coax Me (5)

In the evening, due to searching for Wen Yu he had to cancel his dinner plans.

Then they had a fight as soon as they got back to the hotel.

At least now things had finally calmed down.

Jiang Yuhe was exhausted, got up and said, “We will go to the restaurant and eat.”

Wen Yu had already eaten at home, but this time she still has to bite the bullet and eat again.

Fortunately, the peak of the dinner rush has already passed, and there are very few people in the restaurant.

The chance of meeting acquaintances was greatly reduced.

They found a booth by the window and sat down.

The waiter handed over the menu.

Jiang Yuhe glanced at it and asked Wen Yu, “What do you want to eat”

Wen Yu lowered her head and pretended to play with the phone to avoid the waiter: “No thanks, I just want to eat Coconut Cheesecake.”

Jiang Yuhe didnt think much, and pointed out a few dishes at random.

After ordering the food, he tapped the table twice, “Give me your phone.”

Wen Yu: “What are you doing”

Distaining her slow movements, Jiang Yuhe simply took it from her hand, “Password.”

“…” Wen Yu said with caution, “What are you doing”

“Why, there are secrets in the phone”

There is indeed a secret, but it is not a big secret.

There is only You Xin in WeChat.

However, Wen Yu has long hidden the WeChat app in a hidden place, and it is not easy to find.

“What secrets can I have” For fear of causing Jiang Yuhes suspicion, Wen Yu pretended to report indifferently, “1357246, look as much as you want.”

This is the password she is used to, odd numbers first and then even numbers.

Jiang Yuhe entered the sequence and turned on the phone smoothly.

Then press to open the call interface, he entered in his own number.

Two seconds later, his cell phone rang.

The phone was tossed back to her, “Save my number.”

Wen Yu was taken aback for a moment, and subconsciously said, “Didnt you say that there is no need to exchange contact information with me, and that you would never be bored enough to call me”

Jiang Yuhe was embarrassed for a second.

“Did I say that I gave you the number to chat with you”


“You can delete it if you dont want to save it.”


Wen Yu shut up.

Youre the one who wants me to save your mobile phone number.

Is this the attitude of asking for someone elses number

It was you who said that it was unnecessary before, and now it is you who fiercely want others to save it.

This bad temper was really difficult to deal with.

Although she was bothered, Wen Yu managed to hold back her desire to retort.

Still the same sentence, just accept it while youre ahead.

After all, she is the one who got the advantage tonight.

What she has to do now is to continue to satisfy Jiang Yuhes vanity and let him experience the benefits of “coaxing” his sister.

So Wen Yu lowered her head to save the number, typed a few words, and faced Jiang Yuhe with her cell phone.

“Is this good”

There is a name on the screen of the phone–

[Dear brother]


Looking away in discomfort, he took a sip from the water glass in front of him: “Pretentious.”

Anyone could see the 30% disgusted and 70% enjoyment convoluted expression on the corners of his lips, when he spoke.

The storm is over and the sky is clear.

Just as the picture became harmonious and the sibling relationship reached a new height, Li Bais cell phone rang.

He picked it up, said a few words in a low voice, hung up, and then told Jiang Yuhe:

“Secretary Ning called.

She said that Miss.

Zhao agreed to the appointment.

She will meet you at MIO restaurant at 11 oclock tomorrow morning, and the location has been arranged.”

Miss Zhao

Wen Yu suddenly remembered Li Bais “private affair” when asked about Jiang Yuhes trip to Jiangcheng.

MIO restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Jiangcheng.

To have the ability to organize the meeting there shows that this meal is very important in Jiang Yuhes heart.

Wen Yu was curious and couldnt help asking: “Brother, who is Miss Zhao”

Jiang Yuhe ignored her.

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“The person you like”

“Are you going on a date”

She was too long-winded.

Jiang Yuhe finally raised his head, looked at her lightly and said:

“If so, what of it”


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