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Coax Me (4)

“If I dont leave, should I stay behind to be hated by you.” Wen Yu paused after speaking and made a cutting remark, “… Its not the first time you want to drive me away anyway.”

These remarks were not entirely acting.

To a certain extent, Jiang Yuhes remarks really hurt Wen Yus feelings.

Now she just magnified the sadness a little bit.

Jiang Yuhe didnt expect that he would become the one being attacked.

In addition, Wen Yus tone made him feel like a playboy who likes new thrills and ruthlessly abandons the old.

Closing his eyes, he took a few deep breaths.

Jiang Yuhe has always been the tough guy.

Whether it is his work or his private life, he has never shown any weakness to anyone.

It may be that he has been so tough for more than two decades, God wanted to punish him, so he sent such a tail to restrain him everywhere, change him, and constantly toe the bottom line of his principles.

The room was quiet as Jiang Yuhe frowned and tried several times, but in the end, he still couldnt say those words.

“Come out first.”

Wouldnt it be shameful to come out like this

But Wen Yu obviously hadnt done anything like hiding in the blanket before.

After only a few minutes, she felt suffocated and hypoxic.

After thinking about it, she must cut off some planned scenes and make a quick decision.

She just took the initiative to give everyone a way to step down.

So a head poked out from the corner, “Then you coax me a bit and I will come out.”

Jiang Yuhe was taken aback by this sudden stare.

This was the first time he saw Wen Yus unobstructed face.

Her skin was very clear and pale, small wounds are vaguely seen on the bridge of the nose, the curly eyelashes press down a shadow under the eyes, and the lips are red and look very soft.

Very beautiful, Jiang Yuhe admitted.

And its not the same as the female celebrities who get plastic surgery in the company.

Its the kind of beauty that is not gaudy, and is very orthodox and noble at a glance.

He just doesnt know why, but the feeling as if hed seen it somewhere appeared.

But it doesnt make sense.

The people Jiang Yuhe met, he never forgets; it is impossible to forget who she is.

The only explanation may be that she was a prairie dog that had gradually squirreled into his subconscious during this period of time.

This was also the situation that he didnt want to happen from the start.

To have another person appear in his life and gradually became a habit where their every move affected him.

Seeing the man not speaking, Wen Yu was about to retract her head again, “Then dont coax.”

Jiang Yuhe returned to his senses.


I have never seen such a capable woman.

He reached out quickly and pulled the person out before she hid again.

“You did something wrong and still want to be coaxed by others, who raised you to be so unreasonable”

Wen Yu saw an opportunity to attack, blinked and said, “You.”


… You.

Its you! you spoiled me!

Are you not responsible for the person you spoiled!

These soft and pitiful words broke the last fragment of principle in Jiang Yuhes heart.

The chaos was resolved and the fiery drama returned to a calm state.

Tears did not flow in vain, the little clay figurines were not bought for nothing, and the suffocation from the blanket was not wasted.

It was a multi-pronged approach, and in the end, Wen Yu won.

Although Jiang Yuhe still had a bad expression, he asked Li Bai to call the hotel restaurant to prepare the Coconut Cheesecake she likes, which was already “coaxing” in a certain sense.

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Wen Yu is never greedy, so she relented as soon as she saw his effort.

When the crying scene is over, she smiles and flatters, “I know my Brother is the best.”

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her, but didnt respond.

Obviously, he was so angry before, but after a while, he had to coax her back.

What ancestor is this

She liked to act pitiful and cry, there was nothing he could do about it.


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