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Coax Me (1)

Wen Yu could feel the pin-prick sensation of the tremendous force that Jiang Yuhe used to pull her.

Her wrist hurt.

Wen Yu was almost certain that she would be scolded.

On the way back, Jiang Yuhe didnt say a word.

The pressure in the car was so low that Wen Yu felt as if it would explode if she breathed too hard.

Even the driver and Li Bai sensed something was wrong with Jiang Yuhe.

Everyone was silent and tried to reduce their aura of existence.

Wen Yu also shut up, not daring to act naughty.

Back at the hotel, Wen Yu slowly followed Jiang Yuhe.

She wanted to go back to her room to avoid the interrogation, but the idea was cut off as soon as it appeared.

Li Bai helped Jiang Yuhe open the door of the room ahead of him.

Before entering the door, he stopped for a while and called Wen Yu indifferently.

“Follow me inside.”


She perceived the strong feeling of a monstrous storm roaring in the close distance and the stormy winds that wailed, puffed, and blew harshly.

After the door was closed, Wen Yu stood there obediently like a schoolboy who had done something wrong, proactively she admitted her mistake.

“Im sorry, Brother.

I was playful and made you worry.”

The man said nothing, took off his jacket, and stood in front of the French window with his back to her.

His silence made Wen Yu feel even more guilty.

Wen Yu pursed her lips, and her voice became weaker and weaker.

“I promise I wont do it next time… Brother, Im sorry.”

“Next time” Jiang Yuhe turned around, his voice suddenly increased in volume by several degrees, still cold and tough, startling Wen Yu, “Why do you think you have next time”


“Why do you think I am worried about you”

“Do you think you are important”


Although the words were ugly to hear, Wen Yu knew that it was indeed her fault today.

She honestly bowed her head.

“Im sorry.”

But Jiang Yuhe didnt appreciate her apology.

“How old are you You still dont know how to make the right decisions”

“There is a service desk in Wangjiang Bridge.

When you and Li Bai are separated, dont you know to ask for help Dont you know how to ask the staff to help you find someone by making an announcement over the speakers”

“Do you think I have a lot of time”

“Do you think I am as free as you”

“A three-year-old child knows how to ask the police for help.

What is in your mind Why didnt you dial three simple numbers for 110 I know you had your phone.

Your IQ simply drops when you see a good-looking man, is that it And then you get into his car without question without wondering if he has any ulterior motives.

Are you innocent or just plain stupid”

“You just have memory loss— not dementia!”

All these words rushed at Wen Yu.

She listened in silence, bit her lower lip lightly, and there were obviously deep undulations and fitful movement in her chest.

Jiang Yuhe couldnt see her expression.

He paused, pulled off his tie and threw it aside, then turned his back.

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He didnt know why he had such a big temper.

When Li Bai first came to tell him that Wen Yu was missing, he didnt have such a big reaction.

Even for a few seconds, he easily felt that if she had disappeared, then let her disappear.

Anyway, he wanted to lose this burden a long time ago.

If Wen Yu can find him by herself, it was Gods arrangement.

If she couldnt find him, he would pretend that he has never met her.

But when he was sitting in the car and trying to go to the dinner party while pretending that nothing happened, he was at a loss, upset, and felt as if he was being scratched strongly by some strange feeling.

It made him helplessly choose to look back.

He turned away everything, first calling Lao He.

After all, only he had Wen Yus cell phone number.

But Lao He took his family back to his hometown in the country on vacation these days.

He didnt know if it was a signal problem or if the mobile phone was not around, but he couldnt get a hold of him.


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