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“J” (2)

“You have to take care of yourself.

The shoot will end in about a week and then I will come back to Jiangcheng to see you.”

This should have been good news.

But when Wen Yu smiled as she began to think about their reunion, she suddenly fell into a trance…

She could not picture their reunion.

The main reason was because…

She couldnt remember what Shen Mingjia looked like.

This was outrageous.

Wen Yu had to quickly end the call. “Okay, got it.

See you then.”

Then she took out her ipad, found a TV drama starring Shen Mingjia and started memorizing his face.

To forget what her boyfriend looked like for a moment… She couldnt tell if it was funny or sad.

But since Shen Mingjia will be back in a week, she must quickly pick up her gift for him.

When Wen Yu visited Beijing half a year ago, the HXX family had just opened Asias largest flagship store.

Their star designer had personally visited the store, and since Wen Yu was a VVIP of the brand, she specially customized a pair of black gem cufflinks as a gift for her boyfriend.

Now that Shen Mingjia was coming back, the cufflinks were also ready.

It seemed like everything was meant to be.

The timing was just right.

Wen Yu immediately booked a flight to Beijing the next day.

What she didnt expect was to bump into Jiang Yuhe in the first-class cabin of her flight.

Brother Dalang looked to be in good spirits.

Maybe the medicine really metabolized fast.

He didnt look like someone who had crazily indulged in sexual intercourse all night.

She was very cautious while passing the note last night and this man shouldnt have seen her face, but to avoid trouble, Wen Yu still lowered his head and tried not to be recognized.

It turned out that she was just paranoid.

Jiang Yuhe was in the front row.

After sitting down, he didnt pay attention to anyone who was sitting behind or beside him.

He and his accompanying team had almost taken over the first-class cabin.

After the plane took off, Wen Yu sat in the back row, listening to them discuss work.

Wen Yu didnt care about their topics, and occasionally glanced at Jiang Yuhes back secretly.

Mentally, she had written a 10,000 word novel on the events that must have happened last night.

Originally, the two parties could peacefully coexist until they landed, but halfway through the flight, someone suddenly mentioned Shen Mingjias name.

Wen Yu was slightly taken aback, and couldnt help but perk up.

“Shen Mingjia recently gained positive attention in the past six months.

His team intends to cooperate with Yasheng, and wants to move his television contract over while his eventual goal is to transition over to film development.”

“The Shen Mingjia who starred in “Armor Clothes” He won the newcomer award, right He is in the limelight right now.”

“Now is a good time to sign so I can negotiate the price.”

Obviously they were complimenting Shen Mingjia but to Wen Yu, they seemed to be affirming her own insight.

Several people were discussing in a low voice in the front row and she grinned comfortably as she listened from the back row.

But soon, Wen Yus confident insight was questioned.

The big guy sitting in front who has not spoken much, suddenly spoke leisurely.

“He seems very ordinary.

No special features.” He casually said, “Wait and see.”


After a three-hour flight, the plane landed smoothly in Beijing.

Because of that one sentence that completely insulted her taste, Wen Yu had unilaterally declared herself as Jiang Yuhes enemy in her heart. The moment the plane stopped, she was the first to step out of the cabin.

A few minutes later, Jiang Yuhe came out with his suit jacket, and suddenly stopped when he reached the last row.

He smelled that familiar scent again.

It was very light and fleeting.

The people behind him asked carefully, “Whats wrong Mr.


He didnt know why, but that special rosewood fragrance gave Jiang Yuhe an addictive feeling of desire.

It was like a veil of mystery; untouchable, unobtainable, repeating and unforgettable.

So unforgettable that in this cabin, he smelled that same smell again like a hallucination.

“Nothing.” Jiang Yuhe shook his head soberly, “Lets go.”

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Wen Yu didnt planned to stay overnight in Beijing, but she received news from the airline as soon as she landed.

The flight back to Jiangcheng in the evening was cancelled due to the weather.

It just so happened that Beijing had recently opened a five-star hotel and Wen Yu went there straight away.

She wanted to confirm the place she would stay overnight before picking up the cufflinks.

Unexpectedly, there was a problem when she was checking in at the front desk.

Wen Yus card was declined.

The staff checked it several times and finally said apologetically, “Miss, do you have any other payment methods There seems to be something wrong with this card.”

How could there be a problem Wen Yu used it to buy a plane ticket yesterday.


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