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Kind Handsome Man (3)

Wen Yu had never had such a short and warm meal with her father.

At the time of parting, Wen Yians condition was much better than when Wen Yu came, “Dont worry, Ill be fine by myself.

By the way, say hello to your friend for me and say that Dad will personally thank them the next time I go to Beijing.”

Wen Yu agreed vaguely.

Zhou Yue took Wen Yu to the door of the apartment, saw she was in a hurry to take a taxi and said, “Why dont I send you back You also know that this is the rush hour and it is difficult to get a ride.”

It was 6:30PM.

Wen Yu did not dare to delay any longer.

She hesitated for a moment and agreed to Zhou Yues suggestion.

Zhou Yues car was an SUV with spacious and bright compartments.

Like the owner, it was very comfortable and warm in his car.

Wen Yu fastened her seat belt.

“Thank you, Secretary Zhou.”

Zhou Yue was taken aback for a moment and then smiled softly, “I feel like Miss has changed.”

“Really” Wen Yu pursed her lips and laughed at herself, “Stop calling me Miss.

I am not a wealthy lady now, just call my name.”

“Okay.” Zhou Yue paused before calling her name from his lips lightly and solemnly, “Wen Yu.”

Wen Yu didnt pay attention to the subtle emotional changes in his two words, tilted her head and asked, “Can I trouble you with something”

Zhou Yue replied, “Tell me.”

“Can you help me find a second-hand store and sell all the bags in my cloakroom Its no use keeping them now.

You can sell them for me and see how much money can be exchanged.

On the one hand, if the company still has debts you can use the money.

And also…”

Wen Yu considered the words, and after a few seconds she said, “How much your monthly salary was in the past, I will pay you on behalf of my father.”

Wen Yu didnt want to owe favors.

She also hoped that with this arrangement, Zhou Yue can understand her meaning and position.

Zhou Yue was silent for a moment, and did not refuse.


“Thank you.” Wen Yu breathed a sigh of relief, looking at the road in front of her and asked, “How long will it take to arrive”

“Soon, just turn one more turn at that intersection.”

Wen Yu asked to stop as soon as she heard him, “Let me off here, you dont need to take me to the door.”

Zhou Yue was stunned.


“Not very convenient.” Wen Yu unfastened her seat belt, “Thank you, goodbye.”


Zhou Yue was caught off guard by Wen Yu.

Seeing that she had gotten out of the car, he glanced at her and saw Wen Yu dropped a small bottle of perfume on the seat.

In a rush he got out of the car to catch up, “Wen Yu!”

Wen Yu looked back.

“You dropped something.”

Wen Yu saw that it was the perfume, then turned back and put it in her pocket, “Thank you, Im leaving now.”

“Are you okay” Zhou Yue asked worriedly.

“Im okay.

Im just in a hurry.


As soon as her voice fell, when she turned around, Wen Yus intuition inexplicably sensed an unusually familiar figure.

The tall, black shadow approached with a hint of danger.

Her heart jumped suddenly, knowing who it might be, Wen Yu still blindly hoped in her heart that it was just her own illusion.

With a heartbeat that beat so quickly it almost jumped into her throat, Wen Yu slowly turned around.

After seeing the person in front of her clearly, her back felt a chill…

She clearly saw Jiang Yuhe get out of a car at an intersection less than twenty meters away from her.

The man was wearing a black trench coat, his face was cold, and one hand rested heavily on the door of the car.

Now he was walking towards her.

… The Demon is really coming.

Wen Yu felt her blood had begun to flow backwards rapidly in her body, rushing to a blank in her brain, she was at a loss, and she stood there stiffly.

Zhou Yue noticed her strangeness, “Whats wrong with you”

Seeing Jiang Yuhe getting closer and closer to him, Wen Yus legs were a little soft, and she tried to calm down to warn Zhou Yue.

“Dont talk, no matter what happens later dont say you know me.

Do what I say, do you hear”

Zhou Yue seemed to understand, but before he could digest what Wen Yu meant, he heard her yell.

“Brother, I am here!”



His line of sight followed and looked out.

At the same time, Jiang Yuhe arrived in front of them.

He stood still and glanced between Wen Yu and Zhou Yue–

“Where did you go” The voice was faint, but they felt a heavy sense of oppression.

Wen Yus expressions changed quickly and all those inexplicable nervous expressions disappeared.

At this moment, she appeared regretful and shy.

“Im sorry, Brother.

Brother Bai and I were separated at Wangjiang Bridge.

I had no money on me.

I followed the map back to the hotel and went the wrong way.

Fortunately, I met this kind handsome man and he gave me a ride.”

The show must be completed.

After Wen Yu finished speaking, she turned to Zhou Yue, “I really troubled you, lets exchange WeChat contact info.

I will transfer the money for the car ride to you later.”

Then she gave a particularly suggestive smile…

‘Be smart, Brother! Look at my eyes!

‘Whether I get through this calamity today, depends on your intelligence!

‘Think about it before you speak!

Zhou Yue did not move.

His eyes remained on the man Wen Yu called “Brother”.

Jiang Yuhe was also looking at him coldly.

Measure, scrutinize, alert… All the information revealed in his eyes is extremely unfriendly.

The atmosphere was stagnant.

Wen Yu was extremely uneasy, and her temples throbbed suddenly as if a pot of boiling water was boiling in her head.

When thinking about whether to take the initiative to say something…

Zhou Yue smiled lightly and took out his phone.


Wen Yu breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said positively, “Um, then I will scan your code.”

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Zhou Yue opened his QR code in cooperation.

But at the moment Wen Yu handed the phone over, Jiang Yuhe pulled her wrist and pulled the person to his side very strongly.

He tilted his head slightly and instructed Li Bai beside him, “Go and pay the money.”

Then he glanced at Wen Yu but said nothing.

He held onto her wrist all the way to the car.



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