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Kind Handsome Man (2)

Wen Yian patted his daughters hand gently, “In fact, even if we were not bankrupt, I would like to match you two up.

Ah Yue is a really good kid, knowledgeable, humble and stable, and—”

“Dad.” Wen Yu interrupted Wen Yian directly and paused.

“But we are now bankrupt.”

Wen Yus meaning was very clear-

‘Before, you thought we were worthy, but that was the past.

They may not be able to partner with that high of a status now.

With his daughter getting straight to the point, Wen Yian was also stunned.

“Yes,” he murmured.

The doorbell rang at this time and Zhou Yue came in with a few bags of ingredients.

Seeing Wen Yu, he nodded, “Miss, long time no see.”

Wen Yu and Zhou Yue are actually not very familiar.

The only contacts they had before were all because of her fathers work.

Wen Yu hadnt even taken a serious look at what this secretary looked like.

She looked closely today.

Wearing a white shirt and gold-wire glasses, he had a scholarly temperament, noble-like jade, clean and bright.

Wen Yu also nodded.

“Its been a long time since I saw Secretary Zhou.

I really appreciate your taking care of my dad during this time.”

Zhou Yue smiled lightly.

“Yes, I followed Mr.

Wen at Huadu as soon as I graduated.

Im used to it.”

Wen Yu hummed and the greeting ended, “Then… give me all the documents that should be signed.”


Wen Yu returned to her room with the documents.

Although she was not there, the room was neatly cleaned.

The bed sheets also seemed to be newly changed, and there was still her favorite cartoon doll in the middle of the pillow.

Everything here was so familiar, but inexplicably foreign.

In the closet, all the bags she bought in the past were still there, each of which was a luxury, limited edition item.

Wen Yus fingers flicked across the top of the bags one by one, as if saying goodbye to the luxurious self in the past, but she was also fortunate.

Even if she went bankrupt, she still had these things that could temporarily save her father from being too poor.

Although the conversation with her father just now did not show the imagined picture of misery, Wen Yu knew very well that Wen Yian and her were working hard to face each other with a smiling face, and didnt want to worry each other.

With a sigh, Wen Yu sat down at the dressing table, took out the documents Zhou Yue gave and signed them one by one.

When she got up and was about to go out after signing, she accidentally bumped into a vial on the table.

She looked down and found…

This was the perfume she bought in a small workshop in Paris before.

When she went to the concert that night, she sprayed it specially, and it smelled good.

Wen Yu couldnt take away anything in this room and didnt intend to take it away.

But this little fragrance made Wen Yu inexplicably reluctant to give it up.

After a while, she resolutely picked it up and put it in her coat pocket.

Take it as a token left by your past self, as a souvenir.

Back in the living room, Zhou Yue had already prepared a table of food.

With meat and vegetables, four dishes and one soup.

“President Wen said that you like sweet and sour pork.

I made it for the first time.

Maybe it doesnt taste so good.” Zhou Yue said, pulling the seat away for Wen Yu, “I hope the lady will give me some pointers after eating.”


Wen Yian was already seated, and he also greeted Wen Yu.

“Sit down.

What are you doing in a daze”

Wen Yu handed the documents to Zhou Yue, and after a long silence, she said cruelly, “Dad, I may not have time to eat with you.

My plane will return to Beijing in the evening.”

Wen Yian was taken aback for a moment, “Were you going to leave immediately after coming back”

Wen Yu nodded carefully.

Wen Yian put down his chopsticks and did not speak for several seconds.

Wen Yu also struggled inwardly.

Its already 5:40PM, but Jiang Yuhe still had to attend dinner.

Staying for another half an hour should be… okay

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Wen Yu didnt want to see her father looking lonely.

If she couldnt even stay and finish a meal, what was the point of her coming back

Add more disappointment to everything that was happening

‘I cant think too much.

Wen Yu sat down, smiled and picked up a small piece of pork.

“Then I will try Secretary Zhous skills before leaving.”

There were smiles on both mens faces at the same time.


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