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Kind Handsome Man (1)

Wen Yu gave herself only three hours, and she had to rush back to the hotel before 6PM.

Although she knew that Jiang Yuhe would attend a dinner in the evening, the earlier she got back, the sooner she could be at ease.

Wen Yu called a car, first contacted Zhou Yue, and then went straight to the house where she lived in Fusen Street.

This was the only house left in all the houses that were under her name and the one that she lived in before the accident.

Wen Yian lived in it now.

At the thought of seeing her father soon, Wen Yu couldnt tell what she felt.

Some feelings of anticipation, but, inexplicably, she also felt a feeling of confusion and loss.

After all, they finally had to sit together, face to face, and accept the reality of bankruptcy together.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped at No.

2 Fusen Street.

It was a very famous luxury, high-end apartment in Jiangcheng.

When she revealed her face to pass security, Wen Yu saw a slightly surprised expression on the security guards face.

She didnt say anything, only smiled at the security guard and went back to her home as usual.

Her finger pressed the fingerprint lock and with a “pop”, the door opened.

Obviously it was when the sun was high in the afternoon, but the room was dark.

The curtains were not fully opened, and the sun couldnt get through; it seemed a bit depressing.

A middle-aged man was standing on the balcony, holding a bottle of water in his hand and was watering the flowers.

He hunched slightly, his figure was thin.

Wen Yu opened her lips and whispered, “Dad”

The elderly figure paused slightly, then turned around.


Although Wen Yu has only been away for less than a month, to count it in full, she and Wen Yian have actually not seen each other for two or three months.

Wen Yu was unaware of the crisis before the company went bankrupt, and she even went shopping in Paris.

At that time, she wanted to find some projects to invest in and start her own business.

She was optimistic about a fashion brand but gave up because of disagreements with the owner.

The next series of events happened not long after coming back.

The father, who was once awe-inspiring and well-groomed, had lost his spirit of the past, and his whole person looked a little depressed.

“Why did you come back” Wen Yian was surprised.

“Didnt I tell you not to come back for the time being”

Wen Yu moved forward with a forced smile and took his arm.

“Because I miss you.”

She helped her father to walk back and opened all the curtains on the way.

“You are the only one at home, so I was worried.”

Wen Yian sighed and shook his head.

“What can you do by coming back You are still young.

You cant bear the disparaging gazes from everyone.”

Wen Yu knew that her father was competitive throughout his life, and divorcing her mother at the beginning seemed to be an economic issue.

He had always focused on making money, making a lot of money.

After decades of success, and now suddenly falling from grace, to people in their middle ages, such a blow is really difficult to accept.

Wen Yu understood.

“I dont care.” Wen Yu took Wen Yians arm and said lightly, deliberately, “Dont you know your daughters personality Who dares to cast disparaging glances on me They must not want their eyeballs anymore.”

“Yes, yes.” Wen Yian reluctantly chuckled.

“But you see the truth in adversity.

Amongst your former friends, only You Xin is sincere, coming to see me every other day.”

After speaking, he raised his head and was stunned.

“Whats wrong with your nose”

Coming in a hurry, Wen Yu completely forgot to remove the bandage.

If she told Wen Yian that she had a car accident, it would only make the old fathers guilt worse.

No need.

Wen Yu smiled and rubbed the tip of her nose, with a guilty look.

“Its okay, I accidentally bumped it.”

Perhaps it was his daughters smile that infected Wen Yian, and his mood eased a little bit.

Pulling Wen Yu to sit next to him, he asked.

“I had wanted to ask, what does your friend in Beijing do Do I know them”

Wen Yu dodged his inquisitive gaze.

“He started a small company.

Im learning from him, so I can lay a solid foundation for my own business in the future.”

Wen Yian nodded with relief and shook his head the next moment, “Forget it, dont start a business.

You are a girl.

Now that your father is like this, I cant help you.


Wen Yian was silent for a moment.

“Find someone to marry.”

“” Wen Yu seemed to hear a joke.

“Dad, Im only twenty-two years old.

Who do you want me to marry so young Besides, havent you seen Shen Mingjias virtues Men are not reliable at all.”

“That kid Shen Mingjia is unreliable, but there is one person who is absolutely reliable,” Wen Yian raised his voice slightly.

His words were affirmative, and there was a small smile on his face.

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Wen Yu frowned: “Who”

“Ah Yue.”


The old father who was still depressed just now, finally perked up.

Just like other parents when organizing a blind date, he opened up like a chatterbox.

“For so long, Zhou Yue has been by my side and doing his best.

Now the companys aftermath is being taken care of by him.

He graduated from a prestigious university with a graduate degree, and his family is also a scholarly family.

You will never lose out if you get together with him.



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